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11 January 2008 @ 06:31 pm
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Morning, morning, morning again. Or at least Lancelot assumed it was morning, as it was still black outside, and the rain was blowing hard against the side of the cave.

He shivered and rolled back to face Arthur; somehow he'd ended up on his stomach, the other man hogging all the covers. Lancelot made a sour face and snuggled back in to the warmth of the larger man.

"Arthur," he crooned softly, his tone wheedling and soft. "Be a good lad and build up the fire? Please?" He laughed at himself, and pressed his cold nose into the crook of the Roman's neck.

He shivered again and cursed under his breath when the thunder cracked. "Fucking morning, they call it. Me, I call it a nightmare. We have to ride in this piss!" He sighed and shut his eyes, not ready to face the day.

Not ready to remember the words of Falco - words that Arthur had in effect blown off - but Lancelot wasn't so quick to dismiss them. Just how would it affect their lives? How would Arthur actually react when it came time for him to give the orders for them to leave, if it came to that?

How would Lancelot survive in the world of the Empire without him?

He heard Ras neighing from outside, and grumbled, and sat up. "I'll see to them if you get the fire going," he said as he scrubbed a hand over his face, and then winced when he shifted on his ass.

Going to be a long day. I must be fucking crazy to have done - but it was worth it. So, so much so.

He glanced over at the Roman, and a small smile lifted the corners of his mouth. At least Arthur would be with him in this crappy weather. They'd both get drenched.

That made Lancelot's smile broaden.
Cat: Arthur ~ Whisper Slowly To Mecat_o_wen on January 12th, 2008 10:33 pm (UTC)
Arthur had slept so hard that he had not been visited by his usual dreams and nightmares. A blessing. The Roman would have also been content to sleep a little while longer….but something icy cold pressed to his neck….and then Arthur felt Lancelot’s slender body against his side.

"[…..]Fucking morning, they call it. Me, I call it a nightmare. We have to ride in this piss!"

The Commander sighed in contentment despite Lancelot’s complaining words in his ear. Arthur finally opened his eyes as he felt Lancelot pull away to presumably sit up.

"I'll see to them if you get the fire going,"

Arthur made a small sound in protest, but grinned while scrubbing a hand over his stubbled face and rolled over on his back. He was sure his legs were too stiff to bend much less walk, but as luck would have it he’d brought in additional kindling last night. The Roman reached for Lancelot, thick fingers trailing over the other man’s stomach until Arthur had located Lancelot’s belly button. His fingertip gently teased at the tiny opening while Arthur pushed himself up behind Lancelot. He placed an almost chaste kiss between the Sarmatian’s shoulder blades and then rested his chin on the ball of Lancelot’s shoulder.

“How fortunate for me that you are willing to brave the rain to tend the horses while I remain dry for a little while longer,” Arthur said evenly and smiled.

“But we should not linger here for too much longer,” Arthur’s smile of contentment faded with his words. He had no aversion to riding in the rain, a common occurrence in Britain, but returning to Camboglanna meant returning to duty.

….and meant no longer having Lancelot to himself. It was selfish, Arthur knew this, but what they now shared together was precious to Arthur and he would nurture it and revel in it for as long as God would allow.
Ash: lancelot choices by lessysasha_b on January 14th, 2008 03:01 am (UTC)
"How fortunate for me that you are willing to brave the rain to tend the horses while I remain dry for a little while longer. But we should not linger here for too much longer."

Lancelot shivered and laughed as Arthur's fingers found his belly - the small motions there echoing the motions somewhere else on Lancelot's body. He bit his lip unconsciously and leaned into Arthur's grasp, laying one of his hands over the Roman's larger one.

"Well...I can't let you do everything," Lancelot murmured, his tone slightly cheeky and low. He turned his head and pressed his mouth to Arthur's softly. "And yes, I would agree on the timing. I don't want to have to spend another night out in the open."

Although another night with just him might be the death of me.

Lancelot smirked to himself; at the rate they were going, they'd both be skin and bones and not be able to hold a sword due to their over exertions elsewhere. But Lancelot decided he'd be alright with dying from too much love with Arthur.

And what a sloppy girl I am.

He stood and touched the top of Arthur's hair, allowing his fingers to wind into the curls briefly, then moved to where he'd thrown his leathers. He pulled them on, and eyed the rain that was pouring down outside.

"Why I volunteered to do this I'll never know," he said, half to himself, and raced outside, barefoot and clad only in trousers.

The horses were fine, but wet, so Lancelot moved them to a little overhang by the cave entrance - hopefully there they'd be able to stay somewhat dry and comfortable until he and Arthur were ready to go.

He ran back into the shelter of their cave as quickly as he could; he ran hands through his hair and squeezed the water out of it, his skin prickling immediately from the cold. "Gods!" he shouted, then almost stumbled over his saddle bag as he walked as quickly as he was able to the fire. He stood close to it, rubbing his arms and trying to dry out his leathers as best he could before having to go out in it again - close enough that he could smell the hair on his body singeing.

"They're fine. Just annoyed and wet. Like I soon will be," he added, a fleeting flash of teeth his only concession to the wry humor in their situation. "But first...we should eat something, and I'd like to dry at least some."

Back to Camboglanna. Back to every day life.

How will I do that?
Cat: Arthur ~ Whisper Slowly To Mecat_o_wen on January 14th, 2008 09:13 pm (UTC)
Arthur had allowed his gaze to linger on Lancelot; a smile threatened to consume the Roman’s features while the other man tugged on his leathers and raced out into the hard rain.

God help me…..how he has claimed me…heart and soul. Arthur silently mused while forcing his tired and stiff form up off the bedroll once Lancelot was out of sight. The Commander found his leathers, pulled them on and then placed a few sticks of dry kindling in the stone ring. Bent over the remnants of last night’s fire, he made use of a small twig to stir the embers enough to rekindle the flames just as Lancelot re-entered the cave.

"They're fine. Just annoyed and wet. Like I soon will be. But first...we should eat something, and I'd like to dry at least some."

As the flames began to grow in the fire pit, Arthur stood and reached for one of their blankets.

“Here…let us get you dry, hm?” Arthur murmured while wrapping the blanket around Lancelot’s shoulders and rubbing at the other man’s upper arms to help warm him. Then his stomach finally awoke as the offended thing rumbled with hunger.

“I believe I can eat,” Arthur commented while bringing one hand to smooth over his belly.

“In your saddlebag?” He asked while moving to retrieve whatever food items that he might find in Lancelot’s bag. And once Arthur had located the dried meat, cheese and a large chunk of slightly stale bread, he returned to stand just slightly back from Lancelot (who stood far too close to the flames for Arthur’s taste) and first offered a strip of meat.

“Would it help if you stood in the very center of the flames?” Arthur mused before tearing off a hunk of bread and popping it into his mouth. He cradled the remaining food items against his chest; ready to hand Lancelot whatever the other man wished to eat next.

Thus far....Arthur had managed to avoid any thoughts on their return to Camboglanna...and back to their everyday life in servitude to Rome.
Ash: lance cheeky by matasasha_b on January 16th, 2008 12:02 am (UTC)
“Would it help if you stood in the very center of the flames?”

Lancelot rubbed the blanket Arthur had given him over his hair, and smirked back at the Roman. "Perhaps. But as I am not immortal, that would not be a death I'd choose."

Not one voluntarily. With you watching.

He shivered, half from being wet and half from the morbid thoughts, and took a piece of the dried meat Arthur offered. He chewed thoughfully and stared at the rebuilt fire; his eyes relfecting the dancing flames.

Turning, he met Arthur's intense gaze while refolding the blanket. Lancelot finished his bite and rubbed his cold hands over the seat and legs of his leathers, trying to get as much of the wetness out of his trousers as possible. "I have no idea why I'm bothering with this," he said, a smile darting over his face, there and gone like a bird in the breeze. "We're just going to be soaking for the rest of the day. Ah well. Habit, I guess."

He kept looking at Arthur, who was holding some food and standing there, bare chested and bare footed and looking way too attractively tousled for Lancelot's care. The Sarmatian grinned widely, and made his way toward Arthur, dropping his blanket on top of his saddle bags. He stopped in front of the other man, and rested his hands on his cocked hips.

"One last kiss before the rain," he purred quietly, and he plucked the foodstuffs out of Arthur's arms before sliding his own around Arthur's muscled torso. His hands tripped up the Roman's spine, and he plastered his body to the front of Arthur's.

"Warm me once before we must ..." he trailed off. Go back to Hell.
Cat: Arthur ~ Whisper Slowly To Mecat_o_wen on January 16th, 2008 09:40 pm (UTC)
"One last kiss before the rain,"

Arthur had barely managed to swallow his mouthful of dried meat when Lancelot suddenly and decisively attached his still damp body to Arthur’s chest. A shiver immediately flew down the Roman’s spine…and not from the chill in the air.

"Warm me once before we must ..."

Before we must return to reality and stand in judgment…..but Arthur could not finish the thought with Lancelot’s body pressed tightly against his, Lancelot’s talented fingers trailing up his back and Lancelot’s mouth so close he could feel the other man’s hot breath on his stubbled face.

“Only one?” Arthur breathed while sliding his arms low around Lancelot’s leather clad hips. “I had thought on two,” He gave a brief flash of teeth before pressing his lips to Lancelot’s mouth.

Arthur’s touch was gentle and affectionate at first, mouth opening only enough to encompass the flesh of Lancelot’s upper lip.

Lightening cracked outside the cave, statically charging the air around them. Yet Arthur only reacted to the powerful force that welded his body to Lancelot’s. His tongue slid in between Lancelot’s parted lips, eliciting a soft groan from Arthur’s throat.

