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03 August 2008 @ 04:21 pm
Morning comes..........  
Early the next morning just before sunrise [and our return from hiatus]
~      ~      ~      ~      ~ 
The Roman slept well in what few hours had remained in the night; still and dreamless for the most part until….
….soft rolling hills of green and an uncommon blue sky overhead had Arthur unusually distracted from his labor in the warmth of the afternoon. He had ordered a short break for the men and had found a moment to himself underneath the broad canopy of the single tree standing proud along the great wall of stone. Making repairs along the Wall were typical occurrences among their duties at the outpost, yet definitely not a favored task by the men. However, their Commander thought it a good deviation and strength builder from the usual patrols and the skirmishes the cavalrymen seemed to prefer.
As Arthur propped his back up against the base of the tree and crossed his arms over his broad chest, his eyelids slipped shut and he easily fell into a light slumber while listening to the gentle sounds of the leaves swishing overhead in the mild afternoon breeze….and thus he had not picked up on their presence as they grew closer. One particularly curious little one quietly approached the sleeping man and blinked its gentle eyes while lifting its head to sniff at the man’s potent scent.
Arthur did not stir and thus the little one lowered its nose to tentatively nudge at the man’s arm where it rested over his abdomen. Arthur’s hand slowly lifted to touch…fingers finding the soft silky curls that covered the little one’s head and thinking only of Lancelot’s springy black hair….a smile readily formed on Arthur’s lips as he adoringly caressed those curls….until the animal made a small sound finally revealing its true identity….green eyes snapped open and Arthur found himself face to face with a plump little black-faced sheep that promptly baah-ed at him.
“You are most certainly NOT who I expected,” Arthur said quietly with a small snort of amusement. A flock of sheep tended by a local farmer had been lazily grazing several yards away while Arthur and the men had been laboring on much needed repairs to the Wall all throughout the morning hours. And apparently had wondered into their work area while the Commander and the men had drifted off to sleep.
Arthur’s fingers continued to flex in the thick curls of the sheep’s head until the Roman began to stir from his slumber….only to discover that he’d been dreaming about the sheep and the warm summer’s day. The curly hair his fingers were nestled in belonged to Lancelot and not a plump little sheep, and they were not in a warm green meadow….but in Arthur’s still dark chambers; the chill of winter having nearly consumed the spent embers in the hearth from last nights fire. Arthur slowly blinked open his eyes and turned his head towards the window….morning had not fully broken over the horizon, but it was close as the dim light of the pre-dawn was visible through the window.
Lancelot was still pressed to Arthur’s side exactly as he had been when they had fallen asleep late last night; one leg slung over the Roman’s and his breath blowing steady and warm over Arthur’s bare chest. A small smile tugged at the corner of the Roman’s mouth as he brought his free hand up to scrub over his stubbled jaw.
“What have you done to me, Lancelot ap Ban, that has me dreaming of sweetly green meadows and pleasantly plump livestock, hm?” Arthur half whispered with a voice rough from misuse. He then slid his hand beneath the furs covering them until his fingers located and splayed out over Lancelot’s hip. Certainly this man was no ‘sheep’. Arthur’s grin widened.
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Ash: sheep by lessy37sasha_b on August 4th, 2008 02:17 am (UTC)
Something was tugging at Lancelot's hair; he grumbled, and tried to swat at it. The grip didn't drop away; however, it felt a bit more pleasant then he'd first imagined. Was he dreaming? He made a contented sound and nuzzled closer to the heat of whomever's body was currently providing a nicely warm furnace for him. A fur that had been covering his shoulder slipped a bit, and he could feel the chill in the room.

Someone spoke, the words far away and muzzy, and Lancelot groaned and tightened his arms about...ah. He smiled as he recognized the other man's smell, and kept his eyes closed. It wasn't quite dawn yet, and as he shifted just a bit, his body twinged, letting him know that all the activity from the previous night was going to play havoc on him if he tried to ride today.

The knight found he didn't care - rather, he liked it. He loved it, desired it, wanted more and at any time of the day or night was just fine. What he didn't want was to wake up fully.

He hazily felt Arthur's hand splay out over his hip, possessive and warm. Lancelot sighed - happily, trying to still feign sleep - and wiggled closer to the other man. His newly healed stitches seemed to be just fine - another scar, and another story. His legs were sore from all the riding he'd done yesterday -

that thought made him snort in soft laughter, and he opened his eyes a crack, figuring the jig was up. He couldn't lie to Arthur and tell the other man he'd been chuckling in his sleep, really. Well....

Another shiver and he raised a hand, finding Arthur's jaw in the dim light of the room. He traced a finger over to the Roman's lips, and found that Arthur seemed to be grinning about something. Opening his eyes further, although he refused to sit up, I'm comfortable using my own Roman as a pillow, thank you he twisted his head 'round so it was tucked neatly under Arthur's strong chin. He lowered his hand and rested it on the plane of muscles under the other man's ribs. "Morning is not humorous, my friend. Surely you could sleep a bit more and then tell me the joke."

He smiled though, despite himself, and allowed his eyes to drift shut again. This feeling of ... contentment was strange and yet not unwelcome.

It won't la-

He clamped down on his own inner worry, and worked the knee that was between Arthur's thighs a bit tighter against the other man's leg. Clearing his throat, he sighed again, this time making it seem put upon. "Kiss me before I punch you for waking me this early."
Cat: Arthur ~ Lost to Youcat_o_wen on August 4th, 2008 05:20 pm (UTC)
Lancelot appeared to still be asleep, yet stirred enough to tighten his grip ‘round Arthur’s torso and the Roman continued to smile…more so now from contentment than from silly visions of his comparison of sheep and Lancelot. Although a small chuckle from his knight had Arthur suspecting the other man had heard his words after all. The Roman’s lips parted invitingly at feeling Lancelot’s long fingers perusing his mouth confirming the Sarmatian was indeed awake.

"Morning is not humorous, my friend. Surely you could sleep a bit more and then tell me the joke."

Arthur grinned again, but remained silent. He had no intention of telling Lancelot that he had mistaken the other man’s springy curls for a sheep’s head in his dreams. Never.

His hand gave Lancelot’s hip a firm squeeze though….and the other that had been embedded in soft curls of black hair shifted down to knead at the base of Lancelot’s skull. Arthur gave a soft grunt at Lancelot’s bony knee being pressed harder into the side of his leg; locating a bruise that the Sarmatian had no doubt left the night before. A welcome mark though and Arthur cared not how often Lancelot scratched, bit or bruised his body as long as the other man continued to…..

"Kiss me before I punch you for waking me this early."

“Kiss you?” Arthur snorted a laugh and then firmly pinched at the nape of Lancelot’s neck. “And what makes you think I would want to give my affections to such a grump, hm?” He teased while shifting enough over on his side to face Lancelot. The hand that had gripped at Lancelot’s hip tugged until their bodies came flush together beneath the furs.

“Sleep a little longer if you wish, heart,” Arthur whispered against Lancelot’s mouth and then proceeded to brush his lips over the tip of Lancelot’s nose and cheek actually avoiding the demanded kiss…..for now. Arthur’s body was awakening with a vengeance….he had no intention of allowing Lancelot to sleep any further this morning.
Ash: Lancelot smugsasha_b on August 5th, 2008 02:15 am (UTC)
"Kiss you? And what makes you think I would want to give my affections to such a grump, hm?"

"Your hand on my hip, for one," Lancelot replied smartly, even as he closed his eyes in contentment. "Surely you'd have kicked me out of your bed by now were not you satisified by my...rewards." He laughed softly, and opened his long-lashed eyes when Arthur pulled him closer. The fronts of their bodies lined up, and Lancelot smiled headily at the feel of Arthur's strong flanks against his own. The other man was a like a furnace; his heat and Lancelot's unbreakable ice were the perfect combination.

"Sleep a little longer if you wish, heart,”

A small frown pulled Lancelot's brows down when Arthur deliberately - deliberately! - didn't kiss him on the mouth. But Lancelot sighed into Arthur's neck as the Roman's lips did travel over his face. The damnable sun wasn't even up yet...but Arthur seemed to be. Lancelot snorted and burrowed more tightly against Arthur's broad form.

"I'm beginning to think you want to warm the room with our fire," he murmured, suggestion and a hint of salacious attitude decorating his tone. "My goodness, aren't you worn out from yesterday still?" He blinked heavily and pressed his mouth to Arthur's chin and jaw, drawing his lips along the Roman's stubbly face. His hand rose and slid into the dark whorls of hair at the side of Arthur's head, gripping just a bit tight - possessively. He wanted this man, wanted him in his heart and his bed and his life for as long as he could have him.

And wasn't that dangerous and idiotic?

Lancelot ran his foot over Arthur's calf, slowly, enjoying the feel of the combination of strength and softness. His free hand rested on the other man's side, and he drew lazy fingers over the warm skin above Arthur's hip, and then dropped his hand to hold loosely at Arthur's nicely rounded buttock.

"Riding suits you," he whispered into Arthur's neck. "I like the way it makes you...feel."
Cat: Arthur ~ I Feel Youcat_o_wen on August 5th, 2008 06:51 pm (UTC)
Oh Arthur was more than ‘satisfied’ with the way in which Lancelot bestowed his ‘rewards’ on the Roman. He gave Lancelot’s hip one last firm squeeze and then slid his fingers around to caress at the Sarmatian’s generous backside; a favored part of Lancelot’s anatomy for sure.

"I'm beginning to think you want to warm the room with our fire,"

“As long as you are properly heated,” Arthur whispered against Lancelot’s brow in between a few gentle kisses at the other man’s temple.

"My goodness, aren't you worn out from yesterday still?"

“Are you complaining?” Arthur teased and then nuzzled his nose into the thick mass of curls at the side of Lancelot’s head. Sheep, indeed. A small snort of amusement escaped him as he recalled his odd dream. But Lancelot’s firm grip in Arthur’s hair had him immediately refocused on nothing but the pure pleasure of their lovemaking. Lancelot’s much desired mouth teased at Arthur’s jaw and the Roman groaned in contentment.

"Riding suits you, I like the way it makes you...feel."

Hm? Riding? Arthur had not been on his horse for a whole week, what was Lancelot referring to? And the man truly did talk too much at times. Arthur’s knee nudged its way between Lancelot’s powerful thighs and the hand that had been playing at Lancelot’s backside shifted down to grasp at the back of the Sarmatian’s leg.

