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19 February 2008 @ 04:46 pm
Morning comes..........  
"I have a dagger hidden within my clothing. Try it - I'm interested to see how many new scars I can give you. Then I can care for you - alone. In your quarters, holed up with no distractions or interruptions."
Arthur genuinely laughed at Lancelot’s so called ‘threat’; the corners of his eyes crinkling in amusement at their lighthearted bantering.
“I shall remember to relieve you of any hidden  weapons before bed in the future then,” He teased while lightly pinching at Lancelot’s uninjured side. Arthur then yawned as the other man settled again. And as Lancelot spoke of his love for Arthur in his native tongue, the Roman reciprocated the sentiment softly in its Latin counterpart.
And within moments, both men were once again asleep. Arthur drifting off to the feel of Lancelot’s warm breath on his shoulder and the steady rhythm of Lancelot’s pulse beneath his touch.

*    *    *    *    *    *
A smoke-filled sky above…the air foul with the smell of death….a prayer for the rains to come and cleanse the land…so much blood….so much loss…..Excalibur: sword of my father’s….metal made of this Earth…..burn me and cast my ashes to a strong East wind…cold and broken…..
Arthur’s eyes flew open as he suddenly awoke with a brief fit of coughing to regain his breath. Lancelot was still half on top of his chest and began to stir as Arthur had to pull out from beneath the other man’s sleeping form.
“Jesu…..” Arthur croaked as he sat up and scrubbed at his face with both hands. Through the open window, barely a hint of light shown as morning slowly approached. The rain had stopped during the night, yet the cold remained.
Arthur released a groan while rubbing a hand over the back of his neck and then turned his attention to the fire in the hearth had all but died out in the night. That certainly explained the chill in the air as goose bumps quickly decorated Arthur’s exposed skin.
It had been nothing more than a terrible dream.  Arthur thought to himself as he looked down on Lancelot’s sleepy expression; the other man quite obviously still alive at his side. His hand immediately went to touch at the springy curls decorating Lancelot’s brow.
I cannot lose him now.
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Ash: arthur lance sky by matasasha_b on February 21st, 2008 02:46 am (UTC)
Lancelot was in the middle of some strange but pleasant dream - something to do with Arthur, a bath and a very large tankard of ale - when a coughing noise woke him.


"Hrm?" he queried sleepily, shifting on top of the warm man underneath him. He felt Arthur's fingers on his brow, and smiled without opening his eyes.

"It's fucking cold in here, my heart," he murmured, trying to bury himself in Arthur's embrace. "Unless you wish me to stay in your bed the whole day, can you make it livable in here?"

He pressed his lips to whatever part of Arthur's skin he could reach, which ended up being the edge of the other man's collarbone. "You're chilly as well, hm?" he said, a yawn splitting his face. At last he opened his eyes, and cocked his head tiredly in order to get a good look at the Roman he currently was using as a pillow.

And was disturbed by the slightly dark expression on the other man's face. He raised a hand and gently ran his finger over the stubble on Arthur's jaw. "Morning," he said, his full mouth curving gracefully into a tiny smile - the one he only ever let Arthur see. "To what do we owe that ominous look?"

He grunted and lowered his hand to touch the bandage that still covered his stitched side. It hurt, but not as bad as it had when he'd broken the stitch a few hours previous. Yawning again, he gazed at Arthur through lowered lids, and allowed his fingers to dance slowly over the other man's arm. He could feel the goose bumps, and rubbed at Arthur's skin, trying to warm him. He lifted Arthur's fingers in his, and brushed his lips lightly over the tips. "We are alright," he whispered.

But alright about what, he wasn't certain. The morning held many challenges - and Lancelot wasn't sure he was ready to face them without Arthur by his side.

It would take not a small amount of courage on his part to adjust to life the way it was now - now that he had this. Had love. Had Arthur. Lancelot bit his lower lip, and kissed Arthur's fingers again, waiting - hoping - that the other man would tell him the truth behind the look on his face.

But then again, Arthur had always tried to spare Lancelot from things he thought would "hurt" the Sarmatian - his own emotions sometimes being one of those things. But...their lives were different now. They would be honest with one another.

Lancelot hoped - or come to think of it - was that the best thing? He sighed and shut his eyes, resting his cheek on Arthur's hand.
Cat: Arthur ~ Love the Scarscat_o_wen on February 21st, 2008 08:31 pm (UTC)
"It's fucking cold in here, my heart. Unless you wish me to stay in your bed the whole day, can you make it livable in here?"

Arthur, resting on his elbow, continued to use his fingertips to trace over the angular lines in Lancelot’s features as the other man attempted to crawl beneath Arthur’s skin. The image of remaining in bed for the day…with Lancelot…almost managed to erase the darker expression on Arthur’s face. But he knew that neither of them could afford such a luxury…duty called.

"You're chilly as well.. …To what do we owe that ominous look?"

Arthur attempted a small smile which became genuine at feeling Lancelot’s lips press against the tips of his fingers. No doubt the remnants of his foreboding dream still shown on his expression….but it had only been a dream and nothing Arthur should concern himself with now. God would surely not be so cruel….

"We are alright,"

“UhHummm…” Arthur breathed in agreement and then bent to press his mouth to Lancelot’s brow. “Keep beneath the firs,” Arthur murmured while brushing his stubbled chin against the side of Lancelot’s head despite the other man’s curls readily tangling in his beard. “And I shall stoke the fire,” He promised and slowly detached himself from Lancelot’s body. Arthur then slid out of the warm bed and padded across the stone floor to the hearth. He had flames sprouting up again in the fireplace in no time and returned to bed and to Lancelot.

“It is early yet…if you wish to sleep a little longer,” Arthur suggested as he slid beneath the heavy firs and rejoined Lancelot. Yet instead of stretching out at the other man’s side, Arthur sat with his back against the wall while wrapping an arm around Lancelot’s shoulders. The Roman was fully awake now and the images of his nightmare still seemed to dominate his thoughts. That and concern for Lancelot’s stitches…..Arthur lifted his free hand to toy with the other man’s springy curls while attempting to clear his mind of the dark visions from his dreams. He had not intended to ignore Lancelot's inquiry about the rather gloomy expression in his eyes. But Arthur preferred to shield Lancelot from such dark and –please God - unrealistic images.

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Ash: Lancelot burn me by lessysasha_b on February 23rd, 2008 02:06 am (UTC)
"It is early yet…if you wish to sleep a little longer."

Lancelot propped himself up on his elbow and shivered pleasantly from the fresh heat that had begun to radiate from the brazier. He cocked an amused eyebrow at Arthur, who was leaning against the wall and looking pensive, even if he was still holding onto Lancelot. Lancelot considered that a very smart move on the Roman's part.

"Not if I have you here, alone, for a few moments," he purred, and slid up so he was leaning against Arthur's chest. He stretched his arms and yawned - and then yelped when he pulled his damn forgotten stitches.

Lowering his hand, he sighed and pressed on the makeshift bandage Arthur had wrapped around him in the middle of the night. He waited a moment, but did not feel any blood seeping from the wound, or any more pain. He met Arthur's concerned eyes and laughed.

"That's what I get for trying to be seductive." He raised the hand that had been covering his side and touched Arthur's face. "You cannot foist that forboding look off on the wall, commander, despite your obvious attempt to stare a hole in the brick," he added quietly, and then leaned forward enough to brush his lips lightly over Arthur's. He lay his temple on the edge of Arthur's shoulder, and shut his eyes, enjoying the feel of the other man's arm about his back.

A soldier feels no pain, no sorrow, no joy.

No love.

