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07 November 2007 @ 07:28 pm
On to Aquae Sulis  
Lancelot had seen Arthur's uncomfortable shifting; had noticed him surreptitiously squeezing at his own hardness before the Roman had dropped off. Lancelot had merely filed that information away for later, his eyes glittering with mirth at the thought that he had caused that reaction in the other man.

Well - considering Arthur's glance or touch or breath had Lancelot wanting as well - the man deserved nothing less.

Morning arrived quickly, and Lancelot stood quietly after speaking Arthur's name. He knew the commander would wake. He shivered and slipped his mail shirt back on over his leathers, and slid his blades home. Rolling up his blanket, his eyes ticked to a crunching noise to his left, his hand hesitating over the dagger in his boot.

"'m off," Tristan said softly. "Smoke is from the village," he pointed toward it, "and I've seen a few men out hunting their breakfast. Other than that, no movement from Woads."

Lancelot nodded. "We'll be off shortly. I'm going to wake their lordships now," he added, his tone only slightly bitter when he referred to their guests. Tristan clapped him on the shoulder briefly, and disappeared through the trees.

Lancelot sat on the rocks and found a crust of bread in his bag, beginning to eat it as he waited for Arthur to fully wake.

Thank the gods that this mission would be over by the afternoon. And, if Lancelot had his druthers, they'd take some time to eat something in the town that wasn't garrison fare. Even if he did love Vanora, it would be fantastically lovely to have something different.

Then they could be on their way back, and Lancelot could enjoy a night of just himself and Arthur, the stars overhead, and hopefully not too much sleep.

He smirked.

"Arthur," he said again. "Morning."
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Cat: Arthur ~ Straight and Truecat_o_wen on November 8th, 2007 09:26 pm (UTC)
Unfortunately, Arthur had not dreamed of Lancelot’s coveted mouth or his touch or even his taste. The Roman’s subconscious thoughts had been of darker things…things he cared not to remember in his waking hours.

Arthur heard his name whispered….thus slowly cracked one eye open to find the dawn had not yet fully broke over the horizon. He winced at the stiffness in his back and neck and silently cursed the hard rock beneath him that had served as a bed overnight. Arthur reached up to scrub a hand over his face before pushing himself up into a sitting position. He then heard muffled voices nearby and caught sight of Tristan moving off into the thicket of trees.

"Arthur, morning."

“So it is,” He answered, voice dry and craggy from misuse.

“Anything to report?” Arthur asked with a nod in the direction of Tristan’s departure. He then reached for his water skin and took a generous drink. His groin throbbed awake, but not from want of Lancelot…..best to find a moment to empty his bladder before tending to any other matter.

The Commander rose to his feet and briefly shook off the stiffness in his joints by stretching and rubbing the chill from his hands. Arthur then stepped over to where Lancelot sat eating a chunk of bread and reached down to rake thick fingers through the other man’s springy curls. He smiled affectionately at his lover before stepping around Lancelot to untie the laces of his leathers and empty his bladder behind the nearest tree (only a few steps behind the other man). The simple task of loosening the binds of his trousers proved difficult this morning….his fingers seemed slow to properly function. Arthur quietly grumbled at his stiff digits as he re-laced his trousers and stepped back to Lancelot’s side.

“Have our ‘charges’ in the cave made any signs of waking yet?” Arthur further commented while peering down at the opening of the cave below. Although the sun had not risen yet, the dim pre-dawn light made it possible to make out the mouth of the cave although the fire inside had long died out.
Ash: lancelot by crymeariversasha_b on November 9th, 2007 04:43 am (UTC)
"Anything to report?"

"Nothing of interest," Lancelot answered as he continued to eat his bread. He realized he should relieve the pressure on his bladder when Arthur did, and he took care of it as soon as Arthur returned.

His fingers were stiff from the cold, and he rubbed his arms after pulling on his leather gauntlets.

"Have our 'charges' in the cave made any signs of waking yet?"

Lancelot stepped up to stand next to Arthur, and shivered. "Not that I can see. I thought we'd surprise them with a morning drill?" his voice was innocent, but then he laughed. "That would be a good chuckle - perhaps one of them would piss themselves from the surprise of waking to that noise."

He moved to face Arthur and slid his hands up the Roman's arms. "Morning," he said quietly, and smiled at the other man. "Let's just remember - half a day, right? Then it's just us."

He leaned into Arthur's body and rested his hands on the other man's hips. "No fucking fire," he moped, his tone whiny but tinged with humor. "The things I do for you."
Cat: Arthur ~ For You darkcat_o_wen on November 9th, 2007 08:59 pm (UTC)
"Not that I can see. I thought we'd surprise them with a morning drill? That would be a good chuckle - perhaps one of them would piss themselves from the surprise of waking to that noise."

Arthur snorted with amusement and slightly shook his head at Lancelot. Falco would certainly alter his report should they torment the inspectors. Although, the image Lancelot’s suggestion conjured up in Arthur’s head made his mouth twist up into a wry grin. And then Lancelot stepped directly in front of the Roman and reached for him….thus Arthur immediately forgot all about inspectors and reports and duty.

"Morning. Let's just remember - half a day, right? Then it's just us."

“Yes,” Arthur answered quietly and smiled into Lancelot’s dark amber eyes while bringing both hands to the other man’s waste; lightly squeezing at the other man’s leather encased hips. They had their duty to attend to, yet one more brief moment alone would do no harm. Besides, the sun had only just broken over the horizon and not yet fully bathed the land with light and warmth. Arthur had time, he reasoned, for one more stolen kiss…..

"No fucking fire, the things I do for you."

“I will make it up to you,” Arthur’s smile widened as he leaned in to lightly brush his lips over Lancelot’s mouth. “You will have a fire tonight, I promise,” He murmured an assurance before kissing the other man in earnest; briefly slipping his tongue into taste Lancelot’s mouth before releasing him completely. If Arthur had not, he feared he’d never let go….