“You were the one riding recently…not I…but if it pleases you then I will ride more often,” Arthur murmured against the side of Lancelot’s head still not truly comprehending what the other man had implied. And the Roman had not forgotten about that kiss Lancelot had demanded moments ago….

…with a possessive growl he sought to reconcile that demand; lips parted and tongue eagerly seeking entrance as Arthur’s mouth closed over Lancelot’s at last. Nothing on God’s fertile Earth tasted as extraordinary as Lancelot’s mouth. It was heady and potent and had Arthur wanting with an intensity he’d never known before…ever. The two men were perfectly matched in every way. Their bodies fit together as if made for one another and their personalities complimented each other making the two a nearly unbeatable force.

Would God truly have Arthur destroy the one thing in the Roman's life that felt right and true? Simply because his relationship with Lancelot transcended the traditional role of companionship among men? How can this be a sin? God forgive me but I cannot NOT love him. Do not force me to choose.
Ash: lance b and w by matasasha_b on August 7th, 2008 12:47 am (UTC)
"You were the one riding recently…not I…but if it pleases you then I will ride more often,”

Lancelot cocked one eyebrow as he was enjoying the feel of Arthur's hands on his body. Gods, but the man had no sense. Didn't he realize what Lancelot was referring to? Would Lancelot have to spell everything out? He opened his mouth, mirth tickling his expression when the other man finally gave in and did what Lancelot had asked him - albeit rather sleepily - to do just a few moments previous.

"Mmmhmmm," he murmured, his lips moving slightly against the possession of Arthur's. He shivered and wrapped his arm more tightly about Arthur's middle, pressing their hips and Arthur's obvious want for him together quite nicely. A little wiggle had Lancelot entangled perfectly in Arthur's strong, warm limbs and he made another small sound of satisfaction as the Roman did his best to wake him with a rousing kiss - as they said in stories.

Although this was no "fairy tale" kiss - this was heady and wet and hot and all things that Lancelot loved about Arthur. He could smell the other man's scent, taste him on his tongue and in his throat, could feel Arthur's calloused hand gripping at his backside, and imagined what he could do with the cock that was currently reminding the Sarmatian just how much Arthur did want him.

He broke away when he had to breathe, his eyes slightly glazed and his forehead resting against Arthur's. He licked at the fullness of Arthur's bottom lip, and sighed when he could taste them both there.

"Balls," he whispered muzzily. "Good morning to you, too." He laughed roughly and dropped the hand that was in Arthur's hair to touch the other man's face. "And you silly, innocent bastard," he teased. "I like it when you ride because it makes this," he brushed a hand over the other man's firm backside, "strong and powerful and quite a turn on. So yes, please keep riding. If it means you can fuck me all the more, who am I to look a gift...horse... in the mouth?"

He met Arthur's eyes and blinked lazily, the smile hiding just behind his angelic expression. He pinched said buttocks, and then rubbed a soothing hand over the sting. "Hey, commander. You have a nice arse, alright?" He chuckled finally and sucked in a deep breath again, still reeling from the touch of Arthur's mouth on his. Would that they could lay here in "sin" forever. Lancelot would laugh in Satan's face and happily live in the fires of Arthur's Hell if it meant he could have a moment of this man in his bed and his arms.
Cat: Arthur ~ Lost to Youcat_o_wen on August 8th, 2008 04:50 pm (UTC)
Arthur was sure he felt the sparks from Lancelot’s tongue as he deeply kissed him. He moaned into the other man’s mouth; losing himself to Lancelot’s taste and touch and musk. The other man somehow managed to nestle his body even closer while Arthur attempted to consume the depths of Lancelot’s mouth….any closer and they would certainly become one entity welded together in the fires of passion that burned so brilliantly between them.

"Balls, good morning to you, too."

“Mhmmmm,” Arthur answered pretty much incoherently; still reveling in the sensations of Lancelot’s tongue feathering over his bottom lip.

"And you silly, innocent bastard, I like it when you ride because it makes this…"

There was a flash of further incomprehension in Arthur’s liquid green eyes until he felt Lancelot’s fingers brush over the roundness of his backside. An innocent flush immediately stained Arthur’s cheeks. Lancelot could still embarrass the Roman after all these long weeks of intimacy between them. Arthur attempted to quickly recover with a wry grin crinkling the corner of his eyes as his fingers squeezed at the back of Lancelot’s thigh.

"….strong and powerful and quite a turn on. So yes, please keep riding. If it means you can fuck me all the more, who am I to look a gift...horse... in the mouth?"

Lancelot had such a way with words. But Arthur had discovered he rather liked it when the other man spoke bluntly and downright lewd with him in regards to sex. That was a turn on for Arthur…not to mention the fact that he found Lancelot’s firm and very well formed backside equally as potent.

“Ow! Cheeky bastard,” Arthur growled in irritation at the pinch Lancelot gave to his buttock, but the obvious want in his green eyes and the pleasurable smile on his lips certainly gave away Arthur’s true reaction to Lancelot’s attentions.

"Hey, commander. You have a nice arse, alright?"

“As long as my shape pleases you,” Arthur teased in reply; proud of himself for not blushing again at Lancelot’s brazen words. Certainly Arthur never thought of himself or any part of his anatomy as ‘attractive’. But if Lancelot looked favorably upon his stature…

“Perhaps I will show you just how much I admire the way riding has shaped you, hm?” Arthur murmured against the corner of Lancelot’s swollen lips and then pressed an apologetic kiss there. The coarseness of Lancelot’s beard tickled at Arthur’s nose as he brushed his face along the other man’s jaw. And smiling to himself at the thought of what he wished to do, Arthur twisted enough to kiss at the pulse in Lancelot’s throat and then pull slightly back from their perfect embrace.

“Lay flat, heart,” Arthur said to gently coax Lancelot over on his stomach. He slid a little further down the bed beside Lancelot while pulling back the furs to expose Lancelot’s shoulder blades….and then Arthur’s palm smoothed over the top of Lancelot’s back closely followed by his mouth. His lips feathered along Lancelot’s spine, breath blowing hot over the flesh there as Arthur began a slow decent down towards the lower section of Lancelot’s body.
Ashsasha_b on August 9th, 2008 02:10 am (UTC)
"As long as my shape pleases you,”

Lancelot snorted at Arthur's response to his brazen teasing; he thought it rather endearing and totally silly that the other man still blushed at his words. Lancelot had always been a cad when it came to bedplay - but this, ah, this was so much more fun than any of that had been. It was so much more fun, and so much more wanted, because it was Arthur, and gods damn it but the man's hands were tormenting him into a state of permanent arousal.

Just when Lancelot was trying to come up with some sort of sordid retaliation, Arthur kissed his sore lips softly and spoke.

"Perhaps I will show you just how much I admire the way riding has shaped you, hm? Lay flat, heart."

A cocked eyebrow, and a sound of loss as Arthur pulled out of their warm embrace. The Sarmatian grumped only a bit, he was chilly, damn it, but out of intrigue and fascination at what the Roman was planning, he turned obediently and lay on his stomach. He only groaned a bit when his arousal pressed too tightly against the bed. The up till now soft bed. He frowned prettily and raised his arms, resting his chin on his wrists so he could perhaps get an inkling of what Arthur was doing.

"The sun isn't even risen, you fool," he commented, his arch voice echoing in the softly lit chamber. He shivered from the cool that hit his skin, and then again - only this time from the hot touch of Arthur's calloused fingers and then his full mouth on Lancelot's spine. He moaned quietly at the feel of the warm breath that blew across his skin. "You are much more a morning person than I, Castus. Make me content, hm?" He clenched his muscles, his powerful thighs and backside - riding was a good sport, thank you - tightening and then loosening with the motions. He squirmed slightly, not to have some amount of relief against his cock - oh, no - and turned his head enough so he could see the other man. The other man who was obviously nicely awake and chipper and touching Lancelot in such a way that the knight could not choose but to feel it - and react.

"Are you planning on teasing me to death this morn? Because that's not something I care to have on my agenda," he said, and gasped, his skin prickling at the sensations Arthur was causing. "Then a-ah! again," he added, stuttering.

Gods teeth, but the man is a genius.

And I do love him. So much so. I am the true fool.
Cat: Arthur and Lancelot ~ Sparks Flycat_o_wen on August 10th, 2008 04:11 pm (UTC)
"The sun isn't even risen, you fool. You are much more a morning person than I, Castus. Make me content, hm?"

“That is my intention….my petulant knight,” Arthur’s voice sounding raspy as he teased the other man and continued to enjoy the taste and feel of Lancelot’s bare flesh beneath his touch. His thick and calloused fingers lightly treaded over the first rise of Lancelot’s backside while Arthur’s tongue bathed at the tender skin of the Sarmatian’s lower back. He heard Lancelot’s soft moan and felt the other man shift beneath his touch…and Arthur’s lips curved into a smile as his sharp teeth left their mark at the base of Lancelot’s spine. He then tenderly kissed the spot before moving lower…..

"Are you planning on teasing me to death this morn? Because that's not something I care to have on my agenda, then …..ah…again,"

“Was it not you who boasted about the pleasures….mmhmmm…of taking one’s time?” Arthur answered voice half muffled against Lancelot’s skin and then in punctuation of his words, Arthur nipped at the roundness of Lancelot’s right buttock while giving his left side a firm squeeze with his hand. His other hand had slid down to explore Lancelot’s muscular leg and Arthur appreciatively groaned at feeling the other man’s muscles flex beneath his touch. Riding was most definitely a fine occupation.

I love this one as if he were the only substance that could sustain my existence.

Arthur’s mouth cupped over a generous portion of Lancelot’s well rounded buttock and suckled as if savoring the most delicious mouthful of a sweet fruit. His hand shifted over the natural crevice that formed between and fingers gently plundered until they had located Lancelot’s balls. Arthur’s fingertips teased at their firmness while his tongue soothed over the tender flesh he’d just firmly suckled. His own arousal was now painfully wanting, but Arthur’s mouth would not relinquish its hold on Lancelot’s flesh just yet…

Ash: not amused by matasasha_b on August 10th, 2008 08:58 pm (UTC)
Petulant. Lancelot smirked into the pillows at that; yes, he could be a bit of a child, but it was a good way to get what you wanted. You had to tread a fine line, though, otherwise you could get to the point of annoying others, and then where would you be?