Lancelot knew the only way they could show any affection beyond their normal friendship was here - or in Lancelot's quarters - or any place they could be alone. He would forever consider himself a woman for being so besotted with Arthur, but...his mother had told him many times to never downplay love.

No matter what form it was offered in.

"Tell me," he requested, his fingers still roving lightly over Arthur's face.
Cat: Arthur ~ Martyr (not for sharing)cat_o_wen on February 23rd, 2008 09:13 pm (UTC)
Although he continued to stare at some nondescript spot on the far wall, Arthur readily welcomed Lancelot into his embrace as the other man sat up to press against his chest. And had the troublesome dream not been in the forefront of Arthur’s mind, Lancelot’s charms would certainly have had the Roman wanting him again the moment their lips met. But it was not to be as Lancelot made a small pained sound that drew Arthur’s concern rather than his want as their eyes met.

"That's what I get for trying to be seductive."

“You have no need to try, heart,” Arthur murmured an assurance as Lancelot gently touched his face. The other man could seduce Arthur with a single look, one touch or even the simple act of entering the room the Roman occupied…so besotted with Lancelot was Arthur. Yet the dark images from his dream persisted….It was My life to be taken….not this…never this…

"You cannot foist that foreboding look off on the wall, commander, despite your obvious attempt to stare a hole in the brick,"

Lancelot’s gentle kiss was of some comfort and hope, but Arthur still could not shake the vision from his dark dream. His fingers lifted to touch Lancelot’s face; the palm of his hand easily covering the whole of Lancelot’s cheek as Arthur rested his chin on the crown of the other man’s head.

"Tell me,"

Apparently, Lancelot had no intention of letting Arthur brood in silence. Am I truly that transparent to him? Arthur exhaled and closed his eyes as he fought with himself over whether to disclose his vision or not. The two men had precious little time alone together…..a precious few hours to ‘love’ without the weight of duty or Rome or faith pressing in on them. How could Arthur darken it with talk of pain and death? Yet he had vowed to keep no secrets from Lancelot and the other man was already keen to the fact that ‘something’ was troubling Arthur. He placed a kiss into Lancelot’s wild curls and slid his hand to the nape of the other man’s neck.

“Have you ever dreamt of pain and death?” Arthur answered at last; leaving the choice to Lancelot if the other man wished to discuss the matter. Although Arthur would prefer that Lancelot simply attempted to seduce him in answer; as that would be a far more pleasurable thing to do before morning was fully upon them again. And Arthur wished to block out the nightmare…..he tightened his hold on Lancelot and allowed his gaze to drift to the bright flames in the hearth and silently cursed himself for answering at all.
Ash: a/l torn by lessysasha_b on February 26th, 2008 02:33 am (UTC)
"Have you ever dreamt of pain and death?”

Lancelot's closed eyes opened again, although instead of looking at Arthur, he joined the other man in staring at the wall.

Arthur? Where are you - I am here. I am here, Arthur. See me. See only me! Arthur! ...Arthur?

Lancelot wet his dry lips and tightened the loose grip he had on Arthur's middle, his long fingers splaying out over the Roman's side. He shifted and ignored the twinge from his stitches - and the sudden strange echo of pain near his heart.

"Aye, heart. As often as I remember my dreams, which isn't that frequently," he answered at last. And felt awful, for that was a bald faced lie. Lancelot remembered all of his dreams - maybe not the exact content, but he damn well remembered the feelings they produced.

He just couldn't share all of that with Arthur. Not and keep their relationship the way it was - and gods, but it was too new, and Lancelot couldn't stand the thought of ruining it so quickly.

Not when it would happen later - of its own accord, when Arthur's faith and his idealism took the commander from Lancelot. He was sure of it; but he'd do everything in his power to keep it from happening soon.

Even if it meant not telling Arthur the whole truth.

He leaned the point of his chin on Arthur's shoulder and contemplated the other man's jaw. "We live such dark lives, Arthur. You shouldn't feel only pain in your time of rest - but I understand the reasons behind it." He kissed the other man's skin, and sighed. "If it helps - I wish for you to tell me. I cannot stop them...but perhaps I can help."

He laughed quietly, and slid his fingers over Arthur's belly. "In any way you'd like." He smiled, that quick flash of true humor and love that only Arthur got to see.

Mithras help him - he has enough to deal with. This can only make things worse.
Cat: Arthur ~ Return To Mecat_o_wen on February 26th, 2008 09:02 pm (UTC)
"Aye, heart. As often as I remember my dreams, which isn't that frequently,"

Arthur felt Lancelot’s grip tighten around his waist and found himself comforted by the other man’s affections. And if Lancelot also had troubling dreams…what did that say about them both? And then Arthur quickly cursed himself for even allowing something as intangible as a dream to affect him so. Yet, troubled emerald eyes continued to focus on the stone wall opposite the bed. Surely his faith would protect him…protect them both. Arthur had to believe that.

"We live such dark lives, Arthur. You shouldn't feel only pain in your time of rest - but I understand the reasons behind it. If it helps - I wish for you to tell me. I cannot stop them...but perhaps I can help…. In any way you'd like."

A small smile formed on Arthur’s expression breaking through his reverie at feeling Lancelot’s mouth press to his jaw and hearing Lancelot’s thinly veiled insinuation. Arthur reached for the other man’s hand as Lancelot’s talented fingers danced over the Roman’s stomach. He turned his head to meet Lancelot’s gaze; their noses bumping as Arthur brushed his lips over Lancelot’s mouth.

“I do not feel pain….only joy with you near,” Arthur whispered and then kissed Lancelot tenderly while threading their fingers together over his abdomen. “If you wish to help…I wish you to…make me forget them….” Arthur continued in between gentle nips at Lancelot’s bottom lip.

“…I need to feel alive…with you…” Arthur whispered with a hint of the emotions that still lingered from those nightmarish dreams that had conjured up so much pain inside of him.

Accept what is real and what is tangible here and now. Arthur attempted to focus on only Lancelot….only feel Lancelot’s touch and only see Lancelot’s love and affection as the other man allowed another kiss. Arthur’s tongue slowly traced along the seams of Lancelot’s mouth which coaxed a soft moan from Arthur’s throat. He is very much alive…and very much mine….for as long as God will allow me this very forbidden fruit…
Ash: lancelot brat by lessysasha_b on February 27th, 2008 03:28 am (UTC)
I do not feel pain….only joy with you near. If you wish to help…I wish you to…make me forget them….

…I need to feel alive…with you…”

Lancelot smiled broadly, but there was a hint of sorrow in his dark eyes at Arthur's melancholy comment.

"No sadness here," he whispered when the other man licked at his lips. A tiny sound of contentment rumbled Lancelot's chest; he squeezed their joined hands and allowed Arthur's tongue entrance to his mouth gladly.

"I will do what I can," he whispered, his teeth flashing in the gloom of the warm room, "but for now, I think this is all I have the strength for."

He pressed his mouth to Arthur's again, inhaling deeply the scent of the two of them as one person. One emotion, one heart, one body.

The Gods willing, Lancelot would have this for as long as he remained on this earth...but immortal beings sometimes had a funny way of playing tricks on the little lives they watched over.

Closing his eyes as he kissed the other man, Lancelot did something he hadn't done since he'd left his home.

He sent a fleeting plea to the gods of his ancestors, asking for time. For time, and for the joy he felt right at this moment to continue as long as it could. He knew he'd never feel anything of its like again once it ended.

"Arthur," he murmured as the other man nipped at his skin. Lancelot broke apart their handhold and rubbed his fingers over the Roman's warm arm. "As much as I hate to break this up - ah! I need to get the fucking medicus in here. So this," he pointed at his side, "can be taken care of before I grow tired enough of it to rip them out myself."