“Come, prepare the horses while I rouse the men,” Arthur said while retrieving his saddle bag and blanket from the ground nearby. As he began to climb down from their perch on the rocks, he cursed as a low tree branch nearly took the Roman’s head off. He had been reveling in the taste of Lancelot that still lingered on his bottom lip when he had misjudged his surroundings. As God is my witness, he will be the end of me yet, Arthur groused before reaching the entrance to the cave.

“Good morning, gentlemen. I trust you slept well,” Arthur announced as he stepped into the cave to find the three men awake and beginning to gather their things. Good.

“We will be underway presently,” He added almost too pleasantly. The small party should easily reach their destination by midday….and then Arthur would have Lancelot to himself. That thought alone would hold the Commander in good spirits no matter what Falco would throw at him today.
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Cat: Arthur ~ Neckcat_o_wen on November 16th, 2007 07:36 pm (UTC)
Arthur nearly growled with want the moment Lancelot’s mouth pressed against his. The kiss was heated and demanding and everything that Arthur craved….and it ended all too quickly.

Lancelot pulled away before Arthur could act on his need for more, and as luck would have it, just before the attendants returned to the chamber. The Commander exhaled and briefly reached up to rub a hand over the back of his neck while willing his body to calm. However, Arthur’s gaze intensified at the young bath attendant as the boy handed Lancelot a towel.

Arthur then began to climb the steps out of the warm pool of water; accepting a heated towel from the second attendant as he moved towards the bench across from Lancelot. The Roman was still slightly aroused from his lover’s demanding kiss, thus immediately turned to show his back to those now present in the chamber. Later….and not simply a kiss.

"Coming, my oh so slow friend?"

“Now you are suddenly anxious to leave, lieutenant?” Arthur quipped as he began to dry off from his bath. The Commander pulled on his leathers and then rummaged in his saddle bag until he located his shaving kit. Arthur suspected he knew the reason for Lancelot’s sudden interest in moving on….a slow smile filled his expression at sharing that same ‘want’.

Arthur requested a bowl of warm water from his attendant, whom he promptly tipped with generosity. The boy quickly fetched the bowl while Arthur tugged on his riding boots. He glanced over at Lancelot’s coveted knee-high boots and smirked. He’d have those boots off the other man tonight….one way or another.

“Do you still wish to see about a new bow?” Arthur asked while beginning to shave off the stubble along his cheek by peering at his reflection in the mirrored plate on the wall. “I will want a moment to look in on the commander of the Ala here, and then we will ride out for Camboglanna,” Arthur continued while making expert use of his shaving blade. Arthur slightly hissed at feeling the sting of the metal as the blade scraped over a bruise on his throat.
Ash: a/l spanking by lessysasha_b on November 16th, 2007 11:20 pm (UTC)
“Now you are suddenly anxious to leave, lieutenant?”

Lancelot crossed a bare leg and made no effort to dress. He eyed Arthur's body as the Roman turned his back to the other bath goers and began to pull on his trousers.

"Oh, I don't know, commander," Lancelot drawled in answer, looking pointedly at Arthur's groin. "I'm sure there's a private supply room around here somewhere." His voice was quiet and for Arthur's ears only, but he noted the servant that had given him his towel looking his way. Lancelot uncrossed his legs and gave the young man a look, and the attendant flushed and moved to help another patron.

"I think I've successfully put off my admirer," he commented as he dressed, scrubbing the water out of his hair. He pulled on his tunic and walked barefoot up behind Arthur where the other man was shaving.

“Do you still wish to see about a new bow? I will want a moment to look in on the commander of the Ala here, and then we will ride out for Camboglanna."

Lancelot saw Arthur wince and made a show of leaning over the Roman innocently, as if to check on Arthur's "injury." His breath ghosted warm over Arthur's throat. "There's more where that came from," he murmured, and then pulled back, checking his own reflection.

"And as to your question, I'll walk with you to the offices, and see what I can see whilst you're in with the commander. I'm not spending more time with officials today." He snorted and sat back down, then pulled on his boots and laced them.

"I would also guess we'll stop at the caves again? Or do you wish to push further onwards? I don't know of any other place to camp that's comfortable. For the horses as well as ourselves - although if we're going to do that, I will pick up some food during your meeting. I'm not hunting again," he cocked an eyebrow. "Not that I'm not good at it, of course." He smirked and pulled on his leather jacket and mail.

"I'm going outside. Come join me when you're done," Lancelot told Arthur, and grabbing his bag, strode passed the attendants and the other patrons quickly. He was warm now that he was fully dressed, and he wanted away from Arthur's half naked body - despite his confining leathers, he could still feel his flesh's reaction to the commander's skin, and to the promise of that evening.
Cat: Arthur ~ Lost to Youcat_o_wen on November 17th, 2007 04:11 am (UTC)
"I'm sure there's a private supply room around here somewhere…..there's more where that came from,"

Arthur’s fingers briefly fumbled with the blade in his hand at hearing Lancelot’s comments and at feeling the other man’s heated breath on his freshly shaven skin. He bit at his bottom lip and avoided the other man’s eyes for now….or Arthur was certain that he’d snatch Lancelot up from where he stood and have his way with the Sarmatian right here and now against this pristine wall decorated with beautiful mosaic tiles….and with no regard to their ‘audience’. Arthur released a slow breath and attempted to focus on completing the simple task of shaving while Lancelot finally dressed himself.

"I would also guess we'll stop at the caves again? Or do you wish to push further onwards? […] I'm not hunting again, not that I'm not good at it, of course."

“We will stop for the night at the caves again,” Arthur confirmed with a straight face just before splashing his freshly shaven face with a handful of water. “No need to ride hard through the night…we can still reach Camboglanna by midday on the morrow,” His groin ached with renewed want as Arthur’s thoughts turned to what he wished to do with Lancelot tonight (‘ride hard’ indeed)…in the privacy of those secluded caves. And how his flesh would surely burn from the flames of the fire they would share together……

….Arthur smiled into the warm towel he used to dry his face before turning to retrieve his tunic and mail. Lancelot had been taunting the Commander all day and tonight Arthur’s revenge would be sweet……or actually rather ‘tangy’, he suspected with a smirk.