Arthur could call him anything he wanted, just as long as kept touching. That was the main thing -


Lancelot twisted his head to try and get a glimpse of the Roman who thought he was so smart by doing something different this time. Lancelot smiled - he couldn't help it - and wiggled a bit more when Arthur nipped at the base of his spine.

“Was it not you who boasted about the pleasures….mmhmmm…of taking one’s time?”

"Only when it's...ah, fuck...me doing it. Not fair, Arthur," he groaned, his voice dropping into a low register when the other man's hand and mouth...ah, fuck.

"Oh gods," he breathed out loud, and tried to force himself to hold still as Arthur's talented mouth and equally smart fingers tried to torture him to death. A death by pleasure, yes, but...hold still, fool, and he will please you forever.

Lancelot slid his knees open a bit further as fingertips glided over the sensitive flesh between his legs. It was hard going as he was laying on his stomach, but he managed it - although the motion forced his ass up in the air a bit. A humiliating position normally - but who the fuck cared when Arthur was branding himself onto Lancelot's flesh? Who cared about pride or dignity when it was this one touching him like he was?

Arthur's warm tongue bathed over Lancelot's backside, and Lancelot bit his lip and squeezed his eyes shut; using the slight pain as a method to not peak too soon. He clenched the muscles in his legs again, but kept from grinding himself against the bed. He did not want to waste a good fuck on the damn mattress, thank you.

"Mmmmff," he got out, which was pretty much all he could manage at this point - he sucked in air and breathed out Arthur's name, the sound vibrant and thick in the silence of the room.

"Arthur," he said again, this time more loudly, with passion decorating his tone like honey on sweet bread. Arthur was his sweet bread - and Lancelot would have his fill - as soon as the other man was done devouring him.

Cat: Arthur ~ Lost to Youcat_o_wen on August 11th, 2008 09:34 pm (UTC)
"Only when it's...ah, fuck...me doing it. Not fair, Arthur…..oh gods,"

Arthur’s only response to Lancelot was an even more possessive kiss to the firm flesh of the Sarmatian’s well rounded backside.

Lancelot shifted enough beneath Arthur’s touch to allow the Roman’s hand further access to the treasures between the Sarmatian’s legs. And Arthur greedily took advantage; fingers momentarily fully cupped at Lancelot’s balls before sliding further up to rub the underside of the other man’s obvious arousal.

Arthur heard Lancelot call out his name…not once…but twice and with obvious pleasure.

“Mmmmhmmm…awake now?” Arthur teased; his voice barely audible since his mouth was still fused to the firm flesh of Lancelot’s backside.

This….is why you….should always ride….and always have my attention,” Arthur continued without removing his mouth from Lancelot’s much desired flesh; his free hand gave another generous squeeze to the side not occupied by his mouth. Mine.

Arthur had an almost overpowering need to bury himself inside of Lancelot…completely lose himself to the other man’s heat and strength and wild passions. His thick fingers continued their ministrations to Lancelot’s body even as Arthur’s tongue began to lave a wet path back up the other man’s spine.

“Mmhmmm..want you….” Arthur groaned against the middle of Lancelot’s back and pressed his cock against the Sarmatian’s thigh to punctuate the matter of his urgency. His hand that had been torturing Lancelot’s arousal shifted out from under the other man’s body and slid ‘round Lancelot’s hip to urge the other man to roll over.
Ash: lancelot snark by matasasha_b on August 13th, 2008 02:02 am (UTC)
Fucking Arthur - only he wasn't. Yet. Lancelot gritted his teeth, and cursed to all the gods that he had just had to love this particular man, who was so innocent to the ways of flesh - and to the true ways of the world - instead of some easy hussy or stupid knight that would allow him to do as he wished and to not fall hopelessly in lo-

Attached. Yes. He was not in love with Arthur. Not at all. Not with the man's strong hands, or his broad shoulders, or his bad sense of humor, or his tapered hips or his loyalty or his ridiculous belief in the goodness of man.

Or his green, green eyes, that could see anything and everything that Lancelot ever wanted to hide.

Too late, ap Ban. You love him. You will - always - love him.

Groaning into the bedclothes, Lancelot cursed himself this time and allowed the zing of passion and the fire of love to consume him - even though the sun was barely awake. His conscience was right. It was too late - and Hadrian's balls, but he loved Arthur with every breath, every argument, every sword clang, every lost battle, every laugh, every smile, and every glance that took Lancelot's being away with the Roman.


"This...is why you...should always ride...and always have my attention."

Arthur's voice was growled and yet tinged with laughter as his mouth continued to claim ownership of Lancelot's backside. The Sarmatian laughed roughly, finding his eyes were wet, and he turned his head to the side so he could see Arthur's face as best he could.

"Mmhmmm..want you...."

The other man's lips were now at the half way point of Lancelot's spine, and he could feel Arthur's rather stunningly hard...proof of want pressing against his leg. He did not ignore the Roman's hand that tried to urge him over. But Lancelot didn't want to be faced with Arthur's burning gaze right at this moment. He wanted to revel in his shame - and his love, and the fact that he was making the biggest mistake of his life. He couldn't do that and watch the other man be consumed by his own eyes and his own passion.

"No," he said, the word spoken low - but insistant. Lancelot shoved himself up onto his knees, and raised his arms over his head, stretching his muscles and feeling the pleasurable tightness that shot through his cock and thighs as he did so. He crossed his wrists onto his back, and closing his eyes briefly, licked his dry lips. Anticipation was high in his veins - no matter how many times or how roughly or gently they did this, it was still amazing and desired more and more. He wanted Arthur to take him, to tell him he had no choice -

for then, Lancelot would believe it, and he'd be able to push aside his surety that everything would end up for shit with them. And he didn't think - with this man, this man whom he loved like anything - breathing against his back and saying he loved him - he could do this with the sorrow that threatened to overwhelm.

He wanted to love and be fucked and to have Arthur's body smashing him prone into Arthur's bed; he wanted Arthur's sweat and Arthur's musk surrounding him, drenching him.

"Have me like this," he breathed. "Arthur."
Cat: Arthur ~ Lost to Youcat_o_wen on August 14th, 2008 07:56 pm (UTC)
Arthur’s mind had floated away; given over to lust and need and love when Lancelot quietly said a word he’d completely unexpected.


The word hung heavily in the air above them. There was still a little bit of Lancelot’s taste in Arthur’s mouth as it fell open in surprise. No? Before the Roman could answer, Lancelot was out of his grasp and on his knees; his body risen above where Arthur still lay on the bed…..still astounded. Had he offended his lover rather than pleased him? The Roman quickly shoved that thought of insecurity aside…unnerving how Lancelot could still make Arthur doubt himself….I am lost to him….forever. God forgive me.

Arthur slowly pushed himself up behind Lancelot, green eyes following the other man’s movements….wanting to touch him, reassure him…love him. The Roman lifted a hand with the intention of lacing his fingers with Lancelot’s where they offered themselves over Lancelot’s back. But Arthur hesitated….until Lancelot spoke again.

"Have me like this, Arthur."

Bewildered - despite the frenzied want coursing through his veins, Arthur stared at the back of Lancelot’s curly head for what seemed like hours. This appeared to be an act of full capitulation from the Sarmatian; something Arthur had not anticipated….nor did he think he had actually wanted from Lancelot. But a zing of raw lust flew up the Roman’s spine telling him otherwise. Oh he wanted this alright despite his conscience and respect for his lover.

Do not hesitate to take what is offered….freely.

Arthur’s strong arms wrapped around Lancelot’s waist and thick fingers splayed out over the Sarmatian’s muscular abdomen. Arthur’s chiseled chest pressed against Lancelot’s back. His knees planted themselves firmly between Lancelot’s legs and Arthur’s painfully hard cock slid up against the Sarmatian’s well shaped bottom….at that contact a moan of pleasure instantly erupted from Arthur’s lips.

“My Knight. My love. My heart,” Arthur breathed his own mantra into Lancelot’s ear. He slid one hand up Lancelot’s chest to cavort with the man’s taut nipple while his sharp teeth grazed over Lancelot’s well formed shoulder. And as his mouth lefts its mark, Arthur’s eyes slid shut and he deeply inhaled the scent of him…savoring the taste on the tip of his tongue.

Have him now….for the day will come when he will tire of this and pull away.

Strong and insistent hands plundered over every inch of Lancelot’s torso. But Arthur wanted – needed more. He had to claim Lancelot’s flesh fully before his own body peaked too soon. While the fingers of one hand fanned out over Lancelot’s abdomen to steady him, the other slid between them and roughly teased at Lancelot’s opening. And that was closely followed by the tip of Arthur’s arousal which elicited a deep groan from the Roman’s throat. Arthur pushed into Lancelot’s tight body and was sure he saw a brilliant ray of light pass overhead…..or perhaps the dawn had finally broken over the horizon at that exact same moment. In either event, Arthur was lost to his want and love for Lancelot…..his hips found their rhythm as Arthur’s mouth closed over the curve of Lancelot’s neck.
Ash: lancelot two swords by lessysasha_b on August 15th, 2008 01:00 am (UTC)
There had been some kind of story in Lancelot's tribe when he was a child about a monster. A monster that shambled and had white, white skin and piercing green eyes. It came when you least expected it, and its gaze mesmerized you while its sharp teeth pierced your throat and drank its fill of your essence.

Lancelot's mother had tried to scare him and his siblings with that story on many ocassions - especially when they had been horrid children. He had always poo-poo'ed the tale; until night, when he'd been trying to sleep, and had been sure the green eyed monster was there, right outside his window, its breath hot in his ear and its arms winding ever closer to draw him in.

The fact that that memory popped into Lancelot's head as Arthur's body claimed his did not surprise him. What surprised him was the urgency and roughness that the Roman used in his taking - and Lancelot reveled in it. That was exactly what he had wanted from Arthur, what he had needed, what he had desperately desired so he could ignore his inner thoughts and just be swept away by whatever this man wanted from him.

He didn't like the idea of giving up his own power. But at each thrust, at each slap of Arthur's hips against his, with each drop of sweat and nip of Arthur's teeth against his throat, Lancelot found his body opened up and welcomed the pain and the pleasure that was taking away the hated worry.