He kissed the point of Arthur's nose and slid his hand into the sleep mussed black curls that decorated Arthur's head. "Only you - I repeat, only you, could turn me into such a fucking barmaid. Honestly." He laughed quietly, and cupped Arthur's face.

"My own."

His tone brooked no argument.
Cat: Arthur ~ Whisper Slowly To Mecat_o_wen on February 27th, 2008 10:17 pm (UTC)
Lancelot proceeded to return Arthur’s kiss with such fervor that the Roman momentarily forgot about the other man’s injury. In fact, Arthur forgot everything else in this world save the taste and feel of Lancelot. Nothing short of a miracle as no one person or no one thing had ever held such sway over Arthur before now.

"Arthur, as much as I hate to break this up - I need to get the fucking medicus in here. So this can be taken care of before I grow tired enough of it to rip them out myself."

Arthur groaned in complaint as he buried his face in Lancelot’s neck. Arthur had promised to send for the medicus at first light…and morning had arrived and Lancelot’s stitches were in need of repair thanks to Arthur’s voracious want for the Sarmatian. He placed a kiss just below the other man’s earlobe and pulled back to regard Lancelot with an apology on the tip of his tongue when the other man promptly kissed the tip of his nose. Arthur smiled in response and gently squeezed at Lancelot’s uninjured side.

"Only you - I repeat, only you, could turn me into such a fucking barmaid. Honestly…..My own."

“You, my heart, are most assuredly no barmaid,” Arthur teased with a small chuckle before kissing Lancelot’s swollen lips again…although this time with some restraint in consideration of the other man’s condition. He then pressed his forehead to Lancelot’s and sighed.

“And only you have the power to completely distract me from the world around us. I fear that I have no control where you are concerned, my heart,” Arthur confessed while pulling back enough to look into Lancelot’s dark eyes. He lifted a hand to brush at the curls that looped around the other man’s ear as he contemplated the depth of that last statement. Arthur prided himself on his ability to control his environment and his emotions. But giving his heart to Lancelot meant letting go of that control….was he truly ready?

“We should dress. Then I will send for the medicus, hm?” Arthur suggested while loosening his grip on Lancelot. He glanced towards the open window and frowned at noting the rather dreary shade of the light filtering into the room. Rain was most likely coming again…..

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Ash: arthur lance last night by matasasha_b on February 29th, 2008 03:50 am (UTC)
You, my heart, are most assuredly no barmaid...And only you have the power to completely distract me from the world around us. I fear that I have no control where you are concerned, my heart."

Lancelot laughed softly as Arthur rested his forehead against the Sarmatian's. "Ah, well," he murmured. "I am glad to be good for something. You with no control is something I'd like to see more of... and not just while fucking." He smiled quickly, and rested his head on Arthur's shoulder - again. He seemed to like that spot - it was hollowed in just the right place and it was close enough to Arthur's neck that Lancelot could get a good whiff of the other man's scent and could reach out to kiss that warm skin if he wanted to.

"We should dress. Then I will send for the medicus, hm?"

Following Arthur's gaze, Lancelot groaned when he got a look at the dreary sky. "And fuck," he sighed. "I'm so sick of this damned country and it's damned stupid horrid, depression-inducing weather." He nosed at Arthur's neck, but then sat fully upright. "I guess," he agreed to the Roman's statement with a frown. "If I truly have to see the man." He crossed his arms and slightly pouted, hoping his silly look would get him at least one more kiss before they had to get out of Arthur's warm bed and face reality.

"Arthur," Lancelot said quietly. "I couldn't give a rat's arse about my reputation. But...sooner or later, we're going to have to figure out a way to do this," he gestured at the bed and the mussed blankets, "without too many people finding us here first thing in the morning."

He rubbed at his swollen lips, his eyes half masting as he thought back on Arthur's mouth and just what the man could do with it. "We have to come up with something, my own."
Cat: Arthur ~ Whisper Slowly To Mecat_o_wen on February 29th, 2008 11:48 pm (UTC)
Arthur groaned in agreement as Lancelot grumbled about the weather; his one hand gently rubbing nondescript shapes across the other man’s back in console.

"……I guess, if I truly have to see the man."

“Yes, you do,” Arthur mock ordered while Lancelot pulled out of his embrace and sat up. The Roman then yawned and scrubbed at his stubbled face; the itchy coarse hairs already beginning to drive Arthur mad this morning. He’d send for the medicus, food to break their fast, and then shave while they awaited the arrival of both. Yet, one glance over at Lancelot with his sleep tousled hair and his petulant pouting…a grin threatened at the corner of Arthur’s mouth.

"Arthur, I couldn't give a rat's arse about my reputation. But...sooner or later, we're going to have to figure out a way to do this without too many people finding us here first thing in the morning. We have to come up with something, my own."

The flicker of want in those deep green eyes of Arthur’s was still there….but Lancelot brought up a somber subject that threatened to diminish it. The discovery of ‘them’ by others.

“It is not your reputation that I fear becoming damaged,” Arthur finally answered with a concerned expression, brows drawing together as he imagined the punishment Lancelot would suffer if Arthur’s superiors should learn of their relationship.

“Jols, out of some miracle, manages to divert most interruptions that would rouse us during our sleeping hours,” Arthur reasoned aloud while reaching up to scratch at the back of his head for a moment. Their intimate relationship would always be in danger of discovery by those who should never learn of it. And Arthur had been grappling with guilt over risking Lancelot’s life in order to have this love since the very moment they had first touched in the baths. But thus far, the risk had been more than worth it. He loved Lancelot and could not fathom losing what they now shared together….even at the risk of his own eternal damnation.

“I am afraid that I am ill-equipped at things such as this….what do you propose?” Arthur finally answered a bit sheepishly. He had never thought on forbidding anyone to enter his private chambers before Lancelot had begun sharing his bed. But precautions must be made to ensure Lancelot’s safety from prosecution. Arthur leaned forward and pressed a kiss to the other man’s throat.

“Have a lock constructed on the door latch?” Arthur continued while nuzzling at Lancelot’s neck.
Ash: arthur lance sky by matasasha_b on March 2nd, 2008 02:29 am (UTC)
"Jols, out of some miracle, manages to divert most interruptions that would rouse us during our sleeping hours. Have a lock constructed on the door latch?”

Lancelot tilted his head back, and slowly raised his hands to Arthur's back, where he rested them against the Roman's bare skin. He shivered and his skin goose-pimpled slightly at touch of Arthur's warm lips on his throat.

"You have a good way of distracting, hm?" he murmured, his voice low in the quiet of the early morning room. The fire still crackled, and Lancelot was loathe to move - especially if it meant seeing the damned medicus.

He sighed, and shoved at Arthur's broad shoulders. "If you do not get off me, I will choose not to see the doctor, and then where will you be?" Lancelot cracked a small smile, but moved one of his hands to touch the wound that lay under his borrowed tunic.

He sat back up and raised his knees, crooking them under Arthur's overly large shirt. "I don't have a better answer for you, Arthur." He scrubbed his hands over his face and hair, and blew out a large breath, grimmacing once when his stitches reminded him of their presence. "Perhaps I shouldn't stay here so often..."

He lay his cheek on his arms and contemplated the idea of waking every morning, alone in a small, cold room, when he had this just down the hall.

But - if they were found - he could swing from a rope the very same day of the discovery.

And Arthur would loose his command, which would be worse than death for the Roman. And Lancelot would be damned if he allowed that to happen.

Trouble was, he didn't know how to keep it from happening.

He turned dark, liquid brown eyes on Arthur, and rolled his lips inward. He shook his head. "I am sorry, Arthur. I just ... "

I don't know what to do, my heart.