"I'm going outside. Come join me when you're done,"

Arthur did not answer but proceeded to finish dressing and within moments joined Lancelot outside the bath house, saddle bag slung over his shoulder and sword belt firmly strapped around his waist. He made a quick inquiry as to where he could find the Ala Commander and then he and Lancelot headed towards the officers’ quarters.

“I will not be long,” Arthur promised his lieutenant as they came to the other commander’s door. He discreetly reached over and touched Lancelot’s elbow while offering a promising smile. “Stay out of trouble,” Arthur reproached while leaning a bit closer to the other man. His gaze briefly fell to Lancelot’s mouth and Arthur’s rational mind had to fight hard to keep from acting on his body’s obvious want for the other man. He slid his fingers from Lancelot’s elbow and proceeded to knock on the door.

“Meet me at the stables within the hour,” Arthur concluded and then cleared his throat and straightened his posture transforming into a Roman Commander again; setting aside the ‘lover’ until later tonight….
Ash: lancelot sinful roadsasha_b on November 17th, 2007 04:32 am (UTC)
"I will not be long. Stay out of trouble."

Lancelot widened his eyes and gave Arthur a face of inscrutable innocence. "Me? Surely you jest. You think I desire to end up in lockup here?" He felt Arthur's hand on his elbow and smiled as he leaned over to the Roman.

"What I 'desire' cannot be fulfilled here," he purred, but then pulled back, slinging his bag over his shoulder. "Unless - I find a good bow maker. And then I'm well on the way to at least part of that desire."

He waved at the other man as Arthur directed him to show up at the stables in an hour.

He walked quickly, the hardness hidden by his leathers finally fading the further he got from the commander. Gods - he'd forgotten what new infatuation was like.

But this isn't just that - and you know it.

And for once, Lancelot's internal voice was right. He'd been in lust with others before; he'd once desired a particular barmaid so desperately he'd hidden on the low thatched roof of her dwelling and had surprised her by jumping down and catching her mouth with his before she could protest. Luckily for him, she hadn't minded.

Lancelot smiled slightly at the memory - he had a feeling, though, that he wouldn't have to resort to such drastic measures to catch Arthur's interest.

He perused several markets on the way to the stables, picking up some food as he went for their evening meal, and as he passed a blacksmithy, he stopped and stared in the place.

And entered, and came out half an hour later with a fantastic recurve bow unlike anything he'd seen outside of Sarmatia. He'd also found a new dagger for Arthur - the other man's store of weapons was sorely lacking - and he whistled as he made his way to the stables, happy with the price he'd managed to threaten - or rather bargain - the smithy down to.

He was just about to got and check on Ras and Verus when he heard the voice of the nasty Inspector as the man passed by; Lancelot hid behind a stack of wine barrels as Falco and a few toadies walked passed them.

"...and I need you to make sure to have the supply wagons to Camboglanna and Aesica lightened. Those garrisons only have small contingents of infantry and a few conscripts. Plus, I have a feeling the infantry that is there won't be there for much longer. And then I'd .... "

Lancelot couldn't hear anymore, but his mind was burning with anger. Wait until Arthur heard this.

But wait - the infantry wouldn't be there much longer? What was the damnable Empire planning now? Lancelot had less than ten years left in this pisshole and he'd be damned if one of the stupid men in charge fucked it up for him. He'd ask Arthur when the other man returned.

Frowning, he retrieved their mounts and sat on a barrel as he waited, stewing over his thoughts.
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Ash: al angst by lessy NOT for sharingsasha_b on November 25th, 2007 08:43 pm (UTC)
“Perhaps I should designate a bath attendant to proposition you every day, hm? Not that I need encouragement to want you, heart."

Lancelot snorted tiredly. "That's good to know. I was beginning to wonder about my powers of seduction."

He laughed softly into Arthur's mouth as the other man kissed him slowly, until it faded into a groan of lust.

"Your stitches."

Lancelot wriggled contently on top of Arthur's sweaty chest and sighed. "What of them? They don't hurt - but I guess you could check for me."

He sat up, but kept their bodies intimately connected. He didn't want to lose that intense closeness they shared - not yet. He didn't want to fuck again quite yet either - but Lancelot was content to stay attached to the Roman in any way, shape or form the other man would take him.

He shivered and arched his back so he'd get closer to the fire. "You always get me soaked in sweat and then cold. I think you have some sort of nefarious plot to keep me in your bed and your arms. Am I right?" He cocked an imperious eyebrow and used a portion of his blanket to wipe off Arthur's stomach with methodical movements, smiling all the while.

Lancelot also realized Arthur hadn't had a chance to press him on the Falco issue. Good. If he could keep the Roman distracted all night, and not have to talk about what he heard until he was ready....

He might actually ask Tristan about it first. He hoped.

"Well? Are they intact?" he asked, turning his head to try and see the wound as best he could.
Cat: Arthur ~ Lost to Youcat_o_wen on November 26th, 2007 04:59 pm (UTC)
Arthur half grunted as Lancelot shifted to a sitting position on the Roman’s hips; his hands immediately moving to splay out over Lancelot’s muscular thighs. A flicker of renewed arousal flew up Arthur’s spine as the Sarmatian began to wipe at his belly. Good lord, how easily Lancelot could have Arthur wanting…even moments after having him.

"You always get me soaked in sweat and then cold. I think you have some sort of nefarious plot to keep me in your bed and your arms. Am I right?"

“You have discovered me…but I do not hear a complaint,” Arthur grinned while watching Lancelot’s small movements with obvious interest. He coughed once at the dryness in his throat and momentarily thought to ask Lancelot to locate a water skin…but the shifting of Lancelot’s body on top of Arthur had the Roman distracted again due to the intimate way they were yet joined as one. In fact, Lancelot had successfully managed to distract Arthur from everything he’d planned to discuss with his lieutenant tonight.

"Well? Are they intact?"

Are what intact? Oh yes, the stitches. Arthur had to remind himself to focus on what the man was saying and not his touch….for a moment at least.

Arthur slightly lifted his head and cocked it sideways as best that he could to view the line of stitches on Lancelot’s side; which were thankfully lit from the glow of the fire pit.