"My Knight. My love. My heart,”

Lancelot only growled in answer, and pushed backward against Arthur's cock that impaled him quickly and surely. He sucked in deep air, a sobbing sound ripping through his lungs, and he fumbled for the hand that rested on his belly. He wound their fingers together, and slammed his eyes shut against the coming of the sun - and the true giving over of himself to Arthur - a Roman, another man, and the only person Lancelot would ever allow to knowingly do something like this to him - the only person he'd ever truly love in his life. He knew that; he accepted it, and he cursed himself for his stupidity.

His breath was coming in shorter gasps, and he slid the arm that was free over his own shoulder and grabbed at Arthur's hair, jerking the other man's head forward and into his neck.

"Like this, Arthur," he bit off. "Have me like this, keep me, take me, have me as yours. Please, please please." His eyes were beginning to tear up again - if not from the intensity of his emotional battle, then from the pure carnal lust he felt for Arthur and what the Roman was doing. He grunted Arthur's name again, and shoved back each time the other man slid out of his body. They had a rhythm - and the muscles in Lancelot's thighs and back spasmed with the workout they were getting.

His arousal was screaming for relief, and Lancelot dropped his and Arthur's joined hands to his cock. "Please," he said again. Licking his dry lips, he ached to be able to kiss the other man - but this is what he had wanted, and he would take it all.

He would take everything, and he would fucking love Arthur - and he didn't care about the rest of it. The rest of it be damned.

Sweat dripped from his forehead, and he watched in weird fascination as it fell to land on his legs, the bed creaking from their exertions. His vision tunneled and slowed - and the green, green, green of his lover's eyes filled his mind.

He smiled at it - even though Arthur couldn't see his face.
Cat: Arthur ~ Lost to Youcat_o_wen on August 17th, 2008 06:01 pm (UTC)
The brilliant morning light came flooding into the grey colored chambers illuminating Arthur’s sins to God and Arthur squeezed his eyes shut against it. He loved Lancelot with all his unworthy heart. God would forgive….surely God must see the fruition of their joining…Lancelot’s heart and will made Arthur stronger and able to withstand anything to accomplish his duties to Rome and fulfill God’s will….surely He was witness to it.

A light film of perspiration covered Arthur’s skin in response to the physical exertion of his coupling with Lancelot. Their bodies ebbed and flowed in perfect synchronization. He heard Lancelot call out his name…..moaned in delectation as Lancelot’s fingers wound in his hair and roughly pulled his head tighter against the Sarmatian’s shoulder. Lancelot’s other hand had found Arthur’s at his abdomen and entwined with the Roman’s thick fingers.

Arthur heard Lancelot’s pleading words and whispered a sweet word of endearment into the other man’s ear as best he could while continuing his physical domination of Lancelot’s body. Arthur’s heart beat fiercely inside of his ribcage and each and every breath had become increasingly labored with his efforts.

Thick fingers greedily encompassed Lancelot’s impressively hard cock and Arthur somehow had the mental capacity to caress the needy flesh. Lancelot had clearly given all of himself over to Arthur, thus the least the Roman could do was reciprocate in some small way.

“Meus diligo,” Arthur’s voice cracked as he spoke the words against Lancelot’s curly head. My love.

Every muscle in Arthur’s body tightened, his hips jerked almost uncontrollably into Lancelot’s backside and as every ounce of blood in his body flooded into his groin….Arthur’s release crashed over his senses like the monsoon of legends. He cried out Lancelot’s name as his body shook and rocked with the force of his orgasm. He saw prisms of light and felt only Lancelot, tasted only Lancelot and became only Lancelot.
Ash: sexy curlsasha_b on August 19th, 2008 10:08 pm (UTC)
Giving himself over like this wasn't easy for the Sarmatian knight - capitulation, in his line of work, and his life, usually meant dying.

This would probably end up something like that - but Lancelot didn't care at this moment.

The sun broke over the horizon, and Lancelot breathed out heavily. He hadn't realized he'd been holding his breath, and when Arthur's rich, warm voice floated over the scallop of Lancelot's ear, the knight took all of the other man that he could - inside physically, mentally, in every way - and gritted his teeth, and opened his eyes to the coming of dawn.

He felt Arthur jerking against him, heard the other man's cry of Lancelot, felt his arms tighten and spasm around his middle and his arousal. Lancelot turned his head, opened his eyes wider, and stared blindly at the sun streaming through the edge of Arthur's windows. His pupils contracted to pin points, his eyes began to water, and yet still he stared.

He wished his mind to be scalded clean, otherwise he might open up completely to this man...this Roman, and then he'd have nothing left of himself.

He'd already given his body and his heart - what little remained of his soul, he had to keep. He had to -

and then his cock was drawing all his attention as his orgasm claimed him, Arthur's calloused, thick fingers pulling the release from Lancelot as he cried out himself finally and arched his spine, his head thrown back against Arthur's shoulder, his eyes at last slamming shut against the accusing light of the morning.

It was all well and good in the dark, when Lancelot knew Arthur could push away his thoughts of "sin" just for a while, and Lancelot could feel alright with giving himself away like he had. But in the light of a new day -

"Oh, Arthur," he cried again, and grabbed at the Roman's leg, squeezing the hard muscle until he was sure he'd left a mark. His back was still arched, his head lolling against Arthur's neck, the very last of his strength ebbing away with the sun and with the complete possession of his self. His whole self.

You have me now, my heart. All of me.

"Tread lightly," he whispered, his breathing coming roughly and the hand in Arthur's hair dropping exhaustedly to his lap. He sighed, and wondered if Arthur had heard him - or had understood.
Cat: Arthur ~ Lost to Youcat_o_wen on August 20th, 2008 09:07 pm (UTC)
Lancelot’s body had mercy on Arthur and peaked only moments after the Roman had spent the last of his strength; he heard Lancelot call out his name and felt the Sarmatian’s body tighten and spasm around what was left of his own arousal.

“Sempiternus amor,” Arthur whispered while he opened his eyes to the blinding morning sunlight pouring through the open window. Forever love.

Arthur wrapped both arms around Lancelot’s waist and held on tight despite the way his whole body still trembled in the aftermath of his release. He felt Lancelot’s body quiver and he heard the other man murmur something as his head came to rest on the crook of Arthur’s shoulder. He tilted his head to brush shaky lips across Lancelot’s flushed cheek.

“Morning has come, my heart,” Arthur’s lips smiled against Lancelot’s cheek. The muscles in the Roman’s legs quavered while sweat trickled down his spine…Arthur was thoroughly spent and the sun had barely risen on the day. He prayed they could afford a few more moments in bed – to recover – before facing the days’ work. And Arthur immediately squeezed his eyes shut and silently cursed the very thought of ‘work’. And he knew that he must also go to the chapel….and beg His forgiveness for…

“You shall be the death of me, Lancelot ap Ban,” Arthur half groaned and lessened his grip on the other man and twisted enough to collapse down onto the bed beside him; slightly wincing as their bodies disengaged from their intimate union. He brought Lancelot’s lithe body down with him though, so that the Sarmatian landed half on top of Arthur. Not that he minded.

Complete capitulation. Arthur had given ‘all’ of himself over to Lancelot. His heart, his body and his soul. Yes, it has been the Roman to physically claim the Sarmatian’s body….but it was the Roman that was sure he had given himself fully over to Lancelot. And if God deemed that Arthur should pay for that gift…then so be it. Guilt would no doubt find its way into the Roman’s conscience….but not yet this early in the morning and so soon after such an act of passion and love and surrender. Not yet.
Ash: lance b and w by matasasha_b on August 23rd, 2008 02:39 am (UTC)
"Morning has come, my heart."

Lancelot stayed as still as he could in Arthur's hold; the Roman's arms that wrapped tightly about his middle anchoring him to the waking world better than any words or gaze could. He turned his hot cheek into Arthur's warm neck briefly, his eyes still closed, his body gradually relaxing from its strenuous work of moments before.

He willed melancholia and worry away with superhuman effort, and laughed gently at Arthur's comment. "Good timing for us, then." He cracked an eyelid and grunted as the Roman let him go and fell into an exhausted heap on the bed, but went willingly as Arthur dragged him with him.

"You shall be the death of me, Lancelot ap Ban."

That brought a broader laugh from Lancelot's lips. "By the gods - you have it backward, love." He smirked and readjusted himself from the way he'd fallen atop the other man, groaning as his still sensitive cock brushed against Arthur's hip. "I soon will be nothing but a walking erection." He snorted and nuzzled against the warm skin that still kept him heated - and breathed deeply, inhaling the scent of their joining.

You've truly given yourself over, haven't you?

The tiny voice that spoke wasn't angry, or sad, or worried. It wasn't even disappointed, which in truth was what the Sarmatian had expected to think of himself after such an act of giving. The voice just spoke the truth - and Lancelot closed his long lashed eyes, shutting out the inevitable fact of what he'd just done.

He wondered if Arthur even understood the seriousness of it - and realized he cared, but - sighing, Lancelot pressed his lips to Arthur's collarbone and wiped a shaking hand over his brow to rid himself of some of the sweat that had drenched him earlier.

"Can we just lie here for the rest of the day?"

His words were teasingly light, but the thought behind them was only half joking. Lancelot was no fool; he knew the way the world worked, especially for him, but -

gods, just let have a moment of denial. Please.
Cat: Arthur ~ Lost to Youcat_o_wen on August 24th, 2008 06:58 pm (UTC)
Arthur willingly and almost greedily wrapped his arms around Lancelot as the other man settled against his side where they both lay sprawled out on the bed. Lancelot held Arthur’s heart in his hands and always would. God may damn Arthur for it and the Roman would spend the rest of his life begging forgiveness for his sins….but he loved Lancelot with every fiber of his being.

"By the gods - you have it backward, love. I soon will be nothing but a walking erection."

“I would not mind that,” Arthur answered teasingly; gently laughing at Lancelot’s descriptive words. Although, Arthur did take some pride in the fact that he had such an effect on Lancelot. Certainly, Arthur only need feel Lancelot’s presence anywhere near and his body reacted with an uncontrollable want for the other man’s touch. At first, that rampant response had frustrated the typically disciplined Roman….but Arthur was learning to welcome it even in the most inconvenient situations. He drew strength from their bond; even when the two men were in the midst of a typical argument.

"Can we just lie here for the rest of the day?"