That was the worst thing in the world for the Sarmatian, and his hands curled unconsciously into fists as he tried to think of a solution to their complicated "problem."

But...since when was love a problem?

Since Lancelot had chosen to love a Roman - not only that, but his own commander. Lancelot's mother would be sorely ashamed of his stupidity...but she'd also told him to not ignore any great love that happened upon him.

He cursed softly in his native tongue, and looked to the window, where the sun was beginning to rise.
Cat: Arthur and Lancelot ~ Devotioncat_o_wen on March 2nd, 2008 06:29 pm (UTC)
"If you do not get off me, I will choose not to see the doctor, and then where will you be?"

“You will allow the medicus to examine your stitches,” Arthur answered in a tone that brooked no argument despite the warm smile on his lips. But Lancelot was right about one thing, the Roman needed to curb his want before he could not stop. Arthur sighed as he too sat up and scrubbed at his unruly hair. He’d get dressed and send for the physician before Jols or anyone else appeared at his door this morning with the reminder of duties and schedules….

"I don't have a better answer for you, Arthur. Perhaps I shouldn't stay here so often..."

Arthur had made to slide out of the bed until hearing the latter part of Lancelot’s words. Not stay here? Ouch. For Arthur, that was simply not an option…nor was spending every night in Lancelot’s tiny uncomfortable bed.

"I am sorry, Arthur. I just ... "

“Lancelot,” Arthur murmured the other man’s name in gentle reproach as he reached over to touch Lancelot’s cheek with a single fingertip. What exactly was happening here? Typically it would be ‘Arthur’ to brood and worry until his knees were sore from use on the hard chapel floor. Lancelot typically gave no care to the consequences of his actions….thus Arthur was certain the other man truly valued what they had together.

“We shall be cautious and discreet,” Arthur said before leaning over to place an almost chaste kiss on Lancelot’s lips. He then smiled at his lover and briefly stroked at the other man’s dark curls before pulling away at last.

“I want you with me, heart,” Arthur stated plainly while stepping around the large bed to reach the tall chest containing his clothing. He retrieved a clean pair of black leather trousers and matching black tunic which he laid across a chair for later use. Arthur pulled on the trousers and then while still lacing up the front, padded over to the door and stuck his head out to catch a page boy. He gave instructions for the medicus to come (with supplies for stitching) and for a morning meal to be delivered to his quarters and then sent the young lad on his way. And with the door clicked shut again, Arthur crossed the room and added a few more pieces of wood to the fire.
Ash: lancelot in darknesssasha_b on March 3rd, 2008 11:59 pm (UTC)
“We shall be cautious and discreet."

Lancelot's eyes slid shut briefly as Arthur lightly kissed him, Arthur's hand in his hair making him feel satiated and sleepy. And gods knew Lancelot would try to be "cautious and discreet." But - he knew himself, and he knew that sooner or later, people would find out about his and Arthur's relationship.

And then he'd swing, and Arthur would be disgraced.

Lancelot watched with narrowed, tired eyes as the Roman dressed and summoned breakfast and the damned medicus. The Sarmatian got up as well, slowly, and took off Arthur's tunic, wincing once at the pulling on his side. He slid on his own beloved soft deerskin trousers and tunic, leaving his vest off as he didn't want to have to put it back on when the doctor was just going to make him remove it.

He looked at his boots; he really didn't want to put them on, but he needed to give the illusion of normalcy. Unfortunately.

Sighing, he bent, grunting, and jerked on his footwear before the pisshead doctor got to Arthur's quarters and saw that Lancelot was too casual in the "commander's" rooms.

"I want you with me, heart."

Lancelot pursed his lips, and sat stiffy in one of Arthur's chairs, but only after drawing the curtain around Arthur's bed - gods forfend someone saw the rumpled mess they'd left.

He really hoped the medicus would fix this wound, and fast, for he was tired of not being able to relax his body like he normally could.

"I want to be here, as well, Arthur," Lancelot said quietly. He laughed, but it wasn't a nice sound. "I will try my best to make that our reality."
Cat: Arthur ~ Love the Scarscat_o_wen on March 4th, 2008 11:47 pm (UTC)
"I want to be here, as well, Arthur, I will try my best to make that our reality."

Arthur stood from tending the hearth raking a hand through his unruly hair and cut his eyes at Lancelot were the other man sat in a chair. The Sarmatian had managed to fully dress while the Commander had been busy with the page boy. Perhaps Arthur, too, should finish dressing. For appearances sake. But the Commander wished to do two things before pulling on his tunic and boots.

“It is our reality,” Arthur corrected and padded over to the chair in which Lancelot now reclined. “And you will fully cooperate with the medicus; I want you healed from this wound before I go mad…” Arthur placed a hand on either side of Lancelot, bracing his own weight on the arms of the chair and leaned down to further press his point….by brazenly kissing the other man while they still had a few moments of time alone together.

Arthur finally released Lancelot’s mouth, albeit with a groan, and moved out of the other man’s reach before things could escalate and they risked discovery. He crossed the room to his wash stand and filled the bowl with enough water for a proper shave. Meticulously, Arthur retrieved his sharpest blade, shaving unguent and a clean cloth and then began by splashing his face with a handful of water. The Roman had nearly completed the task when a firm knock came to the door.

“Come,” Arthur called out while using a clean strip of cloth to dry his freshly shaven face. And as the door swung open, it gave entrance to the medicus. The Commander stepped towards the door to greet the tall Roman as the other man's gaze immediately began to search Arthur’s body for the wound that required his skills to mend.

“Thank you for coming and I trust I have not inconvenienced you at this early hour?” Arthur offered his free hand; the other still occupied with the task of wiping away the remnants of his shaving unguent.
Ash: lance cheeky by matasasha_b on March 6th, 2008 02:03 am (UTC)
It is our reality. And you will fully cooperate with the medicus; I want you healed from this wound before I go mad…”

Lancelot smirked and wound a hand into Arthur's hair as the other man kissed him; far from chaste this time. He would have pulled the Roman down to him, but Arthur extracted himself from Lancelot's grip and moved to his wash stand. Lancelot's smile broadened as Arthur methodically rasped at his face with the blade - eyes not daring to look anywhere other than at his own reflection.

"Gods forfend you cut yourself while looking at me," Lancelot murmured, his voice low and teasing. Before he could add to his comments, however, the damned Medicus arrived and Arthur, despite all Lancelot's pleading, let the Roman doctor in.

"Thank you for coming and I trust I have not inconvenienced you at this early hour?"

The doctor was still looking over the commander's bare chest and sides, and frowned when he didn't notice any obvious wounds. "My lord Arthur, you never inconvenience me. And ... forgive me, but I do not see anything wrong with you."

Lancelot's eyebrow cocked and he sighed as the medicus completely and utterly ignored him, the actual patient. Not that the man could see Lancelot's stitches - but considering there was nothing overtly wrong with Arthur, one would think the doctor would check with the other person in the room.

Well, bully for him. Perhaps he could convince the man to leave without poking and prodding at him.

"No, my fine friend, nothing is wrong with our commander this morning. Confoundingly enough, I'm not sure we really need you for anything," Lancelot said, bright, innocent tone in his words and demeanor. He rose and walked as fluidly as he could to the two men, intending to push the Medicus out the door.

"I'm sure Arthur's calling for you must be a mis- FUCK!"

Lancelot's old boot had caught the edge of the Roman's washing table, and as he dove for the half full water bowl, his side pulled - and it felt like fire was burning his flesh from his bones.

He ended up on his knees, water bowl intact in his hands. Lancelot was nothing if not graceful - but his face pinched and he let a stream of curse words pour from his lips as his side twinged painfully. He didn't feel any blood seeping through the bandage Arthur had put on it - but by the gods, did it hurt.