Rain battered the landscape surrounding their little cave. Yet Arthur only felt the pounding of his own heart as he gave over to his want…need…for Lancelot.

Arthur’s one hand held Lancelot firmly against him while the other slid up to grasp at the nape of Lancelot’s neck. Another groan, swallowed in the fervent kiss he shared with Lancelot, and Arthur finally tore his mouth away….only to momentarily bury his face in the crook of Lancelot’s neck. He lightly nipped at the tender flesh just below Lancelot’s earlobe and then pulled back enough to meet those dark fiery eyes that he admired so well.

“Perhaps I should run headlong out into the cold rain before I cannot….stop…” Arthur suggested in a voice barely above a whisper as he attempted to even out his breathing again. After the long night of love-making they had shared, surely his body could not withstand more this morning….but…God forgive me…Arthur wanted to push the limits of his physical strength, so strong within him was the ache for Lancelot.
Ash: sexy curlsasha_b on January 17th, 2008 04:39 pm (UTC)
"Only one? I had thought on two."

Lancelot nuzzled up to Arthur's body, and slid one hand into the other man's sleep tousled hair. "I am not adverse to that," he murmured, his tone low and soft, not just due to his recent state of wakefulness.

As Arthur lips captured his, he was able to ignore the pounding of the rain and the neighing of the annoyed horses as they waited for their masters to get going already! Lancelot didn't care about Ras in that moment; he cared about the warmth that surrounded him - outside and in - the fire that this man he loved brought to his skin and his innards and whatever passed for his spirit.

And yet we will be judged because of who I am. Because of who he is.

Lancelot didn't care what others thought of him - the mere thought brought a smile to his face - but he cared about being strung up in front of the entire garrison for daring to touch a Roman official.

A small moan from Arthur and the touch of Arthur's mouth on his throat drew Lancelot's attention away from the dark thoughts that were beginning to plague him.

"Perhaps I should run headlong out into the cold rain before I cannot...stop..."

Lancelot's hands petted Arthur's shoulders and back; his fingers claimed every inch of the Roman's flesh, scars and all. "You will have to, my own, for we must return to our lovely lives...now, I'm afraid." He took Arthur's face in his hands and stared into the other man's green eyes that seemed to burn with desire - and resignation.

"We will make time for this."

Lancelot felt he was voicing a pipe dream, but he was young, and he loved Arthur, and was well loved by the commander, and he would damn well ride away from the garrison and his fucking 'duty' before he allowed anyone to take this from him.

Gods knew he wasn't one to show affection or trust - but he'd found it. And he'd keep it to himself, hidden away inside, where no one could steal it, or corrupt it, or punish him for having feelings other than those of a soldier.

He laughed bitterly at himself, and kissed Arthur's lips gently, once more. "Let's get this done," he sighed, and detached himself from the warmth of Arthur's grip.
Cat: Arthur ~ Lost to Youcat_o_wen on January 17th, 2008 07:34 pm (UTC)
"You will have to, my own, for we must return to our lovely lives...now, I'm afraid."

Since when had Lancelot become the rational one between them? Of course they must return to the garrison….but Arthur feared that meant a return to apprehension between them. Out here alone in the wilderness, they were free from prying eyes, free from judgment and free from castigation…. apart from God’s eyes. But Arthur would beg for His forgiveness for his sins. Intense emerald eyes softened into deep pools of liquid green as Lancelot’s hands gently cupped at Arthur’s face.

"We will make time for this."

“We shall,” Arthur murmured a promise in answer. Thick fingers smoothed over Lancelot’s exposed flesh mimicking how the other man had mapped over Arthur’s moments ago.

Can it be done? Can we have this precious love and conceal it from those that would condemn it and take it away? Arthur swallowed down the doubt that was attempting to constrict his throat; thankful for the gentle kiss Lancelot offered.

"Let's get this done,"

Arthur audibly sighed as Lancelot pulled out of his embrace. He lifted both hands to rake through his unruly hair and then sought the location of his tunic and boots. It seemed to rain that much harder while Arthur dressed. He could hear their horses stomp their displeasure which seemed to mirror the Roman’s own dampened mood.

“We should reach the garrison by nightfall…and share a hot meal,” Arthur commented while toeing on his boots hoping to sound as if the cold rain was of no consequence. He gathered his bedroll, and while rolling up the blanket, began kicking at the dirt to put out the fire he’d only recently built up.

“Shall we?” Arthur asked with a small smile at Lancelot and gesturing for the other man to lead the way. The Commander had tightened his overcoat around his torso in the hopes of keeping a small part of his person relatively dry.

Following Lancelot out to gather their mounts, Arthur wasted no time is securing his bedroll to Verus’ saddle and leading the stallion enough away from the mouth of the cave to swing up into the seat. The heavy rain had Arthur soaking wet in no time. Before signaling Verus to ride, Arthur reached up a hand to shove the wet hair out of his eyes and turned to see that Lancelot was ready.
Ash: lancelot by dusting heavensasha_b on January 19th, 2008 12:53 am (UTC)
“We should reach the garrison by nightfall…and share a hot meal."

Lancelot pulled on his hauberk, and then his leather overtunic, and toed on his boots. He grinned halfheartedly at Arthur's comments. "Considering you usually have the better of the choices of food, I will happily comply."

And I can sleep in your big, warm bed with you instead of alone in my tiny, cold, empty one.

He rolled up his things and grabbed his saddle bags, then dashed out to Ras and strapped everything down quickly. The swords stayed on his back, despite the nasty weather. They'd been through worse - and Lancelot didn't want to not have them accessible should there be trouble.

"Let's go, Arthur," he shouted to the other man through the sound of the pouring rain. He shivered, and cursed in his native tongue. "I'm sure Tristan will be there hours before we will. Bastard."

He spurred his wet and annoyed horse to the road, and followed Arthur's lead home.

Not home. But not as...hated as before.


Night had fallen and they were thoroughly soaked through - he was so wet Lancelot couldn't tell the difference between his own hair and the wetness that poured from the sky - and suprisingly enough, he was happy to see the torches that lit Camboglanna when they rode through the gates.

Jols was there immediately, taking both their mounts and promising to bring their things to their respective quarters. Lancelot smirked when Jols raised his voice on that comment.

Tristan was already there; he approached Arthur as he munched on a piece of fruit, his body and clothing dry. Of course.


Lancelot stepped under an overhang next to a sputtering torch and attempted to stop dripping as Tristan spoke to Arthur, the scout noting any movement of Woads or anything he'd seen, Lancelot knew.

When they were finished, Tristan passed by Lancelot, and raised one eyebrow at his appearance. "A bit bedraggled?" he said, using as few words as possible to describe Lancelot's obvious discomfort.

The Sarmatian restrained himself from whipping out a blade and gutting his brother right there. Instead, he smiled toothily and stepped close to Tristan, shaking his hair so some of the water flew onto the scout. "No, my friend. I adore this weather. Makes me want to never leave Britain."

Tristan merely wiped the small amount of wetness off his cheek, and allowed what passed for a smile to cross his tattooed face. "Just stay away from my dry clothing." He had the gall to wink once, and then walked on.

"Why would I want to look like a miscreant gypsy?" Lancelot shouted after him, then blew out a breath. "Arthur," he called to the Roman. "Any news? Or are we free to dry off for the night?"

Am I free to rest in your bed, the chill chased away by your heat and your heart?

Lancelot didn't want to know anything about what they had missed whilst they had been gone. Right now, he wanted to dry off, eat, and sleep. In that exact order.

He hoped Arthur would agree.
Cat: Arthur ~ Return To Mecat_o_wen on January 19th, 2008 07:49 pm (UTC)
Arthur was relieved to hear that Tristan had little to report on Woad activity in the area. No fresh tracks near the garrison and most likely due to the hard rain and no recent movements around the nearby villages. The Commander thanked his scout and while Tristan moved on to share a few words with Lancelot, Arthur was greeted by one of his officers with a petty issue concerning a disagreement with a subordinate. The Commander gave his swift judgment on the matter and sent the other Roman on his way.

"Arthur, any news? Or are we free to dry off for the night?"

“Nothing that we must deal with tonight,” Arthur replied as he attempted to squeeze the excess water out of his hair with both hands. He then scrubbed a hand over his stubbled face and half smiled at Lancelot.

“Jols has assured me that he will have a meal on the table presently,” Arthur said as he began to walk in the direction of the large building that housed his private quarters. “Come, join me and we shall get out of this weather.”

…and I will keep you warm for the remainder of this night, if you will allow it.

Arthur was certain that he was far too exhausted for anything more than a meal and a few hours of sleep tonight. But he hoped that Lancelot would remain in his company….even if they were back at Camboglanna and back in their normal lives among duty, fellow knights and at risk of discovery.

“Anything I should know about in regards to Tristan just now?” Arthur asked levelly while they walked. He had heard Lancelot’s acidic tone when his lieutenant was addressing the scout moments ago. It was not uncommon for Lancelot to goad the other men. But had Tristan said something of importance to prompt it this time? God help them, had Tristan seen them last night? That possibility suddenly struck Arthur and he visibly winced as they entered the corridor that led to his quarters.

The Commander reached out and pushed open the thick wooden door to his private chambers and led the way inside. And by some miracle of Jols’ making, a handsome meal lay spread out on the main table for their enjoyment. A healthy fire in the hearth was the next thing to greet them. Arthur immediately began to peel off the layers of his water soaked clothing.
Ash: arthur lance last night by matasasha_b on January 20th, 2008 07:46 pm (UTC)
“Anything I should know about in regards to Tristan just now?”

"Not unless you want to know what I think of him right now, and I'd say you probably don't." Lancelot growled the sentence, and sighed as he pushed his hand through his mop of wet hair. "Sometimes I consider it lucky Tristan hasn't woken with my dagger through his gut."