Arthur made some nondescript sound in agreement while his fingers lazily traced over Lancelot’s well formed shoulder.

“Persuade me,” Arthur suggested with a tone as alluring as he could manage despite his suddenly dry as the desert throat. He coughed and groaned against the urgency for anything wet to quench his thirst. Arthur’s desire to remain laying here in bed with Lancelot half on top of his body far outweighed the need for sustenance and drink. Besides, there was still a little bit of the taste of Lancelot in Arthur’s mouth…he licked at his lips and smiled to himself while savoring that taste.

“Unless you are in a rush to work in the new horses today,” Arthur commented further, mirth quite evident in his tone, and then brought his hand up to touch Lancelot’s bearded jaw. Arthur prayed the other man would want to kiss him and nearly blushed the moment he thought it. Self confident and strong willed Roman Calvary Commander be damned. Lancelot had Arthur completely under his control here in this bed and any time the Sarmatian touched….or gave Arthur that look with those dark and mischievous eyes framed with those long lashes and angular face.
Ash: lancelot by citadel iconssasha_b on August 27th, 2008 02:18 am (UTC)
"Persuade me...unless you are in a rush to work in the new horses today."

Lancelot snorted tiredly, but grinned as he lifted himself up enough to stare down into the Roman's face. "I think I've just done that, commander."

He blinked innocently, and, leaning over, brushed his mouth against Arthur's sweetly. "Your lips are dry," he whispered, and gently disentangled himself from Arthur's warm and close embrace. Sitting up, he groaned and rubbed hands over his still flushed face. "Here," he said, and found a half empty goblet of wine that was sitting on the table next to Arthur's bed. Turning, he sat facing the other man, his legs crossed, his face pinching once as the muscles in his thighs pulled at the movement.

"Wet your throat before you lose all power of speech. And by the gods, but wouldn't that be a blessing?" He laughed, and touched Arthur's chest with long slender fingers. He marked a few bruises on the other man's body, and felt a small smile contort his features as he cocked his head.

"New horses. Really," he sighed, and again rubbed his free hand over his face, then through his hair, the dark curls grabbing his fingers as he did so. "Ow," he muttered, jerking his hand as he pulled his own hair. "I'm beginning to think you're dangerous to my health, Arthur." He smirked, and then stretched his sore arms up over his head.

Take me like this, Arthur.


Despite himself and his capitulated pride, Lancelot flushed and lowered his hands. He rolled his swollen lips inward, and twisted his mouth wryly. "I am yours," he said simply, his dark eyes never leaving Arthur's face, and the green gaze that owned him. "Do not make me sorry."

His voice was soft, and the tone was questioning - he'll leave you, one day, no matter what you wish - and yet -

he knew he loved this man, and would still love him, no matter the consequence, no matter the possibilities of their lives both ending on the battlefield, no matter the worry of his brothers or the worry of his own, disquiet heart.

He shrugged, finally breaking the intense eye contact that practically pinned him to the wall.

"Don't leave me."

The words were whispered and yet violent in their demands. Once spoken, there they were in the open, for Arthur to hear and for Lancelot to accept. He raised his long lashes, and again his brown irises sought out the green ones that held only desire and respect and ...

and love.

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Cat: Arthur ~ Lost to Youcat_o_wen on August 28th, 2008 08:35 pm (UTC)
"I think I've just done that, commander."

Arthur felt the heat of his embarrassment flood his cheeks and he gave a fairly hearty laugh to cover it. But Lancelot rose up to look at him and thus could see how easily he still flustered the prudent Roman. Hopefully Lancelot understood it for what it was though…Arthur cared what the other man thought of him; he respected and loved Lancelot….despite the very possessive manner in which he’d just claimed the Sarmatian.

Yet, the soft kiss Lancelot gave him had Arthur forgetting whatever it was that he had just been thinking about though. He sighed in contentment and allowed Lancelot to do anything he wished as Arthur lay boneless on the bed and completely open to the other man in every sense of the word.

"Your lips are dry,"

Arthur’s tongue slid out and attempted to remedy that by licking along the seam of his lips. But all that accomplished was the discovery of how Lancelot’s taste still lingered there.

"Here. Wet your throat before you lose all power of speech. And by the gods, but wouldn't that be a blessing?"

“You would enjoy that,” Arthur answered with a wry grin while accepting the goblet from Lancelot’s hand. The Roman propped himself up enough to comfortably drink from the cup. And while he swallowed the few mouthfuls of red wine, Arthur felt Lancelot’s fingers lightly tracing over his chest leaving rows of tiny goose bumps in their wake.

"New horses. Really…. I'm beginning to think you're dangerous to my health, Arthur."

“No more so that you are to mine, heart,” Arthur groused and briefly cut his eyes at Lancelot while he rubbed his free hand over his sore kneecap. No doubt the Roman’s body was decorated with marks left by Lancelot’s overzealous mouth and hands and Arthur was glad of it.

"I am yours. Do not make me sorry. Don't leave me."

Lancelot’s words were quiet… gentle and so softly spoken that Arthur had tilted his head towards the other man to better hear them. Arthur’s placid green eyes suddenly rippled with emotion. His lips parted to answer, but he hesitated at seeing the color in Lancelot’s cheeks and the innocence in Lancelot’s dark eyes. Arthur discarded the now empty goblet and brought his hand up to touch Lancelot’s bottom lip; his thumb gently rubbing across the soft flesh there.

“I will never leave you, Lancelot. Not even death would keep me from you,” Arthur spoke the words quietly, but with clear conviction and love.

“You must trust in this…trust in my love for you. I am nothing if not yours for as long as you will have me,” Arthur added while he brought his hand to Lancelot’s chest and placed the palm of his hand over Lancelot’s heart. Arthur knew not what other words he could offer in reassurance. He understood Lancelot’s difficulty with trust which was largely due to being forced into conscription by the Roman army; at least as far as the Commander had known. Arthur had not ever been able to fully think on the way Lancelot, and the rest of his knights, had suffered at the hands of previous Roman officers who had not seen the value in human life. He had heard stories of how the Sarmatians had been treated and found himself quickly sickened by them. He swallowed roughly and shoved such distasteful things away…this was not how Arthur wished to feel when alone with Lancelot.

Arthur continued to meet Lancelot’s inquisitive gaze; he felt Lancelot’s heartbeat beneath the palm of his hand and willed the other man to feel the strong bond that had welded Arthur’s own heart to Lancelot…I give it willingly to him.
Ash: lancelot rain by lessysasha_b on August 30th, 2008 04:03 am (UTC)
Arthur's light touch on his mouth had Lancelot's eyes shuttering; he flickered them open when the other man spoke.

“I will never leave you, Lancelot. Not even death would keep me from you. You must trust in this…trust in my love for you. I am nothing if not yours for as long as you will have me,”

Lancelot cast a short glance down at Arthur's hand on his chest, although he knew what the Roman was doing. He could feel his heartbeat thumping slowly and surely against Arthur's palm - it beat for this man alone, and by the gods, just how long would Lancelot live with that kind of attitude? How long would he survive, how long would he make it in this Roman world that hated the foreign conscripts so?

How could he rely on Arthur's protection - the other man had his own life to think of, and as much as Lancelot knew Arthur would die to save his fellow knights and himself, the Sarmatian also knew he wouldn't let Arthur do that.

Don't be afraid. I will return.

That had been the first lie he'd ever told. It certainly wouldn't be the last.

He met Arthur's gentle green eyes and sighed. He picked up the hand that lay on his chest and pressed his lips to the pulse point at the base of Arthur's palm, and wound their fingers together. Laying their joined hands on his knees, he cocked his head and regarded the other man in the bed. In his blood. His heart, his mind, his body, his soul.

"Do not make promises you cannot keep, my friend."

His voice was soft, and he tried to keep the melancholia out of it. He twisted his mouth wryly, and on impulse, leaned forward and kissed Arthur, with heat and passion and yet with all the softness and love he could manage. It was strange for him to feel and act like he was - it was almost something he couldn't even fathom how to act on.

And yet - this love had taken him by force, knocked him on his ass, and sat on his chest until he capitulated and let it into his flesh.

He drew back a bit, but continued to meet Arthur's gaze with no fear. He was Lancelot. He was of a proud tribe; he'd been raised with respect and kindness, and despite the hideous treatment he'd received most of his life within the Army, here was one thing that might hold some promise of a decent future.

If only he could just...hold...on.

"I will have you forever, if fate and the gods allow me." He laughed, and kissed Arthur's mouth again. "Actually - I am Lancelot ap Ban, of the plains of Sarmatia. I will take what I want, and no man or woman or god or fucking Roman Legion will stop me."

He smiled and copied Arthur's touch of his lip. "I want this - and you."
Cat: Arthur ~ Waiting up in Heavencat_o_wen on August 31st, 2008 11:25 pm (UTC)
My power will be with you wherever you will go.

Arthur silently communicated reassurances to the man before him…the man he loved and the one he would gladly give his life to protect and preserve.

Arthur’s affectionate smile broadened as Lancelot sweetly kissed the palm of his hand and then wound their fingers together in his lap. At this moment, it was impossible to imagine just how deadly those hands actually were…gripped around the hilt of a sword on a battlefield…..those long elegant fingers that had given Arthur such incredible pleasure away from that battlefield….here alone in the comforts of this bed.

"Do not make promises you cannot keep, my friend."

Arthur had every intention of rebuking that he would indeed keep that promise, but Lancelot’s mouth on his kept the Roman silent…for the moment. He closed his eyes and reveled in Lancelot’s kiss; groaning softly at feeling the other man’s ardor in his touch.

This was surely Arthur’s reward for his faith…the precious gift of love for remaining true to another in every sense of the word. Lancelot would hate him for the comparison, but if God were to take on a human form Arthur prayed He would look upon the Roman as Lancelot did now….with all the love that shown so brilliantly in Lancelot’s eyes as he looked at Arthur.

Acceptance, forgiveness, strength and love. It was all there…right there in Lancelot’s eyes. Tangible and boundless.

"I will have you forever, if fate and the gods allow me. Actually - I am Lancelot ap Ban, of the plains of Sarmatia. I will take what I want, and no man or woman or god or fucking Roman Legion will stop me."

Oh, Lancelot could have Arthur whenever or wherever the other man wished. And God save any man, beast or legion that would attempt to come between them.