He snorted, and looked up at the two men from where he knelt. "I guess I won't get out of this, hrm, commander?"
Cat: Arthur ~ Insidecat_o_wen on March 6th, 2008 09:30 pm (UTC)
Arthur had cut his eyes at his lieutenant in warning when Lancelot dared suggest the medicus was not needed. But before the Commander could verbally correct him, Lancelot appeared to collide with the washstand….and yet somehow gracefully save Arthur’s water bowl from crashing to the floor.

"I guess I won't get out of this, hrm, commander?"

“Certainly not, lieutenant….” Arthur quipped while retrieving the spared water bowl from Lancelot’s hands and placing it back on the washstand. And while out of the medicus’ line of sight, gave Lancelot a look of concern…the pain obvious in the knight’s expression as their eyes briefly met. And guilt instantly brought on a knot in Arthur’s gut.

This is your patient this morning,” Arthur turned back to the medicus and tilted his head indicating Lancelot. “My second in command has a few broken stitches in need of repair,” Arthur explained while extending a hand to Lancelot and helping the Sarmatian to his feet. Before the Roman stepped away, his hand discreetly slid to the small of Lancelot’s back as if to gently urge the other man forward into the medicus’ care.

“Please….make use of the table,” Arthur gestured towards the large wooden table thinking it made the most sense as the bed was in utter disarray and might raise the suspicions of the medicus. We will be cautious and discreet.

Arthur then retrieved the black thinly woven tunic he’d laid out on the chair earlier and pulled the garment on over his head. He meticulously tucked the ends of the tunic into his trousers an raked a hand through his hair in an attempt to smooth out his unruly curls. The shave had helped refresh him this morning, but tonight Arthur would make time for a proper bath. He returned his attentions to the medicus and Lancelot; carefully regarding the Sarmatian’s expression and body language as he awaited the medicus to begin his work. Arthur would not allow Lancelot to avoid this…..
Ash: Lancelot rarrrrr by matasasha_b on March 8th, 2008 03:10 am (UTC)
The doctor's eyebrows rose in surprise when the commander indicated that it was the conscripted lieutenant that needed help, but nevertheless motioned to Lancelot to sit on the table.

"I thought I closed these a few days ago, knight," he said as Lancelot, grumbling, got up on the table and hiked his tunic up. The doctor shook his head but set his bag down, retrieving the supplies he'd need.

"Not to worry, commander. Your knight here was lucky this time," he kept talking as he was working. Lancelot, on the other hand, was making pained faces and trying not to curse aloud, although he didn't quite succeed. He stuck to Sarmatian, though, so as not to let on what he was saying.

He had a feeling, though, that Arthur would understand the gist.

"There," the Medicus snipped the last of the thread, and cleaned up the little blood there was before applying more salve and rebandaging the wound. "Better than new. Although, Lord Arthur, I'd suggest keeping an eye on this one. Don't give him any watch assignments for the next...four days. After that, he should be safe."

"Four days??!"

Lancelot's face was a study in misery. "Now, see here, Doctor, I can't keep abed for that long - I have a job to do - Arthur, tell him I must do my duty!"

The knight realized he was clutching at dreams, but he had to try. Four whole days??? He'd go crazy before then.

And Arthur wouldn't touch him while he was recouperating, he knew that for sure. Sighing, Lancelot tugged his tunic back down and leapt off the table, grunting once when he landed. He turned all the way around for the benefit of the other men, and raised his arms. "See? I'm mobile. I swear it. Good as new. I promise I'll be careful."

When the Medicus bent to pack up his supplies, Lancelot made a wide eyed, pleading face at Arthur, his long lashes trembling with the force of his expression.

Not that it would do any good - but - four days without riding? Without being able to patrol with the others, without being able to pull his own weight? Without Arthur touching him, as Lancelot knew the other man wouldn't?

What a nightmare.
Cat: Arthur ~ Love the Scarscat_o_wen on March 8th, 2008 04:24 pm (UTC)
While the Medicus performed the needed work, Arthur located his boots and toed them on to finish the task of dressing and distract himself from scrutinizing his physician’s work on his lover. He would need to proceed on to his office once their morning meal had been consumed. The Commander would write to his superior in regards to Falco’s idle threats on the supply carts and no doubt a stack of correspondences that had arrived in his short absence awaited Arthur as well.

"Better than new. Although, Lord Arthur, I'd suggest keeping an eye on this one. Don't give him any watch assignments for the next...four days. After that, he should be safe."

“I intend to…” Arthur responded in acknowledgement to the Medicus’ advice, but was quickly cut off by a protesting Lancelot…

"Four days??! Now, see here, Doctor, I can't keep abed for that long - I have a job to do - Arthur, tell him I must do my duty!"

Arthur ignored Lancelot’s protests for now and certainly while the Medicus was still with them. The Commander had every intention of seeing to it that Lancelot would remain inactive for the recommended four days….no matter how difficult that may be for us both.

“You have my gratitude,” Arthur offered with a firm nod while cordially indicating his dismissal of the Medicus.

"See? I'm mobile. I swear it. Good as new. I promise I'll be careful."

Arthur met Lancelot’s pleading gaze with an unyielding expression to silence him. Although he was certain the other man would continue to press his point once they were alone again. And Lancelot certainly knew how to work Arthur…especially now.

“Good day, Lord Arthur. Do not hesitate to send for me should you need anything further,” The Medicus spoke without so much as a glance at his ‘patient’ while turning towards the door. He gave a slight bow to the Commander and opened the door to leave only to nearly collide with a young serving girl delivering a tray full of food.

Arthur motioned for the food to be placed on the table and quietly thanked the young lady. His gaze lingered on her back until she exited the room leaving the two men alone again at last. The scent of the warm bread and spiced cider evoked a rumble from Arthur’s famished stomach. He petted at it and turned to examine the delivered meal…waiting for the tactic Lancelot would employ in an attempt to remain on the patrol roster….
Ash: arthur lance last night by matasasha_b on March 10th, 2008 12:59 am (UTC)
Lancelot rested his hands on his hips; his side pinched and burned, but it gradually cooled off from the salve the doctor had applied. He lifted his tunic and looked at the wound - not like he could see much, as it was covered by nice, tight, clean bandages - and dropping the shirt, sighed.

He stayed quiet as the serving girl came and left, and watched Arthur as the other man perused the food offering.

Suddenly his eyebrow cocked; a wicked point that made him look all the more like a barbarian demon dropped to earth merely to torment the Roman that was currently petting his belly and looking at the food on his table.

Lancelot slunk up behind Arthur, and slowly wound his arms under the commander's. He threaded his fingers together so they were tightly held against the other man's stomach, and he rested the point of his chin on Arthur's shoulder.

"Are you sure I can't...persuade you to let me go back to active duty sooner?" His breath was warm on Arthur's ear, and he pressed a small kiss to the bone below the other man's lobe.

Then he licked it. Slowly.

He shivered despite himself, tasting the unguent left over from Arthur's shave, his nostrils filling with the smell of Arthur - and himself.

It was heady. He tightened his grip on the other man, and sucked in a breath at the feel of Arthur's firm backside against his groin.

Perhaps this wasn't the best plan. Lancelot laughed softly, and reached for a piece of bread, the fingers of one hand still laying against Arthur's belly. He raised the sweet dough, and held it to the other man's lips.

Cat: Arthur ~ Lost to Youcat_o_wen on March 10th, 2008 05:28 pm (UTC)
The door had only just clicked shut when Lancelot began his assault…

Arthur’s eyelids half-masted at feeling Lancelot’s arms wrap around his middle. A warm grin formed on his lips as their bodies melded together…perfectly. The palms of his hands slowly slid over Lancelot’s forearms and Arthur made a nonsensical sound of contentment as Lancelot’s chin came to rest on his shoulder.