He stopped when they reached the door to his room. "I cannot pass up the opportunity for food," or your touch "so I will join you presently."

He opened his door as Arthur went along to his own quarters, and was surprised to see his room neatened up and the fire in the brazier lit. "Lovely soul. I wonder whom I owe for this?" he mused to himself. "Or who's got something on me?"

Shaking his head, Lancelot thought that was probably the more likely of the reasons for the state of his quarters. Nevertheless, he took advantage of the situation and dropped his wet clothing and hauberk over his chair, hoping the leathers would dry, and stood next to the brazier naked, rubbing his arms as he warded off the chill.

When his hair was only damp and his skin had finally taken on some color, he pulled on comfortable deer skin trousers (the only thing he had of value besides his weapons and pendant), a dry tunic and his other leather vest, well worn and warm. He eyed his wonderful thigh high riding boots and sighed. "Have to oil them in the morning," he said to himself. Stuffing a few pieces of soiled laundry inside them to keep them upright, he toed on his daily hobnailed pair and exited his quarters.

Arthur was changing when Lancelot entered; of course there was food on the table and in response, Lancelot's stomach growled. He laughed, and went for the wine first. "I have never been so happy to see sustenance," he commented, watching the commander's back as the other man got dressed. Lancelot's dark eyes didn't miss much, and he noted with some satisfaction a few bruises near the nape of Arthur's neck from his own mouth and teeth.

Later. When I am not so overwhelmingly tired, I will add to those marks.

He smiled to himself and took a heady sip of the spiced wine.
Cat: Arthur ~ Choicescat_o_wen on January 21st, 2008 04:56 am (UTC)
Once Arthur had managed to peel off all his water soaked clothing, he retrieved a large strip of soft cloth from his washing stand and attempted to dry his skin while standing in front of the fireplace. As Arthur rubbed the cloth over his backside, the Roman suddenly winced at the discovery of a bruise there. “Damn, how did…” A small snort of instant amusement as Arthur realized the ‘how’ and the ‘when’.

Slightly shaking his head, Arthur turned and crossed the room to the chest containing his clothing. And as he passed by the corner of his bed, thanked God for his good fortune at having a soft mattress to sleep on tonight.

The Commander had just pulled on a pair of soft linen trousers when he heard the door open and the unmistakable sound of Lancelot’s boots clicking on the stone floor as the knight entered the chamber. Arthur reached for a plain tunic and shook out the folds before tugging the material over his head.

"I have never been so happy to see sustenance,"

Arthur smiled at Lancelot’s comment without immediately turning to look at his lieutenant….and lover. He raked a hand through his still damp hair and decided against the need for any further dressing. Arthur had no intention of leaving his quarters again until he had eaten his fill of food and managed a few hours of sleep. Thus he padded his way over to the table to join Lancelot dressed only in what would be deemed as sleeping attire and arched and noted how the other man had immediately taken possession of the wine….

“Wine is not ‘sustenance’,” Arthur lightheartedly chided while reaching around Lancelot to retrieve a hunk of still warm bread from the tray of food; his arm lightly brushing Lancelot’s shoulder in the motion.

“You are on tomorrow’s roster for patrols….I will send word first thing in the morning for Gawain to ride out in your stead,” Arthur commented as he stepped around the table to occupy one of the large chairs near the hearth. The Commander knew Lancelot had to be just as exhausted as he felt, and there was no reason to send him out again at first light. Nor should Gawain question the change in schedule considering the fact that Lancelot and Arthur had just returned from an unplanned escort to Aquae Sulis tonight. The tiny reminder of Falco and his idle threats brought a frown to Arthur’s expression…he attempted to shove the memory aside while chewing on the rather large chuck of bread in his mouth.

“Any wine remaining?” Arthur asked with a yawn before reaching up to scrub a hand over his eyes. He had assumed that Lancelot would share his bed tonight…but as Arthur turned to look at his lieutenant again…he noted the other man’s full attire. Would he leave once he’d eaten his fill of food?
Ash: lancelot choices by lessysasha_b on January 22nd, 2008 02:09 am (UTC)
“Wine is not ‘sustenance’,”

"In my book, it very much is," Lancelot spouted back, and smiled broadly as he drained his cup. "Especially when one has spent the entire day outside in the rain, soaking to death."

He refilled his mug and crossed one leg over the other, slouching comfortably as he watched Arthur settle into a chair.

“You are on tomorrow’s roster for patrols….I will send word first thing in the morning for Gawain to ride out in your stead,”

"What? Why?" Lancelot asked, sitting up straight. He groaned. "Arthur - you don't need to do that. I am a grown man and a soldier, thank you. And Gawain?? Gods. He'll never let me hear the end of it." He shook his head and glared at Arthur balefully. Unbidden, the corners of his wine-stained lips began to curl, and he snorted a laugh. "But Mithras' balls, I could stand to sleep a tad later."

He laughed and drank more of his hot drink, and fished for some bread and honey as he realized he truly was hungry. And exhausted.

But happy to be back at Camboglanna, and more than ecstatic to have the damn Inspectors gone. Even if the words spoken by Falco would have consequences. He'd have to speak to Tristan and Dagonet in the morning.

"Any wine remaining?"

Lancelot rose and poured another mug out, kicked off his boots, and plopped himself down onto Arthur's lap. He sighed with contentment and handed the other man the mug, clacking his own against it. "To being dry." He laughed again and took another sip.

He ate another piece of bread and honey, and slowly but tiredly ran the fingers of one hand through the hair at the nape of Arthur's neck. "You are always so warm," he murmured. "I'd like to steal a bit of your heat."

He licked his lips and tasted the honey that remained there. Leaning forward, he pressed his mouth to Arthur's softly, then ran his tongue over the Roman's lips, taking the stickiness back.

"Tastes better with you there too," he said, and his eyes crinkled at the corners with mirth. "But alas, I am too satiated and tired to allow you to have your way with me yet again. Tonight," he clarified, and smirked quickly. "Your skin on mine is enough."

This time his smile was gentle, and wide, and real.

Cat: Arthur ~ Lost to Youcat_o_wen on January 22nd, 2008 09:55 pm (UTC)
"Arthur - you don't need to do that. I am a grown man and a soldier, thank you. And Gawain?? Gods. He'll never let me hear the end of it. But Mithras' balls, I could stand to sleep a tad later."

“Lancelot, it is only fair considering the events of the last two days…but if you wish to punish yourself…then by all means…” Arthur half grinned at his lieutenant while reaching for a small hunk of cheese and promptly popping it into his mouth. “…you can decide in the morning then,” He grinned once he’d finished consuming the food in his mouth.

Then Lancelot landed in Arthur’s lap, much to the Roman’s delight, and provided the requested mug of spiced wine. Arthur accepted the mug with one hand and wrapped the other snuggly around Lancelot’s waist; slowly sipping his wine and staring at the other man with an obvious hint of yearning. But was it for the wine or…..

"You are always so warm, I'd like to steal a bit of your heat."

Arthur’s warm smile broadened. Lancelot then kissed him; the Roman tasting the sweetness of honey and ‘Lancelot’ on his tongue even after the other man licked away the sticky substance.

"Tastes better with you there too. But alas, I am too satiated and tired to allow you to have your way with me yet again. Tonight. Your skin on mine is enough."

“Then you had best refrain from sharing any more of your…honeyed bread with me tonight,” Arthur murmured in reply, eyes half masting as he gave Lancelot’s waist a gentle squeeze.

“But if you are ready for bed….” Arthur continued while taking Lancelot’s empty mug from his hand and placing both on the table. “…then I shall see to it that you remain warm for the night,” He softly smiled before lightly pressing a kiss to Lancelot’s lips. Then Arthur tightened his grip around Lancelot’s midsection and lifted them both from the chair. The Roman’s back slightly protested the motion, but Arthur was determined to carry Lancelot to bed…if only to sleep…this night.

Arthur brought Lancelot to the edge of his bed and then allowed the other man to slowly slide out of his arms to stand. He then began to relieve Lancelot of his vest, dropping the garment on the chair next to the bed, and began to lift Lancelot’s tunic up over his head.

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Ash: lancelot in darknesssasha_b on January 23rd, 2008 04:36 am (UTC)
Then you had best refrain from sharing any more of your…honeyed bread with me tonight. But if you are ready for bed…then I shall see to it that you remain warm for the night,”

Lancelot laughed sleepily as Arthur actually forcibly carried him to the foot of the Roman's bed. "You are lucky I am too exhausted to retaliate for that," he said, his eyebrow arching elegantly, even as a yawn threatened to split his face. He raised his arms pliantly as Arthur removed first his well worn vest, then his tunic. Lancelot stood in his trousers, his hair mussed and his body feeling stiff and hard to work as Arthur placed his clothing - carefully - to the side.

"I need to get one of the seamstresses here to make me a few new things," he commented, stretching his arms over his head again, this time to work out the kinks in his sore body.

Sore for more than one reason.

Glancing down at his stitches, he noted one of them had popped loose. "Damn," he muttered, touching the thing. It didn't bleed, nor did it pain him too greatly, so he shrugged fluidly and figured it was safe for the night. "Just don't roll over on me," he teased the other man. "Otherwise I'll bleed on you, and how would that look to the person washing your clothing?"

He slid his hands to Arthur's hips and rested his body against the Roman's. "Tired," he said, half to himself. "And now warm." He shivered in happiness, and planted his mouth at the edge of the other man's jaw. "And too dressed by far," he added, his face taking on the slanted cast it did when he was greatly tired or wanted something. "Aren't you going to help me with my pants?"
Cat: Arthur ~ Return To Mecat_o_wen on January 23rd, 2008 09:59 pm (UTC)
"Just don't roll over on me, otherwise I'll bleed on you, and how would that look to the person washing your clothing?"