“Thus far,” Arthur breathed a sigh of relief and let his head relax back down on his bedroll. His hands began to massage Lancelot’s thighs and Arthur gazed up at his lover with a glimmer in his emerald eyes. Tired as he was, the Roman found himself wanting to pleasure Lancelot, tend to him in any way that the other man would allow. Perhaps it had something to do with being reminded of Lancelot’s recent injury and the thought of nearly losing him. No matter…the fact that the two men remained intimately joined spoke volumes to Arthur of their love and bond.

“Do you intend to sit up all night?” …and sweetly torture me with every movement… Arthur said while sliding a hand up to squeeze at Lancelot’s uninjured side.

“I promise to keep you warm if you lay back down…perhaps under a blanket,” Arthur suggested with a half grin on his lips. If nothing else, he’d keep Lancelot pressed against his body while the other man slept…if that is what Lancelot wished. They were safe from Falco (for the time being) and hidden away in a dry cave for the night, although Arthur’s back did long for their return to a proper bed at the fortress. Arthur felt contented enough to spend the rest of the night worshipping his lover’s skin, even if it was only tracing indistinguishable shapes over his bare flesh while Lancelot slept. Though I pray that he will not want sleep just yet.

Arthur attempted to stretch his back to find a more comfortable position, the best he could with Lancelot perched on top of him. And in the course of the small shift, he slightly elevated his hips up into Lancelot’s body….bringing on a minor groan of pleasure from the Roman’s throat. A little more movement and Arthur would be full on hard again…

Ash: a/l torn by lessysasha_b on November 27th, 2007 01:35 am (UTC)
“Do you intend to sit up all night? I promise to keep you warm if you lay back down…perhaps under a blanket."

Lancelot twisted his mouth in a wry grin and wriggled slightly from his perch atop Arthur. He shivered and arched his back at the feel of the other man still possessing his body. "If you promise to let me have this again - soon." He leaned over and kissed Arthur slowly and sweetly, then sat back up.

He finally sighed and rose off the Roman, wincing a bit at the loss of fullness...but he felt it wouldn't be too long before he had it again, so he didn't worry too much.

Grinning at his own thoughts, he lay next to Arthur and flung a leg over the other man's, making sure his wound was comfortable before relaxing completely. He lay his head on Arthur's shoulder and spread his fingers out over the commander's flat stomach. He toyed with the light hair there, and shut his eyes in contentment.

"It's not raining," he murmured. "I think that might be a first for me for a road trip." Lancelot laughed, and pressed his lips to Arthur's jaw, which was the closest part he could reach. Fuck you, Falco. I have him, and I'm rid of you. By Mithras, if I see hide or hair of you again....

"Mmmm," he sighed happily, squeezing the other man closer with his leg. "I could stay here and die a satisfied man. Of course - I'd be a tad more satisfied if you did something with those remarkably clever hands of yours."

Touch me forever. Love me forever.

"I am yours," he finished outloud, and kissed Arthur's broad jaw again.
Cat: Arthur and Lancelot ~ Devotioncat_o_wen on November 27th, 2007 07:57 pm (UTC)
Arthur groaned again when Lancelot squirmed on top of his body; he slid a hand up the other man’s chest languidly caressing his damp skin until Lancelot shifted off of Arthur’s body. A quiet moan slipped between his lips as the chilly air greeted the part of him that had been buried within the other man’s intense body heat.

However, Lancelot immediately spread out along Arthur’s side and proceeded to drape half his body on top of the Roman’s. Arthur wrapped both arms around the other man’s slender frame to cradle Lancelot against him. His stomach muscles jumped at feeling Lancelot’s fingertips tease at his belly, yet Arthur rather liked the feeling.

"I could stay here and die a satisfied man. Of course - I'd be a tad more satisfied if you did something with those remarkably clever hands of yours…..I am yours,"

A small snort of amusement as Arthur grinned at Lancelot’s words about his hands.

“And what would you like me to do with my hands exactly, hm?” Arthur teased with a small pinch at the flesh covering Lancelot’s hip. His smile widened as Lancelot kissed his jaw again.

“They are a soldier’s hands…rough and calloused,” Arthur continued while using his hands to trace over every part of Lancelot’s upper body that he could reach, slow meticulous strokes over the lines of muscle and scars that decorated the other man’s body.

“I am yours as well, heart,” Arthur spoke softly as he turned his head to look at Lancelot; their noses bumping just before he pressed a gentle kiss to the corner of the Sarmatian’s mouth. And while pulling back enough to smile at Lancelot, Arthur brought one of his hands down between their bodies to cup at the other man’s balls. His thick fingers made to toy at the tender flesh as Arthur slightly angled his body towards Lancelot. He then proceeded to place small warm kisses across Lancelot’s forehead and the bridge of his nose; a nonsensical noise of pleasure escaped his throat at the simple gratification of touching Lancelot.

“I cannot get close enough….” Arthur whispered words that echoed something Lancelot had spoken earlier; voice fading away while trailing his half open mouth across Lancelot’s face.

Lord, please forgive me…I cannot stop loving him.
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Cat: Arthur and Lancelot ~ OTPcat_o_wen on December 2nd, 2007 05:49 pm (UTC)
Arthur grinned at Lancelot’s amusing laugh; smile only broadening as the other man slid into the Roman’s lap. Arthur’s large hands immediately went to cup at Lancelot’s generous backside as if they had always belonged there.

"Or let's get me closer to a fucking position?"

Arthur’s cheeks heated despite the truth in Lancelot’s words. But the flash of foolish modesty melted away the moment Lancelot leaned forward and licked the flesh of Arthur’s lips which fell open with wanton lust for more.

“Mhmmmm…Lance…” Arthur moaned when Lancelot sank his body down on the Roman’s cock. His hips slowly and wantonly angled up into the Sarmatian on their own accord.

"Is that...what you had in mind, my commander?"

“Yessss….” Arthur barely managed to groan before Lancelot’s mouth claimed his. He felt Lancelot’s cock press against his abdomen and saw stars as the other man’s body tightened around his own hard arousal.

"My commander, my everything."