"Are you sure I can't...persuade you to let me go back to active duty sooner?"

The small grin transformed into a wide smile as Arthur lightly chuckled. He had known Lancelot would attempt to change his mind…..

….Arthur released a low groan at feeling Lancelot’s heated breath on the cusp of his ear and the tender kiss that followed…and then felt a rush of blood to his groin as Lancelot’s tongue dared to taste the freshly shaven and thus highly sensitive flesh of his neck.

He does not play fair…..and I am grateful for it.


“Oh yessss…” Arthur confirmed with a ravenous growl as he parted his lips and accepted the sweet bread from Lancelot’s hand; purposely allowing the tip of his tongue to graze at the other man’s finger tips in the exchange. The Roman languidly chewed on the morsel savoring its buttery goodness while his hands gave Lancelot’s arms a gentle squeeze.

Arthur then slightly leaned forward to retrieve the pitcher of hot cider; the motion pressing his backside that much tighter against Lancelot’s obvious want for him. This would prove to be quite difficult for Arthur…Lancelot needed time to properly heal. Yet, if the man insisted on seducing the Roman to get what he wanted….Arthur bit at the insides of his mouth in a futile attempt to distract himself from the heat between them as he filled a mug with cider.

“Thirsty?” Arthur said, unable to keep a guttural edge from his tone. He lifted the mug and took a sip of the heady liquid before arching an eyebrow, nearly mimicking Lancelot without realizing it, and offering the drink to Lancelot by holding it up to his shoulder.

God, I beg you give me strength to remain steadfast in protecting him now. I cannot allow Lancelot to re-injure himself…yet again….

….but forgive me for allowing him his way in attempting to persuade me…

Ash: tee hee! by matasasha_b on March 10th, 2008 06:31 pm (UTC)
“Oh yessss…”

Lancelot smirked broadly, his heart beating a tad too quickly for his taste, his breathing erratic as Arthur ate the bread he offered, the Roman's tongue touching Lancelot's fingertips warmly. Lancelot also made a note of the fact Arthur hadn't disagreed with his request...thus he decided to press his advantage, as it were.

And then the other man leaned forward to retrieve the hot drink on the table - and Lancelot had to muffle his own groan as Arthur's hard body pressed to his, way too comfortably.


Swallowing hard, Lancelot was determined to not let Arthur distract him from his goal. He moved slowly around the other man, keeping his left arm about the Roman's waist as he slid to Arthur's right. He faced the other man, and lifted his left leg so his foot rested on one of Arthur's chairs. His hips pressed nicely against Arthur's groin, and Lancelot pursed his lips as he cocked his head.

"A bit," he said, his voice low and soft. He lifted his hand, and covering Arthur's fingers with his own, he tilted the mug and drank, his thoat bobbing slightly with the motion. The warm, alcoholic drink flooded his empty stomach rather quickly, and his eyes slid shut as he shivered - from Arthur's touch and from the cider.

He took the cup from Arthur's hands and lowered his leg, their bodies now melded together front to front, Lancelot's height very close to Arthur's. He wound his arms back around the other man's middle, avoiding pressing his newly stitched wound to Arthur's body, and inhaled deeply.

"You keep using that oil and I may have to take it from you. In more ways than one," he purred quietly. A twinge of pain from his side; his angular face couldn't help but show it, and Lancelot cursed internally.

I am riding patrol. Tomorrow. Orders be damned.
Cat: Arthur ~ Lost to Youcat_o_wen on March 10th, 2008 09:32 pm (UTC)
Oh how Arthur longed to act on Lancelot’s blatant taunting. And that urgent need only doubled once Lancelot had seductively slid ‘round Arthur’s body and pressed their groins together wantonly while accepting the offered drink. Arthur’s hand moved to support Lancelot’s leg as the other man lifted his boot to the nearby chair. Thick fingers squeezed at the underside of Lancelot’s thigh until the Sarmatian lowered his leg to completely meld his body to Arthur’s…..Jesus! He intends to drive me mad until I concede.

Smoldering emerald eyes bore into deep amber orbs as Arthur’s hands latched on to Lancelot’s hips.

Prior to becoming lovers, Lancelot’s only recourse in any disagreement was a fierce argument …..but now the Sarmatian had a decidedly stronger bargaining tool over Arthur…the Roman’s maddeningly uncontrollable want for Lancelot. God, I beg you give me strength to remain steadfast in protecting him now. I cannot pain him by acting on my selfish wants… Arthur sucked in a breath while silently fighting his urges.

"You keep using that oil and I may have to take it from you. In more ways than one,"

Arthur’s mouth twisted up into a wry smile as his grip tightened on Lancelot’s waist. But there it was a fleeting pained look in Lancelot’s otherwise seductive expression…and thus Arthur’s resolve strengthened again.

“Try it, my heart…” He quietly answered and then brushed a small kiss over Lancelot’s mouth. “Or perhaps we shall make better use of that oil…something besides a shaving balm, hm?” Arthur teased and then pressed his lips to Lancelot’s sweetly. And oh how he took his time savoring the other man’s delicious mouth…

….and then before Arthur had gone completely over the edge in his want for Lancelot, broke the kiss and pulled out of the other man’s embrace. He stepped just out of reach of Lancelot and retrieved an apple from the tray of food. He briefly rubbed at the fruit and glanced sideways at Lancelot.

“No riding for four days,” Arthur stated firmly and then bit generously into the tart fruit. He still ached for Lancelot, but Arthur also knew why the other man was playing at seduction….so let us see how far he intends to go.
Ash: lancelot brat by lessysasha_b on March 11th, 2008 02:48 am (UTC)
“Try it, my heart...Or perhaps we shall make better use of that oil…something besides a shaving balm, hm?”

Lancelot arched his back slightly, pushing his groin more fully into Arthur's. His leather trousers, despite their buttery softness, were too tight, and he squirmed in Arthur's grip, his mouth enjoying the taste of Arthur's lips against his own.

And then the other man pulled out of Lancelot's grip, and ate an apple. He'd rather eat fruit than kiss Lancelot??? Despite Lancelot's rather obvious attempt at trying to get Arthur to change his mind about the patrol roster?

"No riding for four days."

Lancelot let out a sigh of frustration, and crossed his arms over his suddenly cold chest. "You are an utter bastard, and I hate you," he told the Roman in no uncertain terms. He was of course joking, and his smile lit up his face like a candle when he spoke.

But I am not quite through.

He slunk again to Arthur's side, and plucked the apple from the other man's grasp. He bit into it, and licked the juice that ran down his chin after catching it with his fingers. He bit again, and after winding his free hand into Arthur's hair, licked the other man's lips with his tongue, and then kissed him.

The taste of apple and Arthur was strong and arousing and Lancelot moaned in supplication to whatever gods were watching over him and this love, for he would truly die if he lost it.

He had nothing else here at Camboglanna. He had only his skill at killing, his riding, and now...this. The best thing he'd ever found.

"Two days," he whispered against Arthur's wet, apple juice-drenched mouth.

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Cat: Arthur ~ Whisper Slowly To Mecat_o_wen on March 11th, 2008 07:47 pm (UTC)
"You are an utter bastard, and I hate you,"

Arthur snorted, amused by the comment, as he chewed on a mouthful of apple and then swallowed.

“And you are a poor liar,” Arthur commented dryly while his gaze fell to just below Lancelot’s waistline and focusing on the evidence to the contrary. He could not suppress a smile as his own overly snug trousers forced the Roman to stand with legs slightly parted in compensation.

…and then Lancelot began his second seductive attempt to change Arthur’s mind.