Arthur was carefully folding Lancelot’s worn tunic but eyeing the other man’s stitches with renewed concern while Lancelot spoke. Of course Arthur had no care about his laundry…only Lancelot’s injury…and he silently cursed himself for ignoring those stitches last night.

“It is settled, no riding tomorrow…hear me?” Arthur arched a brow at Lancelot as he reached for the other man’s hips. The Commander would order his lieutenant to take a day’s rest and Arthur would personally see to it that his ‘lover’ was properly taken care of as well. He would have his personal physician examine the stitches in the morning.

"Tired….and now warm. And too dressed by far, aren't you going to help me with my pants?"

“Yes, heart,” Arthur softly spoke against Lancelot’s cheek. His thick fingers shifted from Lancelot’s hips to the binds on the other man’s deer skin trousers and made quick work of unlacing the ties. Large hands slid beneath the soft material and gently worked the trousers downward. Arthur placed a light kiss to the corner of Lancelot’s mouth and then bent to completely remove the other man’s remaining clothing. And as before, he carefully folded the pants and placed them on the chair with the rest of Lancelot’s clothing.

“Now into bed with you,” Arthur lightly nodded his head in the direction of the bed just before pulling off his own linen tunic. He draped the shirt over the back of the chair and absently scratched at the light hair on his chest as he bent to tug off his trousers. A yawn threatened to split his face as Arthur raked a hand through his damp hair and eyed the flames in the hearth….and deciding the fire healthy enough to last a long while yet…climbed beneath the heavy furs to join Lancelot.

“Sleep,” Arthur whispered as he reached for Lancelot’s warm body beneath the covers. He silently thanked God for the warm meal and comfortable bed they now shared….although surely such pleasure and contentment was a sin. God, forgive me but I need him and love him.
Ash: lancelot by dusting heavensasha_b on January 26th, 2008 01:51 am (UTC)
“It is settled, no riding tomorrow…hear me?"

Lancelot made a pffffffffft sound and rolled his eyes. "And just how will you stop me? I seem to recall that you do have some things to do, commander." He laughed and shivered against Arthur when the other man kissed him and removed his trousers. Of course Arthur folded them neatly and placed them with the other things, which caused a small smirk to appear on Lancelot's sharp face.

"Now into bed with you. Sleep..."

Lancelot would happily comply with that request. He snuggled tightly against Arthur's bigger body, and slid his knee between the Roman's legs. His skin prickled comfortably and he sighed against Arthur's neck.

"You're better than any brazier," he commented softly, another yawn making his words almost unintelligible. "And a lot less liable to burn me," he added, smiling into the darkness, the flickering of the fire in Arthur's hearth painting the room in red and gold light. A few oil lamps were still lit, but Lancelot didn't care - he could sleep through a siege, and happily.

Burn me in the physical sense, at any rate.

What am I doing, here?

Lancelot cursed at himself and wrapped his arm over Arthur's middle; his stitches were a little more sensitive tonight due to the popped one, but he was on his good side and protected by the fur and Arthur.

He frowned once as he remembered the things he'd have to deal with in the morning - the possibility of Falco's words being reality, Arthur's position here at Camboglanna, his position as persona non grata to most Romans at the fort.

"We'll see about the riding," he said in a tiny whisper, not liking letting Arthur have the final word on that. He pressed his mouth to Arthur's chin, and settled, breathing in the other man's scent.
Cat: Arthur ~ Return To Mecat_o_wen on January 26th, 2008 05:46 pm (UTC)
Arthur softly sighed in complete contentment as Lancelot wrapped his body over the Roman’s. He closed his eyes while his large hands gently stroked the other man’s back and shoulders. A pleasant shiver pricked Arthur’s skin as Lancelot’s mouth pressed to his throat.

"You're better than any brazier, and a lot less liable to burn me,"

“Glad to be of service,” Arthur mused while giving a firm squeeze at Lancelot’s well formed shoulder.

"We'll see about the riding,"

A small snort of amusement escaped the Roman at Lancelot’s quiet comment. If the Sarmatian wished the last word on the subject tonight….so be it….but Arthur would be damn sure Lancelot remained out of the saddle tomorrow. He then slid a hand down to possessively cup at the roundness of Lancelot’s bottom.

Arthur brought his other hand up to cradle Lancelot’s bearded jaw and gently tilted his lover’s head enough to reach his mouth. Arthur pressed a warm kiss to Lancelot’s full lips and readily groaned his pleasure at tasting the other man’s willing tongue. But after a long moment of thoroughly bathing the insides of Lancelot’s heated mouth, Arthur broke the kiss as he knew that his lover truly needed rest tonight….and a moment longer into such a kiss; Arthur would be lost to his want for Lancelot. His half open mouth brushed over Lancelot’s nose and he then placed a soft kiss on the bridge of Lancelot’s nose before allowing his own head to settle back down on the pillow. His hand slid over to gently massage at the nape of Lancelot’s neck while Arthur attempted to slow the pounding of his heart.

“Sleep, my heart,” Arthur whispered while cradling Lancelot’s slender shape against his body. The Roman willed his groin to settle, silently promising his body he’d see to its needs in the morning.

This is real...this is true....
Ash: blah blah by lessysasha_b on January 27th, 2008 09:38 pm (UTC)
Lancelot snorted amusement at Arthur's comment. "You're always of service, Arthur. I can generally find a use for you - as a brazier, or a clothing folder, or a..." he trailed off as Arthur's lips found his, and he sighed happily into the kiss.

Despite his aching side and his tired mind, Lancelot's body reacted the way it always had to Arthur's touch - regardless of whether or not he'd known how much he felt for the Roman.

"Guh," was all he could manage, the word said stupidly when Arthur broke their bond. Lancelot blinked his eyes, dazed from the rush of heat to his groin - and the lack of blood in his brain - and he raised a hand, fingers touching his lips slowly, as if to hold onto the feeling just a bit longer.

"Sleep, my heart."

"After that?" Lancelot retorted, but again a yawn split his face and he laughed. "And I'm serious about the riding. Don't try and play tricks on me, hm, Roman? I'm quite wily, you know."

And fucking Gawain will never let me hear the end of it if Arthur plays favorites with me. Even if that's not what he intends.

I need to speak with Tristan in the morning.

Of all the knights, Lancelot trusted the scout the most. He'd gotten to know him on their journey from home to Camboglanna; the shy, skinny boy with hair in his face had been a surprisingly strong ally to the even skinnier, bean pole shaped Lancelot.

That didn't of course mean Tristan had to know everything - but it meant Lancelot knew the other man could keep a secret. And was as smart as Lancelot himself was. And could keep things from Arthur.

As much as Lancelot didn't really want to ... now. But, in some ways, it was better that the Roman didn't know everything. That way, too, Lancelot and Arthur's relationship could be safe, for longer.

Sighing, the Sarmatian rested against his lover's chest and dropped off, content for the moment in the heat and safety that he found he couldn't live without anymore.
Cat: Arthur ~ Haunted Soulcat_o_wen on January 28th, 2008 09:36 pm (UTC)
"After that?"

Arthur smiled while his eyelids slid shut.

"And I'm serious about the riding. Don't try and play tricks on me, hm, Roman? I'm quite wily, you know."

“You indeed are wily,” Arthur quietly mused while Lancelot settled half on top of the Roman’s chest. Thick fingers gently toyed with a few stray curls of Lancelot’s wild hair as Arthur listened to the other man’s breathing slow.

Despite Lancelot’s firmly spoken protests, Arthur would seriously see to it that his lieutenant was replaced on the days patrol roster for tomorrow.

Tomorrow. The lines between Arthur’s eyes deepened as he thought on another matter he must address. The Commander would draft a correspondence to his superior with an inquiry about Falco’s claims. God help that man if the next supply cart arrived short on provisions.

Arthur heard Lancelot’s breathing level off as the other man fell into slumber; feeling the warmth of each exhale on his bare chest.

As soothing as the feel of Lancelot’s body against Arthur’s was, he did not readily sleep. The dawn would bring them both back into daily life within the walls of Camboglanna. And once again, Arthur would need to conceal his love for Lancelot while attempting some normalcy around the others.

Was it fair and right to ask this of Lancelot? Fair to have only a few precious stolen moments together in between their duties and responsibilities? Fair to never be able to fully and openly love one another in this realm? Arthur was certain that he would be punished for his sins, and he was willing to make that sacrifice for a handful of years with Lancelot. But was he asking too much of the other man?

His head filled with renewed doubts and worry….Arthur finally drifted off into a restless sleep…his fingers still tangled in the soft curls of Lancelot’s hair.
Ash: lance b and w by matasasha_b on January 29th, 2008 09:02 pm (UTC)
The strange brown eyes were closer now, and Lancelot could almost make out a shape in the darkness. He rubbed at his chest, where the spear still protruded for some reason, and waved a hand in front of him.

"Who are you?" he asked, his voice spiralling away from him through the thick gloom. He could almost cut it with his dagger.


Arthur's face was before him, and Lancelot gasped in surprise as the Roman took a hold of the shaft of the spear, and twisted it deeper.

He tried to jerk upwards, away from the pain in his chest, but Lancelot's hair was caught in something - something that tore a few strands from his head when he moved.

He cursed and sat up, rubbing at his scalp, and cocked an eyebrow at the sight of Arthur's fingers still curled around the few pieces of hair he'd unwittingly pulled from Lancelot's head.

"Gods," came whispered from Lancelot's suddenly dry lips, and he sat at the edge of Arthur's mattress, the room still warm from the fire and Arthur's own body heat. He reached for the water skin that sat on the floor, and swallowed the liquid inside, his throat convulsing over the cool drink that did not assuage his worries or his mood.