Arthur’s emerald eyes radiated with his love and want for Lancelot. He slid a single hand up the other man’s spine in support as he began to thrust up into Lancelot’s tight heat in earnest. Arthur was lost in those deep amber orbs that focused on him, gone to the intense heat generated by their coupling and felt his body spiraling out of control with the need to fuck his lover deeper and harder….

….forgotten was Lancelot’s injury….forgotten was the hardness of the stony floor beneath them as Arthur shifted them forward with Lancelot landing on his back. Teeth grazed the Sarmatian’s already purpled throat as Arthur groaned aloud…pounding inside of Lancelot with reckless abandonment.

“Fuucckk…Lannnce…” He cried out his lover’s name before seeking out Lancelot’s mouth in a demanding kiss….and slowly…as his tongue plundered the other man’s wet mouth…Arthur slowed the speed of his hips….make this last…not yet…
Ash: a/l spanking by lessysasha_b on December 2nd, 2007 09:19 pm (UTC)
Lancelot didn't really notice the pain of his back slamming again the floor of the cave. He didn't really notice the jolt as his side twinged from the impact. He didn't even notice the scrape of his head against rock.

He only noticed Arthur's lips on his throat, the other man's hands on his ass, and Arthur's cock possessing his body.

"Gods, Arthur," he groaned, his hands finding Arthur's shoulders and hair and hanging on weakly for dear life. He bit his lip until it bled and tore at the curls at the nape of Arthur's neck. He raised his legs and wrapped them around the Roman's waist and squeezed.

His own arousal was so painful it was ridiculous; Arthur's stomach pressed against it, but when the other man managed to slow down through some feat of magic, Lancelot tugged at Arthur's hair and growled a command.

"Touch me."

He nipped the other man's bottom lip and sucked it into his mouth. He was pouring sweat and his eyes widened and fluttered with the pure carnal pleasure that was all he could feel, all he was.

His back cracked as he rocked with the force of Arthur's thrusts, and a joyful, passionate laugh echoed out of his throat.

"Arthur, Arthur, Arthur," he crooned, and kissed the other man again. He looked up at the cave ceiling and saw through it to the stars beyond. Stars and planets and only Arthur Castus, whom he loved, and who loved him.

It was enough.

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Cat: Arthur ~ Lost to Youcat_o_wen on December 3rd, 2007 08:33 pm (UTC)
Lancelot’s fingers were tugging fiercely at his hair, Lancelot’s powerful thighs were bruising his hips and Lancelot’s voice was calling out his name…this was Heaven…this was passion like Arthur had never experienced before and prayed he’d never be without again.

"Touch me."

Arthur grunted in sweet agony as Lancelot bit at his bottom lip before sucking the wounded flesh into his mouth in atonement. The Roman’s swollen lips remained pressed against Lancelot’s chin even after the Sarmatian released them from his grasp. Arthur’s breathing came in gasps as he continued to pound into the body beneath him. …touch him….love him… echoed in Arthur’s brain…

….and as Lancelot repeated his name over and over again…then kissed him again…Arthur managed to slide a hand between them and enclose thick fingers ‘round Lancelot’s cock. His thumb slid up the hard flesh and caressed the tip in time with each languid plunge of Arthur’s hips.

Arthur had slowed his thrusts, but he knew it wasn’t enough to prolong their coupling. He would not last long at even this pace. Arthur’s abdomen was already beginning to constrict and his blood was pooling in his groin. His heart beat with such force Arthur was sure the thing would burst out of his chest at any moment now.

“I do not…..want…nottt…yetttt…” Arthur growled and buried his face into Lancelot’s neck while begging his body to last a little longer. He then pulled his one hand from Lancelot’s hair and pushed himself up into a sitting position between Lancelot’s thighs. He was careful enough to never allow their bodies to break apart while re-positioning Lancelot’s hips to allow even deeper penetration.

Arthur immediately tossed his head back and groaned Lancelot’s name to the heavens at the way the other man’s body tightened around his cock. And not wanting to ignore Lancelot’s needs, Arthur’s hand returned to Lancelot’s arousal and took up a steady rhythm of strokes on the hard flesh.
Ash: lancelot sinful roadsasha_b on December 4th, 2007 02:44 am (UTC)
Lancelot's hands clutched at Arthur's back, having slipped from his sweaty hair to try and keep the Roman as close to him as possible.

He heard the other man groan almost unintelligible words into his neck, something about not wanting to...and then Arthur moved his body so Lancelot's whole world felt filled with the Roman.

His muscles shiftstretched with Arthur's penetration, and Lancelot's eyes fluttered shut. He didn't think he could last too long at this pace. Then Arthur's fingers grasped his arousal, and set up a rhythm that made the Sarmatian's eyes open and his legs stiffen and curses fly from his swollen lips.

His orgasm hit him hard, and he laughed and threw his head back and cracked it on the stone of the floor, seeing stars from the impact as well as his release.

He felt the warmth flood between them and he squeezed his legs more tightly around Arthur's strong hips. "Ah, Arthur!" he cried out, his voice raw and happy - he licked his lips and tugged at the other man, wanting to bring him closer.

He flexed the muscles in his buttocks and tried to draw Arthur in as deeply as he could. "Take your pleasure from me," he whispered, urging Arthur to do as he would. "My own heart."
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Cat: Arthur ~ Neckcat_o_wen on December 9th, 2007 06:12 pm (UTC)
"Why, so you can avoid being aroused by the sight of my bare neck, decorated with marks made by your mouth?"

Arthur slightly shook his head and attempted to suppress a blush of embarrassment at Lancelot’s comments. I certainly do not avoid it. Was it so obvious? …..how easily the Roman was affected by ‘everything’ involving the Sarmatian? A look, touch, scent or even a tiny spot of exposed flesh…..I truly must learn to better control my want for him when we are not alone.

He bit into the hunk of cheese that Lancelot tossed his way and attempted to not focus on what he still wished to do to Lancelot’s throat….

The cheese was decent enough at any rate.

"…..And why would you want me to hide the marks of your possession, at any rate? Come to think of it, you didn't answer my question of earlier. Jealous, are we?"