The Roman’s gaze followed Lancelot’s mouth as the other man took possession of the apple and bit into the tangy fruit. Arthur’s lips parted as he watched a trickle of juice form on Lancelot’s bearded chin. And he slowly licked his own lips as he watched Lancelot suck the juice from his fingers.

“Mmhmmm,” Arthur quietly moaned at feeling Lancelot’s fingers in his hair and again as the other man shared the tangy apple with his talented mouth. Arthur wound both arms ‘round Lancelot’s waist and pressed his body comfortably against the other man as he allowed Lancelot his way with his mouth.

"Two days,"

Arthur smiled against Lancelot’s delicious mouth and then lightly nipped at his lover’s bottom lip. He turned them both so that he could sit on the edge of the table and pull Lancelot’s hips between his thighs. His only answer to Lancelot’s counter offer was another kiss; passionate as the taste of Lancelot’s mouth mixed with apple was simply intoxicating to the Roman’s senses. And thus another generous groan rumbled up out of Arthur’s throat as one hand shifted down to cup at Lancelot’s firm backside.

I cannot stop touching him…we risk too much, but I cannot let go…

Arthur’s other hand reached up to grasp at Lancelot’s wild curls as Arthur’s mouth released his lips only to attempt to consume Lancelot’s neck. Arthur was ravenous this morning…and not for the generous tray of food behind him either. He held his lover firmly between his muscular thighs and continued to taste and touch and rub against Lancelot with reckless abandonment.

He had no intention of allowing Lancelot back on patrols until the full four days were up, but no need to spoil whatever the other man was willing to do for it right now....Arthur wanted to be seduced…and was thoroughly enjoying this new tactic from Lancelot in their arguing. Just a little more…then I shall reaffirm the four days….if I do not die of want for him.
Ash: lance b and w by matasasha_b on March 12th, 2008 01:45 am (UTC)
Lancelot smiled against Arthur's lips; a small groan echoing the one sounded by the Roman as Arthur tugged Lancelot to him against the table. He helplessly clenched the muscles in his backside when Arthur's large palm cupped at him, and he slowly rubbed his groin against the other man's - Arthur's arousal as evident as Lancelot's own.

Arthur's freshly shaven cheeks brushed Lancelot's neck as the Roman continued his kissing of the knight's skin - and Lancelot laughed low in his throat, winding his arms about Arthur's shoulders.

"I take it ... you agree ... ah, gods ... to my proposal?" Lancelot's words were soft and breathy; he didn't want Arthur to change his mind and force the Sarmatian to stay in the garrison for four days. Four fucking days! Of no riding, no patroling, no skirmishing or practicing, no Arthur fucking him. That last one was the worst, if Lancelot was being truthful to himself.

A particular thrust against his hips and Lancelot sucked in a breath and cursed wildly, his cock painful and hard in two seconds flat. He cursed again and beat a fist against Arthur's back. "Stop, stop, for the love of the gods, Arthur, or we'll both be stripped bare and in bed - again - before the next moment is up."

Not that he didn't want it - but he wanted to heal more, so they could actually spend time in bed without pain.

He grasped at Arthur's head and jerked the other man's lips off his throat. "Stop," he begged breathlessly.

Even though he'd been the one to start it - which of course he'd conveniently forgotten.

"Two days, my heart? What say you?"
Cat: Arthur and Lancelot ~ Can't Say Nocat_o_wen on March 12th, 2008 11:10 pm (UTC)
Arthur was completely lost to Lancelot…again. His logical mind had been annoyingly reminding him to be gentle as the other man was injured…but his body had other ideas as they continued to grind against one another.

"Stop, stop, for the love of the gods, Arthur, or we'll both be stripped bare and in bed - again - before the next moment is up."

“You….started this…my lover…” Arthur growled against Lancelot’s neck. But when the other man begged again, he gave one last lick at Lancelot’s throat just before the Sarmatian jerked at his hair forcing Arthur to pull back and meet his lover’s gaze.

"Two days, my heart? What say you?"

Arthur licked at his swollen lips and his deep emerald eyes still radiated with the intensity of his want for Lancelot. His thick fingers flexed in Lancelot’s hair and his hand squeezed at Lancelot’s backside unwilling to concede this game of seduction just yet.

“I want you healed…properly,” Arthur finally answered. His groin ached with need, but rational thoughts returned to Arthur’s brain. And he knew that the next four days would resemble Hell below; the fights that were sure to erupt at refusing to allow Lancelot to ride and the inner struggles to keep himself from touching Lancelot at night in bed. Arthur briefly bit down on his bottom lip and slid his hand from Lancelot’s hair to his bearded jaw. Arthur’s thumb gently brushed over Lancelot’s lips and the Commander’s mouth curved up into a slow smile. I love him so. And he will hate me for this.

“Four days….and I will make it worth your while…do this and you may name your reward from me,” Arthur knew he was quite possibly offering too much, but Lancelot was worth any sacrifices Arthur would make. He simply could not allow the other man to keep re-injuring himself…either by being forced into a fight while out on patrols during the day or by being over zealous in bed while together at night.
Ash: lancelot sepia by lessysasha_b on March 15th, 2008 05:09 am (UTC)
"Four days….and I will make it worth your while…do this and you may name your reward from me."

Four days????

"Arthur, you ass!"

Lancelot pulled out of the other man's embrace, suddenly pouty and grumpy and feeling the twinging in his side. He really did know it was for the best; he'd heard Arthur's offer of a "reward," which made up for it - mostly - but at the moment he was too angry that his ruse had failed to truly notice it.

Being young - Lancelot was immortal. In his mind. And this "punishment" of staying abed for four days seemed more like Arthur's Hell than a smart thing to do. He crossed his arms and pursed his lips; staring at Arthur, he cocked a hip and sighed. "Gods damn it."

He shook his head. "I swear to all that is holy, Arthur Castus, I will reap that reward the moment four days are up. You think about that while you're not touching me."

He made a face and kept staring at the Roman. "Can you at least give me something else to do? I will die - I promise you - if I have to stay in my quarters for four days."

Shit, shit, shit.

Perhaps he'd gone a little overboard on the "persuading" of Arthur. But...as evidenced by Arthur's still obvious erection, the commander did desire Lancelot.

Gods, but this was really going to be awful. Not only was Lancelot robbed of one of the only things he truly loved in this life - riding - but he couldn't spend time with his new lover, whom he found the longer he spent time away from, the worse he felt.

And then of course, thoughts of what that bastard Falco had said sprung to his mind. Was Arthur trying to get Lancelot healed so they could more easily split the knights up - it would after all be easier to travel when healthy.

No. Arthur wasn't like that. Right? Lancelot knew the other man. He wouldn't - couldn't - be so duplicitous.

Biting his lip, Lancelot made the decision he'd talk to Tristan as soon as he could find him. The scout had an even head, and if anyone could explain what would most likely be the truth, it would be him.

Just as soon as he could pull himself away from the bastard Roman who held Lancelot's heart in his hand.
Cat: Arthur ~ Insidecat_o_wen on March 15th, 2008 06:26 pm (UTC)
The moment Arthur had given his final word on the matter; fury erupted within Lancelot’s deep amber eyes. So much for the morning’s session of seduction.

"Arthur, you ass!"

Arthur let Lancelot go as the other man pulled away; allowing only a discontented sigh at the loss of physical contact between them. And his groin still ached despite the cursing he was now receiving from his lover. Bottom line: as Lancelot’s commanding officer and concerned lover, Arthur’s decision was what was best for the Sarmatian…whether he agreed with it or not.

"Gods damn it. I swear to all that is holy, Arthur Castus, I will reap that reward the moment four days are up. You think about that while you're not touching me."