He finished the skin and tossed it aside, tilting his head in order to see the sleeping Arthur out of the corner of his eye.

I'm not sure if we can do this.

He sighed quietly and crawled back under the furs, curling his body up next to the Roman's larger, warmer one. He dropped a small kiss onto Arthur's shoulder, but despite his every intention of going back to sleep, Lancelot's eyes would not remain closed.
Cat: Arthur ~ Forgivecat_o_wen on January 29th, 2008 11:16 pm (UTC)
It was somewhere between midnight and morning and Arthur had been dreaming of some distant day with black skies and bloody ground when sound (an empty water skin landing on the floor close by) and a movement stirred him…thankfully….as the dream seemed to fill his sleeping mind with despair and pain as he had desperately clung to something or someone…

Arthur groaned a yawn as he felt a warm body slide up against him; he smiled at feeling familiar lips press a kiss to his shoulder. And for a little while longer Arthur attempted to drift off to sleep again. Yet, he had a nagging feeling that something was off…something unsettling had found its way into the room….emerald eyes slowly cracked open and Arthur turned his head to find Lancelot’s brilliant amber eyes staring at him, lit by the small flames that still danced in the nearby hearth.

“What is it?” Arthur asked in a voice rough with misuse. He brought a hand up to dig at the stubble along his neck while searching Lancelot’s dark expression for a hint of what troubled the other man. Perhaps it was nothing or perhaps Lancelot was uncomfortable in Arthur’s bed?

“Cannot sleep? Hm?” He gently prodded further while his hand sought out Lancelot’s and laced their fingers together. Another yawn broke his focus on Lancelot’s expression and as he brought his free hand up to scrub over his face, Arthur was momentarily baffled by a few curly strands of hair in his hand.
Ash: lancelot brat by lessysasha_b on January 30th, 2008 01:36 am (UTC)
"What is it? Cannot sleep, hm?"

Lancelot's eyes followed Arthur's motions, and he squeezed their joined fingers gently when the Roman laced his with Lancelot's. He worried his bottom lip, and thought of telling Arthur of his dream....

But in all honesty, what was there to tell? Even he couldn't remember most of it.

Haunting brown eyes that were not his own - and a bright, sparking pain in his chest that seemed to intensify with the sound of Arthur's voice.

"Was thirsty," he answered at last, and forced his eyes to close against the jewel-like tone of Arthur's green ones. He nuzzled his face into Arthur's neck and raised their joined hands to rest between them, against his heart beat.

Who is it I fear - taking you from me? Or forcing me from you?

I am not afraid of death.

I am afraid of yours, however.

Lancelot shivered slightly, if not from the chill, and allowed his lips to press against the base of Arthur's neck. "Why are you awake?" His voice was low and cracked on the last word, and Lancelot attempted to hide it by clearing his throat. He was sleep starved and addle witted from the late hour, but Arthur's arms didn't seem to provide the same safe feeling that they had as of late.

He pushed himself closer to the other man, thinking it was just the space between them that was bothering him.
Cat: Arthur ~ Choicescat_o_wen on January 30th, 2008 10:46 pm (UTC)
"Was thirsty,"

Arthur made some nonsensical sound indicating that he understood and then sighed contented as Lancelot nestled his face against Arthur’s neck. He could feel the beat of Lancelot’s heart beat against the back of his hand where the other man pressed their joined fingers over his chest.

"Why are you awake?"

“Perhaps I sensed that you had need of me,” Arthur quietly teased while gently pulling Lancelot close against his side. “Although, if all you require is water….you will find that over on the table,” He smirked and then placed an apologetic kiss on Lancelot’s brow.

Yet…..something did feel off. But Arthur could not place exactly what it was. Could Lancelot still be brooding over Falco’s idle threats? Or perhaps something more simple….his stitches were troubling him.

“Tell me, hm?” Arthur murmured; gently prodding Lancelot to talk if the Sarmatian did indeed have something specific on his mind that kept him awake. The Roman pulled his fingers from Lancelot’s grasp to smooth over Lancelot’s wild hair. And again, Arthur pressed his mouth to the other man’s forehead reassuringly. Whatever it was, Arthur preferred to hear it now and deal with it instead of dealing with a cranky lieutenant come first light. Lancelot had been exhausted and therefore it stood to reason that something was troubling the Sarmatian enough to stave off a sound sleep.
Ash: sexy curlsasha_b on February 1st, 2008 03:35 am (UTC)
"Perhaps I sensed that you had need of me...although, if all you require is water...you will find that over on the table."

Lancelot snorted and nuzzled more closely into Arthur's grasp. "Got that already. And are you a magician? Perhaps you could throw in forces with Merlin. That would really destroy your career."

He sighed and tried not to enjoy the feeling of Arthur's fingers in his hair. Damn woman. He allowed the Roman to kiss his forehead again and didn't comment or call Arthur 'mother,' which he'd thought to do. Truth be told, his body was sore and he was tired and he hated nightmares.

Especially ones he couldn't understand.

"Tell me, hm?"

Lancelot moved back a bit so he could speak unimpeded by Arthur's neck in his face. He rested his temple on the other man's shoulder, and tried to shrug, but as he was lying on his side, this wasn't an easy task.

"I don't like bad dreams," he said simply, and touched his chest briefly before dropping his fingers to feel his stitches. No, still in good condition. "And I don't like not being able to sleep through the fucking night. Gods," he huffed out an annoyed breath.

I'm not telling him that I'm worried about Falco - and about us. Besides, we've already talked about that. What can he - or I - do about it? We must do as the Empire dictates.

"Arthur," Lancelot said, his voice quiet in the hush of the room, the fire still crackling away peacefully. "Tell me something. Anything. A story, something you remember of what your childhood ideals were like. Were you always this prude and prickly?"

He laughed and tightened the grip he had on Arthur's midsection. "What did you think of me at first?"

Keep him talking. Anything, anything to avoid discussing the reality of our situation.

My heart.
Cat: Arthur ~ Whisper Slowly To Mecat_o_wen on February 1st, 2008 07:23 pm (UTC)
"And are you a magician? Perhaps you could throw in forces with Merlin. That would really destroy your career."

Arthur’s brows knitted together at the mention of Merlin. Where had that thought come from? And had Lancelot been laying awake concerned over Arthur’s career? If so, why? That is MY burden to bear. Arthur’s hand slid down to rest on Lancelot’s bicep as the other man slightly shifted.

"I don't like bad dreams, and I don't like not being able to sleep through the fucking night. Gods,"

“It was a nightmare then?” Arthur asked while turning his head enough to look at Lancelot. It never occurred to the Roman that Lancelot might also have nightmares….Arthur naively thought that only his dreams were haunted by the horrible things he’d done in the name of battle and of Rome over the years.

"Arthur, tell me something. Anything. A story, something you remember of what your childhood ideals were like. Were you always this prude and prickly?

“Prickly?” Arthur mock growled while lightly pinching the meat of Lancelot’s bicep.

"What did you think of me at first?"

Arthur could not suppress a chuckle at that thought. It had been years since he had even thought on those first days together….his introduction to commanding Sarmatian knights. Awkward. Challenging. Only his faith in God had seen Arthur through those trials.

“I saw you as my greatest challenge,” He grinned over at Lancelot, showing all his teeth for a moment before allowing his expression to turn serious again.

“You dreamt of our first meeting?” Arthur queried Lancelot while raking a hand through his own unruly hair. “I do not recall the meet going badly for you, my friend,” He added with a hint of amusement in his tone. It had been ‘Arthur’ standing alone in front of a large group of Sarmatian knights…judging him, evaluating his manner of dress, his demeanor and even the style of boots he wore that day. And it had taken Arthur an age to gain their trust and an ounce of their respect.

Arthur slightly shook his head and sighed at the memory of that day. And then he turned keen emerald eyes on Lancelot again now that he was more awake and alert. This was not about first impressions from years ago…

“What did you dream about?” Arthur asked pointedly. He drew his arms a little tighter around Lancelot’s middle attempting to reassure the other man and gently urge him to elaborate. Whatever it was, Arthur wished to hear it and then deal with it so that perhaps both men could find a few more hours of sleep tonight.

Arthur reached up and allowed a thick finger to toy with the curls around the shell of Lancelot's ear.
Ash: arthur lance sky by matasasha_b on February 2nd, 2008 11:55 pm (UTC)
"I saw you as my greatest challenge,”

"Saw? Do not try and tell me you've become used to us by now," Lancelot answered, a small smile on his lips fading quickly. Arthur squeezed him gently around the waist, and Lancelot took the opportunity to lay his forehead on Arthur's shoulder. He didn't want to have to look in the Roman's green eyes.

You dreamt of our first meeting? I do not recall the meet going badly for you, my friend...what did you dream about?"

Lancelot rubbed his chest and murmured a curse in his native tongue. Damn Arthur and his not letting things drop. But then again, it was Lancelot's own fault for even admitting to it in the first place.

"No, that's not what I dreamt of. And it's rather unimportant, Arthur. Besides, you're not a Woad shaman that can supposedly interpret my dream for me, so why tell you?" He made a face and rolled his lips inward, then dared to meet Arthur's eyes.


"Yes, it was a nightmare," he answered, his voice a whisper that unfortunately for him reflected how he truly felt about it.

When will you leave me? Can I know - can I prepare myself?

Who is the person with the spear - and why does he wear your face?

Lancelot lay his leg over Arthur's, and ran his hand over the Roman's arm. "I cannot control my mind in sleep, which is a neverending annoyance. And perhaps it meant nothing, in any regard." He attempted to shrug again and looked at Arthur through heavily lashed lids, his eyes half closed - a small attempt at distracting the other man.