“You enjoy teasing me,” Arthur commented dryly while cutting his eyes at Lancelot. He accepted the offered flask and took a drink, purposely ignoring the questions for now. Arthur wasn’t so sure he wished to admit his jealously at the attention Lancelot always garnered from others. The Roman knew the emotion to be ridiculous and weak minded. And Lancelot was only teasing, wasn’t he?

"Come, sit with me, as I'm now chilled and it's your fault I'm naked."

“Tease me over my possessiveness when it comes to you…then ask me to warm you,” Arthur half laughed while shifting closer to Lancelot. But before he settled an arm around the other man’s slender frame, Arthur heard Lancelot mutter something underneath his breath; not quite catching the words but the tone hinted at displeasure. Had he offended Lancelot in some manner?

Arthur licked at his fingertips once he’d finished eating the chunk of cheese and then regarded Lancelot’s dark expression more closely. The orange glow of the flames from the fire lit up the other man’s angular face and reflected brilliantly in his dark eyes, seemingly warning Arthur of a fire simmering beneath the surface of Lancelot’s calm exterior.

“What is troubling you?” Arthur began while his thick fingers gently squeezed at Lancelot’s side, drawing the other man closer against him. “Surely you are not incensed by the attention I pay to your throat,” He quietly teased.

Ash: al angst by lessy NOT for sharingsasha_b on December 11th, 2007 05:59 am (UTC)
“What is troubling you? Surely you are not incensed by the attention I pay to your throat."

Lancelot's eyes half masted as he smiled. "Not in this lifetime," he murmured as he leaned against Arthur, his skin prickling at the other man's touch. He sighed and contemplated kissing Arthur just to keep his mind on pleasuring Lancelot and off of the nasty Inspector, but then he figured the Roman would worm it out of him at some point.

Best to just get it over with.

"Remember I told you I saw Falco before we left Aquae Sulis?" he said, gaze still on the fire. "I was just wondering what he meant when I heard him ask one of his lackeys to short the supply wagons to Camboglanna. He also said something in a snide tone about his 'feeling'," Lancelot's voice was snarky, "that the infantry that was at our garrison wouldn't be there for long."

He turned his head and regarded Arthur, trying to read the other man's stoic expression. "D'you have any idea what he could mean? Is the Empire doing something I may or may not like?"

He bit his lip and kept his brown eyes on Arthur's face. "What did he mean?" he repeated.

Will it take you away from me?

"I don't think the knights would take too kindly to being reassigned," Lancelot said casually. He toed the ground and cracked his knuckles, trying not to look as if he were wringing his hands. "I know I wouldn't."

He finished in a soft voice, and sighed again. "For many reasons, my own."
Cat: Arthur ~ Love the Scarscat_o_wen on December 11th, 2007 10:00 pm (UTC)
The smile Lancelot gave Arthur seemed to indicate that the Sarmatian was not annoyed with the Roman directly….but something was troubling Lancelot.

"Remember I told you I saw Falco before we left Aquae Sulis?"

“Yes,” Arthur answered expression instantly turning serious with unease. Lancelot had put him off on this subject earlier today and Arthur had planned to bring it up again tonight…had he not been so thoroughly distracted by ‘other’ activities once they had reached the cave.

"I was just wondering what he meant when I heard him ask one of his lackeys to short the supply wagons to Camboglanna. He also said something in a snide tone about his 'feeling' that the infantry that was at our garrison wouldn't be there for long."

Arthur felt anger threaten to rise up at hearing about the supply wagons. Falco had no authority over the provisions for the outposts. He would write his superiors on the matter the moment they returned to Camboglanna. The fingers on Arthur’s free hand curled into a fist in his lap, the only outward indication of his anger thus far. This ‘news’ certainly explained Lancelot’s foul mood as they had rode out from Aquae Sulis. The Commander’s expression remained as neutral as he could manage while Lancelot continued….

"D'you have any idea what he could mean? Is the Empire doing something I may or may not like? What did he mean? I don't think the knights would take too kindly to being reassigned, I know I wouldn't. For many reasons, my own."

“I have not heard anything from my superiors or counterparts that would lead me to believe we will be reassigned,” Arthur’s intense emerald eyes confidently held Lancelot’s gaze. “And I would fight with every last ounce of strength within me to keep you and the knights under my command,” He continued while gently squeezing at Lancelot’s side. Arthur would go to any lengths to keep Lancelot at Camboglanna…and not simply because the man was now his lover.

“Is that all you overheard? And Falco does not wield half the authority he believes he does,” Arthur bit off, irritation obvious in his tone as he turned his gaze to the flames that darted about in the fire. He exhaled before chewing on the insides of his mouth, mind whirling with all the possibilities this so called ‘rumor’ could mean. Arthur then briefly rolled his lips inward as he made up his mind on the matter. He’d not speculate until receiving a definitive reply from his superiors.

“I will sort it out,” Arthur finally spoke again, voice softening as he turned to press his face into Lancelot’s hair. He closed his eyes as a soft groan tumbled out of his mouth; a few damp curls stuck to Arthur’s lips as he inhaled the scent of the other man.
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Cat: Arthur ~ Lost to Youcat_o_wen on December 22nd, 2007 07:22 pm (UTC)
Arthur continued his ministrations across Lancelot’s shoulders; giving extra attention to the seemingly tight muscles along the base of his lover’s neck. A gentle smile spread across his features as Lancelot requested more. Thus Arthur’s thick fingers continued to touch and rub over every part of the other man’s back within his reach.

Lancelot continued on with his poignant concerns regarding Falco; Arthur listening attentively and not in disagreement to the strong points the other man made. Yet what could Arthur possibly do should Falco prove to bring further complexity their way? He would make an immediate inquiry to his superiors when they returned to Camboglanna….but if those in power above Falco had already decided their fate….

"Bah. I am tired of the rich and petty running my life. It's bad enough I'm a bloody killing machine for Rome - now I must worry about losing my commander and my lover all in one fell swoop? I see the bad in everything, my friend, only because you refuse to."

“You are not losing me,” Arthur stated as the lines across his brow deepened. “And perhaps that is why we are strongest while together…constantly balancing one another,” He went on while allowing his hand to gently trail down Lancelot’s spine, mapping every knot and scar on the other man’s strong back. Lancelot was Arthur’s match…in every way. And the Commander would fight his superiors, Rome…anyone…who would attempt to tear them apart.