"I want this - and you."

“Then I pray that you will never stop wanting this….me,” Arthur murmured as Lancelot’s fingers feathered over his lips. He gave their two joined hands a gentle squeeze and thought very seriously on ordering Lancelot to remain here in this bed for the entire day.

Arthur rose up enough to reach Lancelot’s mouth and pressed a kiss to the other man’s lips.

“I love you, Lancelot ap Ban,” Arthur quietly yet profoundly stated while his lips continued to caress Lancelot’s mouth with great affection.

The sun shone through the window a little brighter now. Arthur’s heart beat a little stronger now. He pulled Lancelot’s hand up to press those beloved fingers to his chest; covering over his steady heartbeat….a heart that beat for Lancelot. Always and forever.

Would this love withstand future trials and tribulations? Arthur believed their bond unbreakable. But fate was a cruel and heartless thing. Hadn’t the Roman already learned that lesson?

Arthur’s eyelids slid closed as he kissed Lancelot with all the love and want and need that he had for the other man. Morning had come and guilt had not ripped Lancelot away from Arthur’s grip….not yet.
Ash: Lancelot falling by lessysasha_b on September 3rd, 2008 01:50 am (UTC)
“Then I pray that you will never stop wanting this….me.

I love you, Lancelot ap Ban."

Arthur's mouth took gentle possession of Lancelot's even as the other man's hand tugged their joined fingers to rest over the Roman's fiercely beating heart. Lancelot slid his free hand to rest on Arthur's shoulder; his eyes remained open even as Arthur's liquid green ones closed slowly.

I love you.

I want you - I love you - you're mine.

Mine. Mine. Mineminemineminemine.

Several thoughts crashed over him at once; he'd finally found something worth staying in this pisshole of a fort for - even staying in this wretchedly hard life. He was kissing another man - a Roman - ROMAN - and he wanted it. He wanted Arthur with every swoosh of the blood through his veins. With every throb of his heart, with every gasped breath on the battlefield as he and Arthur stood back to back, an unstoppable force that no one would dare to break apart.

And he realized he was frightened.

Of the intensity, of giving himself over this completely, of choosing to love someone so different than himself and his background, of the sheer undeniable fact that Arthur would leave him one day - be it by choice, or by death - Lancelot made a whimpering noise and pushed back slightly from Arthur's warm body.

He popped up from the comfortable bed, and was next to the window in Arthur's quarters before he knew it. He stared outside, stared at the sun, willing it to scald the fear and uncertainty from his eyes and his heart. He was Lancelot ap Ban! He was the first knight, he was the crazy one who killed with not one but two swords. He was the one who laughed in their commander's faces when ordered to do something stupid.

He was the one who would rather die than be left alone.

He licked his dry but swollen lips, and briefly rested his head on the cool plane of glass. Shivering - damn, but he hated winter, and even Arthur's quarters got cold quickly - he turned to face the other man, his eyes tight with anticipation and worry and ....

"You won't leave me."

It was a statement, not a question.

"To love me is to have me in you, around you, over you, in your heart, your blood, your damnable soul, Arthur. I will never let you go. Can you accept that?"

Better to show him fierceness then fear. Better to admit to no worry.

Better to hide behind the mask of warrior.

"For I love you like nothing on this earth, or could have possibly imagined. And may the gods help you should this not ... end well."

His voice trailed off; he couldn't hold onto the 'anger' any more. "Arthur," he sighed. "Come to me. Please." He held out one hand - it trembled minutely, but he stilled it before the Roman could sense his true feelings.
Cat: Arthur ~ Faithfulcat_o_wen on September 5th, 2008 08:29 pm (UTC)
Arthur had completely let go again…given all of himself over to Lancelot with his kiss, his touch and with every strong thump of his heart.

….and then Lancelot was just….gone.

Arthur nearly tumbled forward on the bed at the sudden loss of the balance between them in the wake of Lancelot’s exit. He caught himself by pressing both hands down on the bed and attempted to blink away the love induced haze in his head. What had just happened? What had Arthur done to push Lancelot so abruptly away?

The Roman slowly licked at his swollen bottom lip and turned to find where his lover had retreated to in the room. The window; a favorite location it seemed for the Sarmatian any time he was confined within the walls of the fortress (or any solid structure)….especially when something troubled him. Or at least that had been Arthur’s observation of Lancelot’s behavior over the years.

He sat back on his haunches and for the moment observed the other man. When Lancelot turned to look at Arthur, the muscles in his stomach tightened in reaction to the apparent anger in Lancelot’s dark eyes. Was there an argument to be had and if so, over what?

Arthur slowly exhaled while attempting to make sense of what was happening between them at this very moment. He was on the verge of risking the wrath of Lancelot’s temper by asking what troubled his lover when the other man explained….

"You won't leave me. To love me is to have me in you, around you, over you, in your heart, your blood, your damnable soul, Arthur. I will never let you go. Can you accept that?"

“I already have,” Arthur answered in a low tone as his thick eyebrows slowly rose up towards his hairline. Had Arthur not already proven his loyalty? Whether it be on a battlefield or beneath the furs? The Roman could not comprehend where this seemingly insecurity was coming from with Lancelot. A chill in the air had the hair on the back of Arthur’s neck pricking up, or was it the way Lancelot’s accusing eyes seemed to bore into his bare flesh. Goose bumps decorated Arthur’s skin; he reached up to rub a hand over his chest in a poor attempt to warm himself.

"For I love you like nothing on this earth, or could have possibly imagined. And may the gods help you should this not ... end well."

Not end well. Arthur knew – deep down in the pit of his soul – that it would not end well at all…one or both would die on a battlefield. And if God truly was merciful, it would be the same battle at the same time so that neither man would suffer the loss of the other.

But is that what had Lancelot troubled this morning? Anguish over losing what they had? Arthur would fight fiercely with his very life to keep and protect Lancelot. End of story. Why did the other man doubt this? And why in one kiss did he suddenly suspect that Arthur would abandon him? It was much more likely that Lancelot would lose interest in Arthur and end ‘this’ himself.

"Arthur, come to me. Please."

How could Arthur refuse? His expression quickly softened, although Arthur thought perhaps he should suggest Lancelot return to bed….where the other man would most definitely be warmer than where he now stood.

With a small sigh of capitulation the Roman slid from the bed and while reaching for one of the furs, groaned at the stiffness he felt in his back. He padded his way over to reach Lancelot at the window. But instead of taking hold of the other man’s outstretched hand, Arthur wrapped the fur around Lancelot’s shoulders encompassing both their bodies and pulled the Sarmatian securely against his chest.

“My sole purpose here is in keeping you warm, is it not?” Arthur quietly teased while concerned green eyes searched Lancelot’s nearly black ones for what was truly on the other man’s mind.

“Lancelot, you have no need to threaten me….I will not leave you,” Arthur said in answer to Lancelot’s ‘accusation’. His arms tightened their hold around Lancelot’s shoulders as Arthur continued. “I am strengthened by your love and by our bond. And unless you tire of me…I will never let you go,” Arthur promised with absolute certainty in both his eyes and his voice.
Ash: Lancelot by lessysasha_b on September 6th, 2008 01:25 am (UTC)
Lancelot worried his bottom lip; it was already swollen, so who cared what it looked like?

"My sole purpose here is in keeping you warm, is it not?"

He sighed again as Arthur came to him as requested. His hand ceased its trembling the moment the other man touched him, Arthur's body and gently smiling face easing any ache that might have followed Lancelot's spouting of his fears. He shivered as the other man dropped furs around them; wanting to feel the sun on his back, he slid onto the ledge of the window, which made a natural seat for his narrow hips. He pulled Arthur with him, and cracked a brief smile - what if someone down below could see his back pressed against the glass?

But with the long fur covering his white flesh, it didn't really matter anyway, and besides, one could only glimpse a dark haired man through the warped window - and a dark haired man did occupy this room. He shifted to get closer to Arthur, and his smile twisted briefly into a wince. By the gods, but could his arse handle a mount today?

"Lancelot, you have no need to threaten me...I will not leave you. I am strengthened by your love and by our bond. And unless you tire of me...I will never let you go."

Cocking an arched eyebrow, Lancelot stared into Arthur's face as the Roman tried to quietly reassure him. It helped - even if it was just the cadence and tone of Arthur's voice that gave him that feeling. No matter - the Sarmatian's speaking aloud of his worries had seemed to ease some of the tenseness he had felt.

I will never let you go.

He slipped his arms about the other man's torso and locked his knees at Arthur's hips, pulling the other man in to him tightly. He rested his forehead against Arthur's chest; he could feel the coolness in the commander's normally hot flesh, and laughed, a low, throaty sound that rumbled and echoed where his skin touched Arthur's.

"I see your never ending fire is threatening to bank, my Roman," he said quietly. Only mine. "We should remedy that." He brushed his mouth over Arthur's strongly beating heart, and lay his cheek against Arthur's collarbone. "I believe you," he added, his voice soft, only a bit of hesitation in it. He licked his lips, and ran his hand slowly over Arthur's back, counting the scars and planes of muscle he already had mapped in his head. "Would you rather I held my tongue, and not voiced the truth of my heart to you? Or would you rather me be as I am?"

He knew the answer, but he thought he'd remind Arthur of what and who he was just the same. Lancelot had a feeling - if he lived long enough - he would be the same argumentative, truth seeking, brash inquisitive person that he was now. Why on earth would that change?

And Arthur seemed to like him as he was - and if that changed, well, he'd just make sure Arthur missed him and what he could give too badly to ever think of leaving him.

Even if the Roman didn't love him anymore.
Ash: Lancelot by lessysasha_b on September 6th, 2008 01:26 am (UTC)

His own skin was beginning to prickle from the chill. "We must needs awake, I think," he sighed. Perking up slightly, he raised his head and looked at Arthur, his young face so innocent in the bright light of the scalding, clean dawn. His natural dark nature - despite his white skin - almost managed to blot out the light from the window.

But not quite.

Arthur's God would not have been happy.

"But...horses!" He smiled and squeezed at Arthur's hips with his knees. "Promise - no, swear to me, you'll put me in charge. I'm the best, at any rate. Even you cannot deny that."

His eyes crinkled at the corners, even though not all of the shadows that had threatened before were chased away. They never would be - not until Lancelot breathed his last, most assuredly on some blood soaked field - his swords finally at rest in service of the one man that he would follow, and willingly.