Good luck on that one, Lancelot.
Cat: Arthur and Lancelot ~ Any Hope?cat_o_wen on February 3rd, 2008 04:53 pm (UTC)
"No, that's not what I dreamt of. And it's rather unimportant, Arthur. Besides, you're not a Woad shaman that can supposedly interpret my dream for me, so why tell you? Yes, it was a nightmare,"

Arthur slightly frowned at that; not out of displeasure but out of concern. Lancelot was clearly disturbed by his dreams and that spoke volumes to Arthur. He half opened his mouth to gently prod the other man for more details, but Arthur’s body instantly reacted to Lancelot’s touch as long elegant fingers slid up the Roman’s arm. Damn him, he knows how to easily distract my thoughts.

"I cannot control my mind in sleep, which is a never ending annoyance. And perhaps it meant nothing, in any regard."

Arthur’s hand shifted down to rest on Lancelot’s hip as the Roman tilted his head to bring his mouth within the smallest proximity of the other man’s lips.

“Perhaps…” Arthur whispered while allowing his nose to brush the tip of Lancelot’s. “…but I would hear anything…” He continued; thick fingers tracing over the prominent bone in Lancelot’s hip and then on to splay out over the other man’s powerful thigh. “…that troubles you, heart,” Arthur encouraged but failed to allow Lancelot the opportunity to answer as he kissed the other man. Arthur did wish to know what had disturbed Lancelot to the point of rousing the other man from a much needed deep sleep. But his body had other ideas at the moment.

“In any event, you have my full attention….” Arthur smiled against Lancelot’s lips once he’d ended the tender kiss. “…now, so take advantage,” He softly suggested. Lancelot could decide which he preferred at this moment…talk or…

But Arthur would bring up the subject of this troubling dream again. He allowed his lids to slide shut as he inhaled the scent of Lancelot and brushed his mouth against those much desired lips again. They were both awake despite the sun having not yet risen and obviously not too exhausted to take pleasure in one another.

God will surely punish me for my sins….yet I cannot…he has conquered my heart. We are one.
Ash: Lancelot heart by matasasha_b on February 5th, 2008 12:20 am (UTC)
"In any event, you have my full attention now, so take advantage."

Lancelot smiled innocently, and pushed his body closer to Arthur's. He was slightly dizzy - if not from exhaustion, then surely from the Roman's unrelenting lips. He was going to be the death of Lancelot, the knight had no doubt.

"I can see, or rather feel that," he answered, only a tiny cheeky tint to his voice. He rubbed up against Arthur again, more slowly this time. And then he yawned.

"Don't take that personally, Arthur," he joked quietly, his eyelids having a hard time staying open. "And it was just a dream. Not important."

Pain in his chest, almost unbearable, and more so due to the source of the pain.

Arthur's eyes, so intensely green, meeting his. Lancelot's commander - and his lover - at the other end of the spear that pierced him.

The crinkles around his eyes showed, and his lips formed a small frown. "Nothing more," he whispered, and then, meeting Arthur's concerned gaze, forced the thought from his head and pressed his mouth to Arthur's.

He wound his body as best he was able around the other man's, accounting for his stitches, and made a small sound that resembled Arthur's name as he climbed on top of him. His hands slid slowly up Arthur's arms, and ended in his sleep wild hair, tangling tightly in the strands, not wanting to let go.

He's mine.

"Mine," Lancelot growled onto Arthur's lips, and claimed them again with his own. He ground down on the other man's lap, and slid his tongue into the wet heat of Arthur's mouth.

Must possess him, before he is gone for good from me.

Cat: Arthur ~ Whisper Slowly To Mecat_o_wen on February 5th, 2008 07:05 pm (UTC)
"….and it was just a dream. Not important. Nothing more,"

Lancelot was beginning to do a fine job of distracting Arthur from his concerns by rubbing his heated body against the Roman’s, but Arthur would not forget about this troubling dream. Not yet as he turned a concerned expression to Lancelot’s sleepy gaze.

However, Arthur groaned his pleasure at the possessive way Lancelot then proceeded to kiss him. He wrapped both arms firmly around the Sarmatian’s middle and kissed Lancelot back with a vengeance.

But at the moment, it was Lancelot in command of this physical entanglement. Lancelot’s fingers grasping at his hair, Lancelot’s sinuous frame completely covering him and Lancelot’s obvious want pressing into his groin. The sensation of feeling a hard cock not his own against Arthur’s belly was still strange…yet oh so enticing because it was Lancelot….and a clear indication that Lancelot wanted Arthur. His body willingly arched up into the other man as Arthur moaned Lancelot’s name into the other man’s mouth.

Arthur heard the possessive tone in which Lancelot made claim to him. Arthur felt the strength of the other man’s need as Lancelot ground down on his body again. And suddenly this intimacy between them threatened to become something that Arthur had not yet prepared himself for….complete submission to the man now attempting to devour Arthur’s mouth with his tongue.

Could he allow Lancelot to possess him as he had already claimed the Sarmatian….again and again since they had become lovers? Arthur’s heart raced as his mind contemplated this notion. His hands touched and grasped at every part of Lancelot that he could reach. His own arousal ached with need as Arthur’s hips arched up into Lancelot again.
Ash: tee hee! by matasasha_b on February 6th, 2008 02:26 am (UTC)
Lancelot for the moment was lost to the feel of Arthur's skin on his. He continued to kiss the Roman; his hands still buried in Arthur's hair, his knees squeezing tightly to Arthur's sides.

He felt more than heard Arthur's rough breathing of Lancelot's name, and a flicker of emotions passed over the Sarmatian's angled face. Arthur's dream face swam before him - and the bloody point of the spear danced before Lancelot's eyes. He raised his gaze to Arthur's face, but the other man's expression remained in shadow, the only light the wan crackling fire from the brazier.

What will this become? And how will I be able to function when it's done?

Annoyed and embarrassed at his unmanly thought, Lancelot growled and tightened his hold on the man under him.

And then he scraped his stitches against Arthur's arm, and felt a white hot flash of pain as he sat bolt upright on Arthur's groin.


His hand ripped out of Arthur's hair and went to his side. He twisted his head, and cursed again when he saw blood slowly leaking from the place that had torn earlier. "Fucking bloody piss!" He got off of Arthur and sat at the edge of the other man's bed, tilting so he could see the wound better in the firelight.

"Afraid I need your help here, Arthur," he sighed, and groaned once as his arm brushed over his own still aroused flesh. "Fuck."

Unfortunately not now.
Cat: Arthur ~ Martyr (not for sharing)cat_o_wen on February 6th, 2008 10:12 pm (UTC)
Lancelot’s ministrations had Arthur nearly overwrought with lust and need for more….more touching, more tasting and more….

…..suddenly Lancelot bolted upright and cursed loud enough to wake the whole compound. Arthur’s eyes flew open in alarm.

"Fucking bloody piss! ……afraid I need your help here, Arthur,"

Lancelot had crawled off of Arthur’s body much to the Roman’s displeasure….however, Arthur knew something was seriously wrong from the tone of Lancelot’s voice. He pushed himself up and slid over to the other man’s side….the stitches. And guilt quickly followed….

“I am sorry…I am to blame,” Arthur apologized while crawling out of bed to quickly retrieve clean linen strips from a drawer in the chest next to the bed post. As he sat back down at Lancelot’s side, his still painfully hard arousal poked at the other man’s hip as Arthur positioned himself around Lancelot. A blush threatened to stain his cheeks, but Arthur kept his focus on mopping at the fresh blood trickling from Lancelot’s stitches.

“I am going to apply pressure to stop the bleeding…it will hurt,” Arthur gently warned before actually doing what he’d just described. He used the folded piece of clean cloth in his free hand and gently began to press on the wound.

Arthur sighed angrily at himself while holding the palm of his hand over the cloth he’d applied to Lancelot’s wound. He should have let the other man sleep…or rather refrained from instigating love-making when both should have gone back to sleep. Lancelot needed rest…not play. And now what? Send for a medicus at this early hour? No. Arthur was confident that he could get the bleeding to stop and sufficiently bandage the stitches so that Lancelot could rest. He’d send for his personal physician at first light.
Ash: lancelot arthur by matasasha_b on February 7th, 2008 10:28 pm (UTC)
I am sorry…I am to blame...I am going to apply pressure to stop the bleeding…it will hurt,”

"Arthur," Lancelot groused, a smile crossing his face briefly as he felt the Roman's hard flesh against his own - even if it was only his hip. "How can this be your fault? I'm the one who woke you up and molested you, my own. Stupid fucking idiot, me, to forget about the fucking wound."

He sucked in a breath at the feel of the cloth pressing against the bleeding stitches. "Ow," he muttered. "Fool."

He was angry at himself for causing the fresh bleeding in the first place, and angry with Arthur for trying, once again, to blame everything on himself. "It's not your fault," he repeated, his tone snappish. "Why must you pile every single thing on your own shoulders? I am an adult - I'm the one who caused this by not watching my back during what should have been an easy skirmish. And to protect gods-damned Galahad!" He groaned. And then he placed his long-fingered hand over Arthur's, where it pressed against his side. He met the other man's gaze, and cocked his head.

"I'm sorry we were interrupted," he murmured, and touched Arthur's face with his free hand. "But - that's what I get for trying to distract you." He laughed, but it was short lived. Leaning forward, Lancelot brushed his mouth gently over Arthur's. "If this is the worst wound I receive, I'm all right with that."

His dark eyes narrowed, but he smiled again for the other man. What shall we do - what can we do - against death? Time? Other men?

The Empire?

Lancelot sighed and kissed Arthur again, a chaste kiss that ended with Lancelot squeezing Arthur's bicep - he relished whatever contact he could get.