"I will say that I will do everything I can to stay by your side, but what that actually will require - I cannot say."

“If that day should come, then we will find a solution….together…” Arthur’s voice faded as Lancelot’s mouth pressed to the palm of his hand. He brought his other hand up to slowly smooth over Lancelot’s curly hair; thumb lightly brushing the shell of his ear.

"Strong, and faithful."

Arthur felt a shiver of renewed want shoot down his spine as the tip of Lancelot’s tongue teased at the palm of his calloused hand.

His thick fingers buried themselves in Lancelot’s wild curls; the soft hair instantly looping around Arthur’s digits as he gently massaged at the other man’s scalp.

“Fierce and passionate,” Arthur whispered as he bent his head to place a kiss on Lancelot’s temple. He then nuzzled at the side of Lancelot’s face while his other hand cupped at his lover’s bearded jaw.

“And the one that shall own my heart for the rest of my days,” Arthur murmured before seeking Lancelot’s mouth with his and tenderly tasting those lips that Arthur ached to claim again and again.
Ash: lancelot sinful roadsasha_b on December 23rd, 2007 03:46 am (UTC)
“Fierce and passionate...And the one that shall own my heart for the rest of my days."

Lancelot's eyes slid shut when Arthur kissed him again. He found his body trying to slither into Arthur's lap when the other man's mouth touched his - damn the Roman for making Lancelot want so very badly.

He broke away and breathed against Arthur's neck. "You'd best believe that," he whispered in reply. "I do not share."

He smirked and laughed. "Where do you think I got my scary reputation from? From being nice?" His laugh softened and he laved a lazy line over the thick vein in Arthur's throat, feeling the light thud through the tender skin there.

"Arthur," he sighed as he finally managed to crawl into the other man's lap, "I'm cold. And you're not doing anything about it." He opened his eyes and stared limpidly into Arthur's green ones, blinking once, widening his lids and running languid hands over the other man's shoulders.

One more bout of ... whatever this is we have, then I can sleep contently with him wrapped around me.

"Fuck Falco. I'm sorry I brought it up. I know you'll do everything you can. And rest assured, so will I." He made a face, but quickly reverted to his pleading expression.

I'm not talking about this ridiculousness anymore - even if I am the one who brought it up. Damn him doubly for making me willing to trust him enough to talk about my fears.

I will not worry about this. Besides, what does Lancelot do when he's faced with something he doesn't like?

He uses the skills Rome gave him, and destroys it.

Lancelot shook his head once at himself; Arthur had a massively annoying and uncanny knack for worming things out of Lancelot that the Sarmatian didn't even know he felt. And that was there even before they had become intimate.

He moved against Arthur slightly, and dropped his wandering hands to the other man's hips. "Burn me up, Castus," he murmured against Arthur's lips. "Burn me up, and make us light the sky."

Cat: Arthur ~ Lost to Youcat_o_wen on December 23rd, 2007 06:25 pm (UTC)
Arthur completely forgot everything that had just been spoken at feeling Lancelot’s tongue bathe his throat. He uttered a soft moan of pleasure and wrapped his arms even tighter around Lancelot’s torso.

"Arthur, I'm cold. And you're not doing anything about it."

“You feel….” Arthur brushed his half open mouth across Lancelot’s cheek. “…plenty warm…to me…” He whispered. And then Arthur kissed the corner of Lancelot’s mouth while the other man settled comfortably into his lap.

"Fuck Falco. I'm sorry I brought it up. I know you'll do everything you can. And rest assured, so will I."

“I would rather fuck you….” Arthur brazenly teased while attempting to get Lancelot to let it go…at least for the remainder of this night. His questing fingers trailed over Lancelot’s back, one hand finally sliding down to give the other man’s thigh a firm squeeze where it pressed against Arthur’s ribs.

"Burn me up, Castus, burn me up, and make us light the sky."

A seductive smile flashed across Arthur’s lips before he claimed Lancelot’s in a fiery kiss; tongue darting in to plunder the depths of his lover’s mouth with reckless abandonment. It seems that Arthur’s want for Lancelot truly had no bounds as his body reacted wildly to the other man’s taste. The Roman thought that his stamina had been completely depleted with his last release….but once again his groin ached and his cock swelled with need.

Arthur allowed his body to fall backwards pulling Lancelot down on top of him and without breaking his hold on Lancelot’s mouth. They landed on the bedroll with a thump causing Arthur to groan against Lancelot’s lips. But the friction against Lancelot’s body, as the other man’s weight pressed down on Arthur’s arousal, sent a zing of raw desire up the Roman’s spine. He arched his hips up into Lancelot and reached to grasp at his lover’s backside with both hands; fingers splaying out over the generous flesh there.
Ash: tee hee! by matasasha_b on December 25th, 2007 04:06 am (UTC)
"I would rather fuck you….”

Lancelot snorted a laugh against Arthur's cheek at the man's brazen attempt at seduction. "You don't have to ask my permission for that, my own," he replied breathily, smiling at the other man.

He made a soft sound when Arthur's mouth claimed his; allowing the other man to drag him with him when Arthur fell backward onto their bedrolls. He shifted so he was laying comfortably in the cradle of Arthur's hips, and kissed the Roman back with everything he had, putting every feeling into the act.

All my love, all my annoyance, all my frustration, all my anger, all my laughter, all my desire, all my passion and fear and helplessness and rage and love.

"I love you," Lancelot whispered against Arthur's mouth. "I love you, and I can live in this world because of it."

I think.

That was a strange possibility for Lancelot - but he accepted it - for now, and he rolled his hips, rubbing his own aching cock against Arthur's hard arousal. He felt he ought to have some retort or some cheeky comment to make; after all, this was the third time this night for them.

Staring into Arthur's weathered, kind, and beloved face, Lancelot found he couldn't do it.

He dropped a small kiss on the other man's nose, cursing himself for a fool, and blinked stupidly at the Roman.

I love you.