Not the strangest decision he'd ever made, but still...it fluttered in his belly, along with everything else that he could imagine would not work out for him or for Arthur.

He would die for Arthur's damn cause - he was sure of it. As long as the other man loved him until that day - Lancelot could bear his worry with pride and aplomb. He would wear it like a badge of honor - just as he would the marks on his body from Arthur's touch.

Smiling again still, not something many saw - he touched Arthur's face as the sun made the other man's green eyes almost clear jade.
Cat: Arthur and Lancelot ~ Can't Say Nocat_o_wen on September 7th, 2008 08:18 pm (UTC)
Arthur was quite content to allow Lancelot to pull him in tight between the other man’s legs. And the Roman had only to shift just a bit to fit perfectly in place there. Heaven on Earth was surely what it was for Arthur to so intimately occupy the space between Lancelot’s powerful thighs.

"I see your never ending fire is threatening to bank, my Roman. We should remedy that…… I believe you,"

“Mhmmmm…” Arthur smiled at Lancelot’s touch as much as his words; the other man’s long fingers feathered over the Roman’s back while his lips brushed over Arthur’s collarbone. If Lancelot persisted in touching Arthur in this manner….

…..I will never let him go.

Complete contentment and love brought a rare peace to Arthur’s whole being as he breathed in the other man’s scent and felt Lancelot’s breath blow warm against his chest.

"Would you rather I held my tongue, and not voiced the truth of my heart to you? Or would you rather me be as I am?"

Arthur gave a small amused snort at that. He then pressed a kiss into the thick unruly curls amassed across Lancelot’s brow.

“I want and need you exactly as you are, Lancelot…surely you know that by now,” Arthur stated while both of his hands firmly massaged at the taut muscles across Lancelot’s shoulders and back. Arthur could not imagine Lancelot capable of holding his tongue on any matter….and even though that often meant conflict, it was a welcome exchange.

"But...horses! Promise - no, swear to me, you'll put me in charge. I'm the best, at any rate. Even you cannot deny that."

Arthur’s pupils were minuscule dots of black against the bright white morning sun that broke over Lancelot’s dark curly hair. But his vision was not impaired in the least; Arthur could see the genuine joy and love in the other man’s dark amber eyes. He pulled back enough to give Lancelot a broad toothy smile.

“I will grant your request for two reasons,” Arthur began in a tone more that of a commanding officer than a lover. “You, lieutenant, are the best with horses,” Arthur lowered both of his hands so that they rested on Lancelot’s tapered hips.

“And you have promised me something in return…. a ‘fucking of a lifetime’ was it not? And I am most curious to what that might be,” Arthur finished with a wry grin and for once no sign of a flush on his cheeks.
Ash: lancelot arthur by matasasha_b on September 10th, 2008 02:05 am (UTC)
“I will grant your request for two reasons. You, lieutenant, are the best with horses."

Lancelot cocked an arched eyebrow; but of course he was the best. Didn't that go without saying? Even their first fucking bastard of a commander had grudgingly admitted that Lancelot was the talent when it came to their mounts...although he had a feeling he might have to argue with Tristan about that. That damnable scout - his job kept him on a horse more frequently than Lancelot's did. That was the only reason why.

“And you have promised me something in return…. a ‘fucking of a lifetime’ was it not? And I am most curious to what that might be."

Before he could help it, a laugh barked its way out of Lancelot's throat. He leaned forward and kissed Arthur, capturing his lips slightly roughly and with as much passion as he could muster. He licked a possessive line over the Roman's mouth as he pulled back to stare into the other man's green eyes...so green, they way they were brilliantly lit by the sun.

Arthur's whole countenance glowed; his skin ruddy and stubbled. But his eyes - ah, his eyes. Lancelot found himself stumbling only a bit over his words as his grasp around Arthur's middle tightened.

"My sweet, innocent ...lover," he teased. He knew 'innocent' didn't truly fit Arthur anymore. Not with the way the Roman had taken him only this morning. Lancelot shivered and squeezed unintentionally at the other man's hips with his horseman's thighs.

"You will just," he paused as he nipped at Arthur's lower lip, somewhat swollen still from their overzealous morning, "have to," another tiny bite at the edge of the Roman's mouth, "wait for this evening. Of course," he pulled back, pretending to contemplate. "It all depends on how sore I am. You know how much I love to - ride." He blinked his lids, the long lashes fanning his cheeks, full of color even still. Surprisingly, though, he found himself becoming chilled, and, sliding off the window seat, pressed his lean form against Arthur's broader one. "You are my haven," he whispered. "Forgive me my faults."

Forgive my worry and my fear and do not leave me.

He brushed his own bruised lips against the Roman's strongly beating heart; he lingered a moment, feeling the thud thud that he was so familiar with now.

The thud thud he wished fervantly to be lulled to sleep by every evening and to be woken by each dawn.

A silly romantic notion, he knew, but Lancelot - damn his kindhearted mother, who'd always praised the notion of a life full of the right kind of love - despite her ideals, despite his tribes' view of happiness and prosperity - he'd always known, the second the Romans came for him, he was destined for solitude.

By the gods, but had his mother been right?

He licked his lips and shook his head, his eyes closing and a curse slipping from his mouth as he realized the truth of it.
Cat: Arthur ~ I Feel Youcat_o_wen on September 12th, 2008 08:10 pm (UTC)
Arthur was grinning wide when Lancelot kissed him…hard. His grip tightened ‘round Lancelot’s waist and he welcomed the other man’s insistent tongue and needful mouth.

"My sweet, innocent ...lover,"

A short grunt was the immediate reply as powerful thighs clamped down on Arthur’s hips. He welcomed the sensation though.

“Innocent!” Arthur then quipped; feigning wounded pride with his liquid green eyes and pouting swollen mouth. But Lancelot’s sharp teeth were suddenly everywhere on his sore lips and Arthur was lost again.

"You will just…..have to……wait for this evening….. Of course…..it all depends on how sore I am. You know how much I love to - ride."

A strong tremor of pure lust shook at Arthur’s spine as he had a vision of Lancelot riding him all through the day and not the new horses. Even the flutter of Lancelot’s long and innocent lashes could not dissuade Arthur from his salacious notions….punctuated by Lancelot’s body sliding from the ledge to press ever so cozily against Arthur’s body.

Arthur closed his eyes to the sun and wrapped his arms tighter around Lancelot as the other man’s lips feathered over his heart; feeling the powerful bond of love between them.

"You are my haven. Forgive me my faults."

“There is nothing to forgive,” Arthur whispered into Lancelot’s wild curls before deeply inhaling the scent of the other man. Although he was certain he’d heard some sort of curse slip from Lancelot’s mouth following his words. Did the Sarmatian need reassurances? Did the other man not – even after their strenuous love making moments ago – understand that Arthur was blind to Lancelot’s ‘faults’?

“I have found in you a source of strength and peace that I thought I would never find in this life,” Arthur spoke quietly into Lancelot’s hair while smoothing calloused hands over the other man’s scarred back. He weakly attempted to pull the furs up to better cover the Sarmatian’s exposed skin knowing how easily Lancelot chilled.

Arthur’s eyes slowly cracked open again and he winced against the bright morning sunlight that poured in on them. The light seemed to burn the flesh of his face as if to scald out the sins of the man…..sin.

“As much as I would prefer to remain here in this room with you until I had exhausted all your want of me,” Arthur said as he licked at a stray black curl stuck to his bottom lip. “We should see to the day’s work, hm? The horses you are so eager to…ride,” Arthur added with a hint of mirth as he pulled back enough to look down into Lancelot’s dark features. He pressed his brow to Lancelot’s and sighed.

“I am surprised that we have remained undisturbed this long into the dawn as it is,” Arthur added ruefully and loosened his grip on Lancelot….

….but not before kissing the other man again, with care and love, as if it would be the last for a long while.
Ash: Lancelot by lessysasha_b on September 18th, 2008 01:41 am (UTC)
“I have found in you a source of strength and peace that I thought I would never find in this life,”

Lancelot refrained from replying; he smiled into the skin of Arthur's neck as the other man spoke the words of his truth. It was scarily reasurring - and Lancelot cursed himself internally for needing that. It was a weakness; a loophole in his fierce warrior's demeanor that hid so very much.

And yet - it was Arthur. He clutched a bit more tightly at the Roman's middle and sighed as the rays of the sun warmed his back. How he wished it would burn all the hurt and worry between them away - scald clean Arthur's notion of sin that Lancelot knew was in the back of the other man's mind. It always was - it always would be.

He bit his lip and squeezed his eyes shut as wicked thoughts of setting a very large torch to the little garrison chapel invaded his consciousness.

“As much as I would prefer to remain here in this room with you until I had exhausted all your want of me, we should see to the day’s work, hm? The horses you are so eager to…ride. I am surprised that we have remained undisturbed this long into the dawn as it is,”

Lancelot snorted at Arthur's weak attempt at humor, although the idea of riding him the rest of the day wasn't a bad one. Although Lancelot had a feeling he'd have chafed skin and sore muscles much worse than he did with his horse....

He opened his mouth to tease, but Arthur's lips possessed his again, and he happily closed his eyes in order to surrender to the other man's gentle, insistant kiss.

Feels like good bye.

Lancelot separated their embrace, and touched Arthur's cheek once. He slipped from the Roman's arms and returned to the bed, sitting carelessly as he tried to remember what it was he did other than fuck Arthur and think about Arthur the whole time they were apart during the day.

Besotted fool. He laughed, and rubbed his hands over his arms. "I could use the ride. It's cold in here." He scrubbed fingers over his stubbled face and through his already wild hair - the black whorls standing up in crazy shapes that caught the light from the morning's rays and reflected back multiple hues of dark brown and copper. "What shall you be doing whilst I'm busying myself with the new horseflesh? Don't tell me you're not going to see them at all," he admonished. "I know you love your great white beauty, but it's never too early to break in a replacement. War horses are short lived beasts usually. Hazard of the job, unfortunately."


Why can't you see me?

Lancelot's chest ached, and he rubbed the spot under his left shoulder absently. It had been a while since he'd had that dream -

he shuddered, and tried to smile at Arthur, all the while hiding the shadows that darkened his black eyes from the other man.