"How do they look?" he asked, tilting his head downward to look at his stitches - and not into Arthur's green eyes.
Cat: Arthur ~ Whisper Slowly To Mecat_o_wen on February 8th, 2008 09:25 pm (UTC)
"Arthur, how can this be your fault? I'm the one who woke you up and molested you, my own. Stupid fucking idiot, me, to forget about the fucking wound."

“Lancelot, calm yourself,” Arthur mildly chided the other man while continuing to apply a steady pressure to the wound to slow the bleeding. It was Arthur’s fault as it had been the Roman that had suggested they do more than talk at this early hour….

"It's not your fault, why must you pile every single thing on your own shoulders? I am an adult - I'm the one who caused this by not watching my back during what should have been an easy skirmish. And to protect gods-damned Galahad!"

“You did what you had to do to bring Galahad safely home. Do not question your abilities,” Arthur further chided Lancelot; his tone a little more forceful this time. Why was Lancelot focusing on how he’d come to be injured? It was in the past and both men had suffered worse in battles numerous times. Why had this one weighed particularly heavy on Lancelot’s conscious? Or what am I missing here?

"I'm sorry we were interrupted, but - that's what I get for trying to distract you. If this is the worst wound I receive, I'm all right with that."

Lancelot’s touch and his gentle kisses were enough to soften the thick lines of concern across Arthur’s brow. And his groin was quick to remind Arthur that his want for Lancelot had not ebbed….his still swollen cock bent backwards against his belly as Arthur leaned further into Lancelot’s hip. Perhaps Arthur should not have crouched into a position that placed Lancelot seated between the Roman’s folded legs.

“You have nothing to apologize for, heart,” Arthur once again corrected Lancelot. He then pressed a brief albeit warm kiss to the shell of Lancelot’s ear. He allowed his free hand to rub across Lancelot’s shoulder blades as Arthur sighed into the other man’s wild curls.

"How do they look?"

“Hmmm…” Arthur breathed and pulled back enough to examine Lancelot’s side. He carefully peeled back the piece of cloth he’d been holding over the stitches and peered at the wound for a moment. Not much detail could be seen in the dimly lit room. But Arthur saw nothing alarming….

“The bleeding appears to have stopped,” He said while shifting away from Lancelot. Arthur slid off the bed and went to his wash stand to retrieve a few strips of clean cloth. He returned to Lancelot on the edge of the bed and knelt down in front of the Sarmatian.

“Let us cover the stitches until they can be repaired in the morning,” Arthur stated in a tone suggesting he would accept no arguments from Lancelot. He then carefully placed a clean piece of cloth over the line of stitches and wound a long strip of cloth around Lancelot’s mid section to hold the bandage in place.

“I want you to rest now,” Arthur said while looking up at Lancelot. One hand remained gently covering the freshly applied bandage while the other began to knead at Lancelot’s calf muscle.
Ash: lance looks up by matasasha_b on February 10th, 2008 02:27 am (UTC)
"The bleeding appears to have stopped...Let us cover the stitches until they can be repaired in the morning."

Despite his ideas to the contrary, Lancelot had a bad feeling that Arthur really wouldn't let him go on the patrol in the morning. And truth be told, the Sarmatian wasn't feeling like going. He knew Gawain would give him shit for it; he knew Tristan would corner him and ask him simple questions until Lancelot broke and either punched the scout or answered him.

He cursed under his breath in his native tongue as Arthur wound a strip of linen around his middle so the new padding over his stitches wouldn't come loose while he slept.

Only sleep, Lancelot.

Lancelot hated that Arthur was right, and that he had to be seen to in the morning. And he also knew that the others would wonder just what it was that Lancelot had been doing to break his stitches like that. Although - only Tristan, and perhaps Dagonet, would know the truth.

"I want you to rest now."

Lancelot sighed and shut his eyes briefly. He loathed feeling like an invalid. He couldn't think of much he hated more - perhaps stable mucking duty, or the many varied and annoying varieties of asshole Romans that meddled and picked and never left him or his brothers in peace. He nodded, however, and reached for the first thing on top of the clothing pile, which turned out to be Arthur's tunic. He slid it on, and after stopping once to touch Arthur's face gently, got back into the bed, albeit with a grumpy face and attitude that he knew wouldn't go away without a little work from the Roman currently watching him.

He crossed his arms over Arthur's big shirt. "Fuck this," he said tetchily. "Stupid damned stitches."
Cat: Arthur ~ Whisper Slowly To Mecat_o_wen on February 11th, 2008 12:59 am (UTC)
Arthur stood as Lancelot moved to retrieve an article of clothing from the pile beside the bed. And I had thought my tunics too plain and worn for his tastes. Arthur briefly smirked while stepping around the bed to re-join Lancelot on his uninjured side.

"Fuck this, stupid damned stitches."

Lancelot’s petulant disposition nearly brought on a laugh from Arthur. He knew that the other man was suffering discomfort from the broken stitches. And Arthur was certainly as disappointed by their foiled attempt at love-making as Lancelot….yet it was somehow amusing to observe Lancelot scowling about it as if his day was ruined over it. Arthur certainly had more patience here. Or so he believed. He was willing to wait despite the protest his body was currently giving him….all aching groin and throbbing cock as he reached up to casually rake a hand through his unruly hair. I can be patient… Arthur attempted to convince himself…..although his body was obviously not listening.

“Patience…you will heal in no time,” Arthur attempted to placate Lancelot while sliding beneath the thick furs. He lay down flat on his back with a groan, still aroused and in need of release as the heavy bedding pressed down on his still swollen cock. But Arthur knew that he could not risk further injury to his lover…he’d have to settle for his own sword calloused palm this time. Arthur’s left hand moved to the task while his right hand reached for Lancelot. At least I might feel the heat of his body….

“Go back to sleep, heart,” Arthur murmured while his thick fingers slid up underneath the tunic Lancelot wore and splayed out over the other man’s belly. He turned his head to look over at Lancelot and affectionately smiled in the darkness of the room.

“Perhaps a kiss before returning to sleep….” Arthur said his voice barely above a whisper and obviously filled with want. He immediately flushed at his juvenile attempt at begging for Lancelot’s affection. But as Arthur’s fingers firmly stroked at the source of his need, he bit at his bottom lip and leaned closer to his lover….mouth half open and eyes shimmering in the glow from the flames in the hearth. Arthur’s gaze dropped to Lancelot’s much adored mouth as his hand continued to lazily stroke at his own arousal.

Patience be damned.
Ash: lancelot sepia by lessysasha_b on February 11th, 2008 10:20 pm (UTC)
Lancelot smirked to himself at the sight of Arthur's still fully aroused body - even as the other man was trying to convince Lancelot to go to sleep and rest. You will heal in time. He tried to hide his smile; it would ruin the effect of his pouting.

Just as he thought, Arthur wasn't going to let himself rest - although he again attempted to tell Lancelot to go to sleep. The Sarmatian felt Arthur's hand on his belly, and the telltale motion of Arthur's other hand was certainly well known to Lancelot.

"Perhaps just a kiss before returning to sleep..." Arthur breathed into Lancelot's ear, and Lancelot raised a hand as he turned closer toward the Roman. His stitches were on his right side - luckily for him, as he suddenly needed to do something for Arthur.

Laying on his side, propped up by Arthur's body, Lancelot gently knocked the other man's hand away from his cock and took up the job himself. He bent his knee and layed his leg across Arthur's, his own swollen arousal allowed some relief and contact with the other man's thigh. Lancelot sighed and smiled down at Arthur, his eyes half masting with pleasure and mirth.

"Let me do that," he murmured, his lips brushing Arthur's as he spoke. "It's highly degrading to watch you lie next to me and touch yourself." He tightened the grip on Arthur's prick and let his nails slide languidly up the back side of it, following the path of the large vein there.

Arthur was truly insane if he thought Lancelot would sleep while Arthur was wanking himself off. Truly. He licked his lips in the darkness and allowed his gaze to lock with the Roman's; arching his hips, he pressed his own cock against Arthur's body and swallowed hard at the burn of flesh against flesh.
Cat: Arthur ~ Lost to Youcat_o_wen on February 12th, 2008 06:42 pm (UTC)
Instead of the requested kiss, Arthur received something much more…..he sucked in a breath at feeling Lancelot’s talented fingers tighten around his cock and take up the task ….Arthur’s legs fell open as he fully gave himself over to Lancelot’s ministrations.

"Let me do that…..it's highly degrading to watch you lie next to me and touch yourself."

Degrading? Arthur had only thought to allow Lancelot his rest. But the other man truly was risking the loss of a few more stitches by the way he was now touching Arthur – particularly the use of his nails on the underside of the Roman’s cock and grinding his arousal into Arthur’s thigh.

“I…only had yourrr…bessst…interests…in mind,” Arthur half groaned as Lancelot’s talented fingers unmercilessly flayed away at the Roman’s flesh. His back bowed into Lancelot’s touch and he melodiously breathed Lancelot’s name.

Thick fingers blindly sought the bone of Lancelot’s hip as Arthur’s mouth sought Lancelot’s in a frenzied kiss. Emerald eyes remained fixed on deep amber orbs as Arthur’s tongue plunged into Lancelot’s mouth. His free hand slid up Lancelot’s arm and kneaded at the other man’s bicep.

“Moorreee….” The plea that tumbled out of Arthur’s mouth barely audible as his hips attempted to match the speed of Lancelot’s movements. The urge to finish this by burying himself deep within Lancelot’s heated body was almost overwhelming now….but a tiny part of Arthur’s brain remained rationally focused: he is injured, I must be gentle for now. The hand that had been gripping Lancelot’s hip slid down between them and sought the other man’s arousal. Arthur’s fingertips teased at the tip of Lancelot’s cock, yet Arthur was far too gone to the other man’s ministrations to focus on pleasuring Lancelot. No doubt selfish, but Arthur was truly lost to Lancelot’s touch.