The words were spoken in the musical Sarmatian tongue, but the sentiment was one anyone could understand.

Heated lips met heated lips, and Lancelot sighed into Arthur's mouth, the taste and feel something craved, loved, wanted. He slid his trembling fingers through Arthur's messy hair, and clutched at the dark curls, wanting to never have anything but this.
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Cat: Arthur ~ Haunted Soulcat_o_wen on January 8th, 2008 07:13 pm (UTC)
Arthur released a barely audible moan when Lancelot lifted himself off of the Roman’s body enough to break their intimate connection. His hand had fallen limply out of Lancelot’s hair in the shift, but found its place around the other man’s waist as Lancelot seemed to settle again.

"[…]but it's ... too much."

Lancelot’s words woke Arthur out of his love induced trance. Had he hurt the other man this time? Emerald eyes opened with the intention of studying Lancelot’s expression for the answer. However, the knight had turned away enough to retrieve a blanket for them. A flash of light briefly illuminated the mouth of the cave….followed by the rumble of distant thunder. A storm was coming.

As Lancelot settled half on top of Arthur again, and with the added heat of the blanket, the Roman wound both arms around the other man’s torso....hands smoothing over the damp skin as if in apology.

"I think your God is punishing me with rain for touching you. Fuck him, I'm not going anywhere."

The lines on Arthur’s brow deepened at the blasphemous comment from Lancelot. He knew the Sarmatian meant no true disrespect to God….but what Lancelot spoke of also gave Arthur pause….punishment for touching you….the weight of the sin they had just committed suddenly began to press down on Arthur, the Christian. Arthur, the man and lover, had shoved aside his religious teachings the moment he had first truly ‘touched’ Lancelot. Arthur sighed a shaky breath before chewing on his bottom lip with eyes tightly closed to the reality suddenly swirling around him. Yet, Arthur knew he could not stop touching the man he’d come to love with every breath he took. That sentiment was only accentuated by the ripple of pleasure his body felt the moment Lancelot’s mouth nipped at Arthur’s ear.

"No more sex. That's it. I think I may die now."

“I could not give you anything more of myself now if my very life depended upon our coupling yet again tonight,” Arthur whispered evenly without opening his eyes to Lancelot. His chest had finally quit heaving with each breath and the ache in his groin had finally subsided. But could he squelch the guilt that had suddenly resurfaced again at Lancelot’s superficial comments?

“How is your side?” Arthur finally queried while bringing his fingers down to carefully feather over the stitches in Lancelot’s side. It was on the tip of his tongue to ask if he’d injured the man in any other way as well…..but Arthur refrained from voicing it for the moment. He turned his head to brush his lips over Lancelot’s brow and attempted to hide the darker emotions flittering in his deep green eyes.
Ash: lance looks up by matasasha_b on January 10th, 2008 03:04 am (UTC)
“I could not give you anything more of myself now if my very life depended upon our coupling yet again tonight."

"Good thing that's not the case, then," Lancelot answered back, his face splitting with a loud yawn. The thunder cracked again, and Lancelot groaned slightly, burying his face in the Roman's moist neck. He lapped at the drying salt languidly, then settled in more comfortably and allowed a small shiver to take his spine. "Damn rain," he muttered, more out of habit than anger.

“How is your side?"

Lancelot felt Arthur's fingertips gently search out his injury, but didn't flinch at the tiny amount of discomfort he felt. "It will heal, my own," he answered quietly. Arthur's lips brushed over his forehead, and Lancelot squeezed at Arthur's waist in response. He could feel the other man tense up as well, but Lancelot didn't speak to it - Arthur was a grown man, and besides, Lancelot had a feeling he knew what the other man was worried about. He should never have made the crack about Arthur's God - but damn it, it was rather ironic (and slightly funny, in Lancelot's opinion) that it should begin to rain just as the two of them had reached their pinnacles. Had both said 'I love you.' Had sweated and loved and kissed each other into almost oblivion.

Water was a cleansing thing; Lancelot sighed as it began to fall. Luckily their cave was on high enough ground that they wouldn't get wet. At least until morning, at any rate. The horses might be angry at them for being left out overnight, but Lancelot wasn't in the mood to take any shit from Ras. Besides, the great oaf was too spoiled, anyway.

Wash away my sins

Lancelot thought on a passage or some bit of thing he'd heard either Arthur or one of the garrison Christians say about evil. Water - wash away the sins of Mankind.

He bit down on his anger - hypocritical nonsense! - and placed a soft kiss on Arthur's chest, where he could feel the Roman's heartbeat slowing.

"Sleep, Arthur. My side is fine. I am well, although exhausted beyond measure."

He attempted a smile, and kissed Arthur once more, this time on the mouth. "Sleep."
Cat: Arthur ~ Forgivecat_o_wen on January 10th, 2008 06:25 pm (UTC)
Arthur could hear the soft sounds of rain falling outside the cave accompanied by another crack of thunder. It had been a wise choice to spend the night in a shelter that would keep them both protected and dry through the night.

"It will heal, my own,"

Arthur made a nonsensical sound of contentment as Lancelot practically crawled beneath his skin to get closer to the Roman. He slid his hand from the line of stitches on Lancelot’s side to map the notches in the other man’s spine. And a pleasant shiver traversed his own as Lancelot’s mouth pressed to his chest. Arthur’s eyelids were heavy with sleep and he thought his whole body had gone soft from over exertion….

"Sleep, Arthur. My side is fine. I am well, although exhausted beyond measure…..sleep."

“Sleep well, heart….” Arthur softly spoke after Lancelot had placed another tender kiss on his lips.

He closed his eyes for the final time this night as the Roman awaited sleep to claim him. But it did not come immediately. God would judge Arthur for this love. Punishment would come, but in what form and when? Lancelot was well worth any sacrifice that Arthur would be forced to make. Even death. He only prayed that Lancelot would not be made to suffer for it as well. God, I beg you spare his soul…take mine if you will, but allow Lancelot the joy and freedom that he most certainly deserves.

Rough hands briefly kneaded at Lancelot’s shoulders and then strong arms settled around Lancelot’s slender waist as Arthur’s mind finally quieted and sleep came….