“I have no intention of completely avoiding you for the next four days,” Arthur commented evenly with a slightly cocked his head and crossed his arms over his chest; the attempt to also cross his legs failing at the discomfort that brought to his swollen cock. Instead, he sat more fully on the table and braced one foot on the chair leg. Perhaps Arthur should completely avoid Lancelot while the other man healed….the Roman certainly had no restraint and no self control when it came to their physical relationship…but Arthur would sooner cut out his own heart than cut off all contact with Lancelot…even for four days.

"Can you at least give me something else to do? I will die - I promise you - if I have to stay in my quarters for four days."

“You are not confined to your quarters….only restricted from strenuous activities such as riding and sparring for four days.” And, God help me…love-making. Arthur answered pointedly. And then having some mercy on the other man, stood up from the table and closed the distance between them.

“For a moment, please attempt to see this from my point of view, heart,” Arthur offered with a tender tone while resting both hands on Lancelot’s hips. “I need your wound to heal completely so that you can fully return to your duties quickly. The four days will pass soon enough and we can take this time to review the patrol rosters and look into the supplies…together,” Arthur offered his reassurances hoping that Lancelot might actually survive the next few days if they could spend the time working together. The Roman was certain Lancelot, in the very least, would not pass up the opportunity to interject his own opinions and suggestions on how the garrison should be managed. And if Arthur could keep Lancelot in his sights, he could personally see to it that Lancelot remained relatively sedative for the four days….even during the night if Arthur had to force himself to sleep in a chair to watch over Lancelot instead of in the same bed.

“Do not force me to place you in the stocks, hm?” Arthur smiled and then placed a small kiss at the corner of Lancelot’s lips…ignoring the other man’s still sour expression.
Ash: blah blah by lessysasha_b on March 16th, 2008 02:24 am (UTC)
“I have no intention of completely avoiding you for the next four days."

"I'd think I have some say in that," Lancelot muttered. He didn't mean it; he'd go insane if he didn't see Arthur for that long. But, with his current mood, he was prepared to make the other man work for it.

“You are not confined to your quarters….only restricted from strenuous activities such as riding and sparring for four days...For a moment, please attempt to see this from my point of view, heart. I need your wound to heal completely so that you can fully return to your duties quickly. The four days will pass soon enough and we can take this time to review the patrol rosters and look into the supplies…together. Do not force me to place you in the stocks, hm?"

"Strenuous activities?" Lancelot barked a laugh, but didn't push Arthur away when the other man once again placed himself in Lancelot's body space. He didn't even complain when the Roman had the audacity to kiss him. "How about fucking? Does that count?"

He sighed and rested his forehead on Arthur's shoulder, defeated. He knew when Arthur had his mind made up - sometimes, the other man was more stubborn than any war horse Lancelot had ever seen. But...he smiled slowly to himself. He'd find a way to make Arthur pay for making him be sedate. Four days. Gods.

In his heart of hearts, the Sarmatian knew Arthur was right - it was better to fully heal. Lancelot just didn't like being told what to do, no matter if it was his own mother or his commanding officer. Somehow, though, the knight had a feeling the other men would help him to get out of the fortress if he really wanted to. Especially their enigmatic scout.

"Fine, Arthur," Lancelot grumped. "You win. This time." He relaxed his arms and lay closer against Arthur's body, hoping the other man would at least hold on to him for a few moments more before they had to go about their day. Lancelot had no idea what Arthur would want him to really do; he'd never been injured badly enough to warrant not moving about or doing his daily activity.

He breathed in while attempted a pathetic sigh, and caught another whiff of Arthur's shaving unguent. How in the world had he never noticed that smell before? A small growl-like sound made its way out of him; he snaked out his tongue and touched the edge of Arthur's jaw, right by the corner of his lips, tasting the tempting smell again. He shivered despite his annoyed mood and slid one of his hands to the small of Arthur's back, the tips of his fingers tucking themselves inside the waistband of the Roman's leathers.

"Just don't leave me alone for four days, all right?" He realized his voice probably sounded whiny and childish, but he didn't care. He wanted Arthur to feel sorry for him. Sorry enough that he'd come around and see to Lancelot. At night. Or any time Arthur could get away from his office.

Lancelot deserved that, at least.

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Cat: Arthur ~ Lost to Youcat_o_wen on March 16th, 2008 04:42 pm (UTC)
"Strenuous activities? How about fucking? Does that count?"

Arthur pressed his face into the soft curls of Lancelot’s hair inhaling his scent the moment the other man rested his head on the Roman’s shoulder. Lancelot’s mention of ‘fucking’ brought on a muffled groan from Arthur. If it had not been for the freshly repaired stitches in Lancelot’s side; Arthur would already have carried the Sarmatian back to bed by now.

"Fine, Arthur. You win. This time."

“Good,” Arthur spoke into Lancelot’s curls and slid both arms fully around the other man’s waist as Lancelot seemed to melt into the Roman’s chest in capitulation. Arthur knew how difficult refraining from riding would be for Lancelot and immediately thought to find Dagonet and seek out his support in keeping the headstrong lieutenant from doing anything foolish.

Arthur’s fingers flexed into the soft leather waistband of Lancelot’s deerskin trousers as he felt the other man’s hand dip inside his own. Lancelot’s tongue on his jaw and Lancelot’s heated breath on his freshly shaven skin only made Arthur’s groin throb again with want. How could he possibly let go? Arthur actually began to pray for an interruption before he lost his focus on Lancelot’s healing….

"Just don't leave me alone for four days, all right?"

Arthur stifled a laugh at that impossible notion. He could no longer leave Lancelot alone than avoid the air that he breathed. His arms tightened around Lancelot’s middle as Arthur smiled down into Lancelot’s glowering expression.

Nothing could keep me from you,” Arthur murmured before warmly kissing Lancelot’s generous mouth. “And I want you here with me each night…so that I might keep a watchful eye on your recovery,” He continued against Lancelot’s lips. Of course the reasons to keep Lancelot with him were two-fold for Arthur…he did intend to personally see to it that Lancelot would be careful for the next several days, but he also wanted the other man close…always.

Arthur kissed Lancelot again to press his point. He needed the other man to understand how important he was to Arthur….how much he needed to protect Lancelot and how much he loved Lancelot.
Ash: arthur lance sky by matasasha_b on March 18th, 2008 01:50 am (UTC)
“Nothing could keep me from you. And I want you here with me each night…so that I might keep a watchful eye on your recovery."

Lancelot snorted a laugh at Arthur's comment as the other man kissed him. Not likely that's the reason, my heart.

He continued to smile until the force and passion behind Arthur's kiss changed Lancelot's attitude from one of amusement to one of desire - but they had to start their day. And Lancelot knew if he let Arthur continue to touch him the way he was...well, they'd be back in the bed, new stitches or no.

Lancelot closed his lips and kissed Arthur gently and chastely before pulling out of the Roman's embrace. He was chilled quickly and pulled his leather vest over his head, grunting only once at the motion required to get dressed. His side hurt, but it was only a dull throb.

"I'll be here," he answered softly, and picked up his weapons. "Don't worry, Arthur, I'm merely taking them to my quarters." He sighed as he looked at his swords. "Well, my brothers, you'll have to be patient for the next four days. But I promise - you will be blooded again soon."

He grinned up at Arthur, and gestured with his free hand. "Well - let's get out of this room before we do something we'll regret."

I wouldn't regret it - what's a burst stitch?

But he would. And that I could not stand.

He stood by Arthur's door, and waited for the other man to either follow him or to give him orders to do something else.

I'm finding Tristan today. We need to have words - regardless of what Arthur has me do. Busy work. Gods.