I will burn in Hell for all eternity for my sins of the flesh….

The muscles in Arthur’s belly tightened and he felt the familiar surge of adrenaline as his impending release began to take him…..not yet….want more… Arthur tore his mouth from Lancelot’s with a groan and pressed his head back against the mattress. He closed his eyes and focused all his senses on Lancelot’s touch, his scent…their scent…..his hand slid to Lancelot’s neck and fingers found their way into Lancelot’s wild curls….’Consume me, my heart…’ Arthur breathed.
Ash: Lancelot burn me by lessysasha_b on February 15th, 2008 02:33 am (UTC)
Lancelot wanted to laugh at Arthur's pleas for more, but he couldn't take the man's cries as anything but the erotic requests that they were. He tightened his grip on the Roman's cock and slid his hand all the way to the base, before trailing the tips of his fingers back up the front side. He knew from experience - plenty, thank you - just how sensitive that area was. He touched the tip of Arthur's arousal gently, rubbing the soft pad of his index finger over the flesh there.

He felt Arthur fumbling at his own prick, but the other man was obviously too far gone to try and pleasure Lancelot properly. The Sarmatian didn't care - he had the friction he needed and Arthur's lips on his - until Arthur moaned and ripped his mouth away from Lancelot's.

"Consume me, my heart..."

Lancelot swallowed hard over his suddenly thick throat at those words. He gazed at Arthur through half masted lids as the Roman's eyes shut and his body tensed - Lancelot could feel the clenching in Arthur's gut under his fingers. He was going to finish soon -

"I would gladly live on only you for the rest of my life," he answered, his voice a tiny whisper that he hoped Arthur would hear. Although considering the other man's state...well, he had to hope.

Lancelot pressed warm kisses to Arthur's throat and drew his tongue along Arthur's collarbone as he sped up his ministrations on Arthur's arousal. He bent his knee more and arched his hips again - pressing his cock into Arthur's thigh a few more times - he felt the shuddery, flighty nerveless jolt that arced through his stomach and legs and achieved his own release as his mouth claimed Arthur's nipple.

Not as good as before, but better than nothing.

His side hurt, but it was only a small twinge, so he wasn't worried as he slowed his bucking against the other man's familiar muscular leg.

He trailed his lips across the Roman's chest to his other nipple, and pinched at the tip of Arthur's cock -

come on, Roman. My heart. This is what you wanted, isn't it?
Cat: Arthur ~ Lost to Youcat_o_wen on February 15th, 2008 09:45 pm (UTC)
A storm was coming….proceeded by the rush of blood to his groin and a blinding light of sheer ecstasy from above….

"I would gladly live on only you for the rest of my life,"

Despite Arthur’s solitary focus being on the feel of Lancelot’s fingers as they danced over his flesh, the whispered words reached Arthur’s ears. And as Lancelot’s much adored lips trailed over his throat, Arthur smiled warmly as the weight of the words finally penetrated his lust-soaked brain. I belong to you for the rest of my own life.

Arthur felt Lancelot’s clever tongue graze over his chest. He felt the motion of Lancelot’s body suddenly and fiercely buck against his side. He moaned Lancelot’s name as the other man sweetly tortured the very tip of his prick and nipped at his chest.

His thick fingers tightened their grip on the other man’s hair as Arthur’s back arched in submission to the orgasm that suddenly slammed through his body. He shamelessly jerked his hips up into Lancelot’s hand until his physical strength was spent.

A few nonsensical sounds of complete satisfaction tumbled from Arthur’s mouth as he completely wrapped his arms around Lancelot’s body. A small groan followed as Arthur turned his head to bury his face in the damp curls of Lancelot’s hair. A thin layer of sweat covered his entire body bringing on a tremor as his skin began to cool. At this rate Lancelot would be the death of Arthur, he was certain of that fact.

His fingers brushed over the bandages wrapped around Lancelot’s midsection and Arthur was roused from his dreamlike state.

“I must discover a way to pleasure you without disturbing these stitches,” Arthur smiled as he sought to place a few gentle kisses across Lancelot’s brow. One hand slowly smoothed over the fine lines in the other man’s back; fingers lightly tracing along familiar scars until finally coming to rest at the nape of Lancelot’s neck.
Ash: lance cheeky by matasasha_b on February 16th, 2008 02:40 am (UTC)
"I must discover a way to pleasure you without disturbing these stitches."

Lancelot sighed and laughed against Arthur's neck; his spine twinged and he let loose his own groan of exhaustion. "Right now you can hold me and let me sleep...for the love of my ancestors, please." He smiled and raised up just enough to plant his mouth on Arthur's sloppily. He pulled back - but his lips still grazed the other man's.

"Your clever mouth," he whispered, and kissed Arthur again. "And your tongue," he kept on, sliding his tongue inside to touch Arthur's briefly. "I can show you a way to use them to your advantage - since you're so concerned about my pleasure."

He bit his lip and laughed, a low, rough sound that held promise of more.

"But not right now. Not until I get a few candlemarks of sleep - dream free," he said, and then frowned as he rested his head on Arthur's chest. "Come, my fine friend, close your eyes, for soon it will be morning. And although we are back at Camboglanna - which means easier access to food and softer beds - we still have our fucking duty."

A fucking duty that may change on the morrow.

Determined to not think about their journey, or Falco and his words, Lancelot shifted so his tunic fell over his softening cock, grimacing at the now cold remenants of his release that he could feel. Ah well. He'd clean up in the morning. He'd certainly been far dirtier before - and this was for a good cause.

He chuckled softly and tucked himself in as close to Arthur as he could, while still leaving his stitches alone. He dragged the fur over the other man's sweaty body, and lay his knee over Arthur's legs. "Warm you," he murmured. "As you do me."

Lancelot knew he ought to say something else, assuage Arthur's worries about his wound or that he loved him or not to fret about tomorrow. But he knew those things would fall on deaf ears; as much as he loved the other man, he knew him as well.

"Do I really have to see the medicus?" he added, the thought springing to mind. "I really think I'll be fine. You can just rebandage the stitches. Really, Arthur."

Cat: Arthur ~ Whisper Slowly To Mecat_o_wen on February 17th, 2008 05:51 pm (UTC)
Arthur sighed happily into Lancelot’s kisses and allowed his body to completely relax as the other man shifted over him.

"Your clever mouth, and your tongue, I can show you a way to use them to your advantage - since you're so concerned about my pleasure."

A small flash of embarrassment and perhaps feelings of inadequacy appeared in the depths of Arthur’s green eyes at Lancelot’s words. There is more that you need for pleasure? Of course Arthur wished to pleasure his lover and give Lancelot what he needed. The Roman had hoped his inexperience at loving another man had not left Lancelot wanting….for Arthur; their couplings had been invigorating, wondrous and liberating. He loved women for their gentle nature and delicate, soft form…but discovering what he could have with Lancelot had changed everything about intimacy with another for Arthur. Was it not enough for Lancelot?

"But not right now. Not until I get a few candlemarks of sleep - dream free…come, my fine friend, close your eyes, for soon it will be morning. And although we are back at Camboglanna - which means easier access to food and softer beds - we still have our fucking duty."

“Yesss…..duty,” Arthur half groaned while Lancelot moved to cover them both and settle again snuggly against the Roman’s side. He sighed into Lancelot’s hair and brought a hand up to toy with a stray curl at the nape of the other man’s neck. Arthur knew what he faced once the morning dawned….and he willed it to remain at bay for a little while longer…

"Do I really have to see the medicus? I really think I'll be fine. You can just rebandage the stitches. Really, Arthur."

“I will call for the medicus and have him repair your stitches here in the privacy of my quarters,” Arthur responded firmly despite his voice not sounding much above a whisper. “I will spare you the visit to the Valetudinarium in compromise, my heart,” He continued while licking at a stray loop of Lancelot’s hair that had stuck to his bottom lip.

“Sleep now….before I re-consider letting you alone for the remainder of the night,” Arthur teased to mask his concern for Lancelot’s wound. He breathed a deep sigh and attempted to drift off into sleep once more himself; both arms remained possessively wound around Lancelot as Arthur’s eyes closed again. I should have been gentler with him….forgive me for my selfishness…
Ash: lancelot last one standingsasha_b on February 18th, 2008 11:15 pm (UTC)
“I will call for the medicus and have him repair your stitches here in the privacy of my quarters. I will spare you the visit to the Valetudinarium in compromise, my heart."

Lancelot nuzzled into Arthur's grasp, the effort at moving making him realize just how tired he really was. His and Arthur's love affair would be the death of him, he was certain. He laughed into Arthur's neck and enjoyed the feel of the other man's arms around his body.

"You'd have to carry me to the Valetudinarium if you'd wanted me to go there," Lancelot murmured cheekily. "No way in your Hell." He faked a shudder - although he really, really hated Roman doctors. He had to hope Arthur's suggested medicus wouldn't be a quack like the rest of them. They didn't particularly care for the Sarmatian "dogs."

"Sleep now...before I reconsider letting you alone for the remainder of the night."

Another bright laugh from Lancelot. "I have a dagger hidden within my clothing. Try it - I'm interested to see how many new scars I can give you."

He raised up and stared at Arthur's face briefly. "Then I can care for you - alone. In your quarters, holed up with no distractions or interruptions."

He smiled angelically, and lay back down on Arthur's shoulder.

"Good night, Arthur," he said sleepily. "I love you." The words in the Sarmatian dialect sounded musical and low.

Tomorrow is still candlemarks away. I can pretend -

for a while, at least.