Cat: Arthur ~ Faithfulcat_o_wen on September 18th, 2008 06:27 pm (UTC)
Lancelot appeared to have the fortitude Arthur lacked to break their embrace before the Roman succumbed once again to his selfish need to crawl inside the Sarmatian’s skin and remain there. Arthur knew they both had their duties to attend, he knew it would only raise suspicion should they remained sequestered in his private chambers indefinitely….but God help him, deep down inside that was all Arthur longed to do. Selfish and foolish and sinful and undeniably the most cherished moments in the day had now become the time Arthur had alone with Lancelot.

For a moment, Arthur’s eyes squinted against the bright morning light before he turned to find Lancelot had returned to the bed. He smiled at the messy state of the other man’s hair and came to stand in front of Lancelot at the bedside.

"I could use the ride. It's cold in here."

“I could warm you again, but I would not want to keep you from your ride,” Arthur teased while he reached over to smooth at Lancelot’s wild curls with his right hand.

"What shall you be doing whilst I'm busying myself with the new horseflesh? Don't tell me you're not going to see them at all, I know you love your great white beauty, but it's never too early to break in a replacement. War horses are short lived beasts usually. Hazard of the job, unfortunately."

Unfortunately so….dangerous and tragic lives we live.

Arthur bent down to Lancelot; bringing his hand from the other man’s tousled hair to gently grasp at his bearded jaw. He brushed a fond kiss over Lancelot’s still swollen lips and then stepped around the end of the bed in search of any article of clothing. Finding Lancelot’s soft buckskin leathers in a heap on the floor, Arthur picked up the trousers and casually tossed them to the Sarmatian.

“I shall be accompanying you to view the new stock,” Arthur answered while retrieving a clean pair of his own leathers from the clothing chest on the far side of the bed. “And then once I am satisfied you have them well in hand….” He paused long enough to grunt at just how stiff his back felt while attempting to tug on his trousers; not to mention brushing the material over a few bruises on his hips. “…then I am quite certain a towering pile of missives will require my attention before mid day,” Arthur said while his thick fingers worked to halfway lace up the ties of his leathers. He then reached for a well pressed tunic from the top drawer only to hesitate as his fingers brushed over his father’s crucifix. Arthur would also pay a visit to the small chapel this morning. Guilt that had taken a back seat to the Roman’s desires through the night was once again threatening to dominate Arthur’s conscience.

I must find a balance….I must find a way….I cannot…WILL NOT…give him up now.
Ash: tee hee! by matasasha_b on September 21st, 2008 04:22 am (UTC)
Lancelot smiled lazily at Arthur after the other man kissed him. It was a gentle gesture but Lancelot still felt the emotion behind it - and that was the best part about it.

He grunted as he raised his arm to catch his thrown leathers, and turned on the bed, bending his left knee as he watched the Roman dress.

“I shall be accompanying you to view the new stock. And then once I am satisfied you have them well in hand…then I am quite certain a towering pile of missives will require my attention before mid day."

Lancelot's eyes followed Arthur's motions; everything the other man did spoke of power and physicality, the very opposite of the way Lancelot moved. He was liquid steel to Arthur's brick and mortar. He was the ice that melted at the touch from Arthur's flame; he was the wind to Arthur's earth. They fit.

He rolled smoothly to his feet, and padded naked with his leathers over his shoulder to where Arthur stood, his trousers half done and his gaze holding a thoughtful expression. Lancelot tried not to frown, but he had a feeling he knew where Arthur's mind was going.

His deft fingers took up the task of completing the lacing of Arthur's leathers, and he twisted his mouth wryly as he carefully watched his hands.

"I'm sure we can find you a decent new horse," he said, ignoring the comments he really wanted to make. Worrying about sin, Arthur? "And don't worry - the young ones will be taken care of as well. I know Galahad," his face twisted in annoyance at merely speaking the lad's name, "needs a new mount desperately. I could leave that to Gawain, but...I am the best in that, and I'm certainly not shy about speaking it to the world." He smiled, although it didn't reach his shadowed eyes. "It is nice to have a skill other than taking a man's life easily."

He flexed his fingers and dropped his arms away from Arthur's pants. Not the best place for him to be lingering by, at any rate. Well, not if they wanted to get out of the room.

He sighed and slid his leathers on, one leg at a time, slowly, as he stared at the banked fire. He snugged the pants up around his narrow hips and laced them quickly. Making to turn from the seemingly thoughtful commander, he bit his lip and arrested his movement. Raising a hand, he slid it over the fine bone of Arthur's hip that peeked just above his trousers.

"So strong," he murmured, still not daring to raise his eyes to meet the green ones he knew were gazing at him. "And yet so easily taken away."
Cat: Arthur ~ Whisper Slowly To Mecat_o_wen on September 21st, 2008 07:47 pm (UTC)
Arthur felt Lancelot approach and thus fought with all his power to shove the guilt away. He turned to face the other man expecting some sort of sarcasm, when all that he received was Lancelot’s attention to the laces of his trousers.

"I'm sure we can find you a decent new horse, and don't worry - the young ones will be taken care of as well. I know Galahad.....needs a new mount desperately. I could leave that to Gawain, but...I am the best in that, and I'm certainly not shy about speaking it to the world. It is nice to have a skill other than taking a man's life easily."

Lancelot’s lips seemed to smile as he worked most efficiently at the binds and he talked about horses and the other men and everything but what was probably really on the Sarmatian’s mind. Arthur sensed that from the way Lancelot now avoided his gaze, but the Roman hoped it was only the same melancholy that he too felt in knowing that they must get on with their day as ‘Commander’ and ‘Lieutenant’. It was also that sense of responsibility towards his duties that kept Arthur from lifting his hands to touch Lancelot again. He knew that if he did, they would never leave this room any time in the foreseeable future.

Arthur should have retrieved a clean tunic and finished dressing when Lancelot had turned away to pull on his own trousers, yet he could not as his gaze only followed the Sarmatian. He never tired of watching the other man…especially in the quiet moments they shared alone together. Lancelot’s movements were admirably fluid and sensual no matter what he was doing. A small smile tugged at the corner of Arthur’s mouth as he imagined how attractive Lancelot appeared even when shoveling out stalls in the barn.

And then the tips of Lancelot’s long elegant fingers reached out to touch at Arthur’s hip.

"So strong, and yet so easily taken away."

“What is it?” Arthur gently asked while he reached out with both hands, grasped Lancelot’s hips and pulled the other man to him. Sin and guilt be damned.

“If you are worried that Gawain will begin with the new stock before we arrive, then I might suggest you refrain from tempting me so….hm?” Arthur’s voice trailed off into a whisper as he leaned forward to sigh into Lancelot’s wild curls coiled about his brow.

“I confess it…another day has dawned and I want you still,” Arthur murmured while he slid both arms around Lancelot’s waist; his bare chest pressed warmly against the other man’s smooth one. Oh Arthur knew that he would need to let go soon….very soon if they were to not be discovered here together when the rest of the garrison had certainly began to rise and get on with the days’ duties. He silently told himself he would…just another moment longer.
Ash: lancelot two swords by lessysasha_b on September 23rd, 2008 10:40 pm (UTC)
“What is it? If you are worried that Gawain will begin with the new stock before we arrive, then I might suggest you refrain from tempting me so….hm?”

Lancelot allowed Arthur's gentle tug on his hips, and made a wry face at the other man's words. "I cannot control your reaction to me, my heart. And it is well I am not able to - I would be a greater fool than you for desiring that." He snorted and laughed, although it was a small and fleeting sound.

“I confess it…another day has dawned and I want you still,”

Tilting his chin so he could finally meet Arthur's burning gaze, Lancelot shook his head and pinched his lips inward. "And we must to do duty." He raised a hand and touched Arthur's stubbled cheek. "And you must be you, and I must be me, and that's not anything I desire." He sighed, repeating his cadence of earlier, and quickly pressed his mouth to Arthur's jaw. "I shall want you till I'm dust," he whispered, but pulled out of the Roman's hold. He knew he'd stay in Arthur's arms - or rather, in his bed - the entire day if he didn't move now.

He shrugged his tunic on - finding it hanging over one of Arthur's chairs - and sat in the leather seat, pulling his boots toward him. "And fuck Gawain. He's a layabed, at any rate. I could sleep in till noon and still beat him to the stables." He smirked wanly, feeling the absence of Arthur's touch already.

At least I know what to expect when he...

Even though his footwear was next to him and ready to go, Lancelot hesitated. "I had hoped the notion of new horses enough to distract me, but..." he sighed, annoyed at himself. "I don't like being away from you."

He laughed embarrassedly, and rubbed a hand over his neck, which he was sure was red with heat. "I am a maid." He looked at Arthur and smiled crookedly, his hair still standing up from the morning of strenuous activity. "Forgive me - I am waxing poetic. I believe I am spending too much time with a certain reading-obsessed Roman."

In all truth...Lancelot would spend every waking second with Arthur now, if that had been a choice. He was excited about the new stock...but what would Arthur be doing in his office? Would he think on Lancelot at all? Would he merely write his post and go about his day as normal? Was Lancelot overblowing this...?

When would he stop worrying?
Cat: Arthur ~ Arthur Castuscat_o_wen on September 26th, 2008 02:59 pm (UTC)
"And we must to do duty. And you must be you, and I must be me, and that's not anything I desire. I shall want you till I'm dust,"

And Arthur would want - need - Lancelot until the day that he drew his last breath and his heart stopped beating beneath his skin. He tilted his head to place yet another kiss on Lancelot’s lips, but missed his mark as the other man slid out of his embrace.

Arthur instantly felt chilled the moment all contact was broken with Lancelot. He bit at his bottom lip; his chin dipped a bit, and he silently cursed himself for not holding on a little tighter….but then they would never get beyond the walls of this room; let alone move on to fulfill their duties for the day. His gaze lingered after the other man until Lancelot sat down in one of the large leather chairs across the room. Arthur’s attention was momentarily drawn to Lancelot’s boots as the man retrieved them. But they were not the thigh-high riding boots that Arthur admired so much…luckily.

"And fuck Gawain. He's a layabed, at any rate. I could sleep in till noon and still beat him to the stables……. I had hoped the notion of new horses enough to distract me, but…..I don't like being away from you…..I am a maid."

“You are no maid, ” Arthur sternly corrected Lancelot while finally retrieving a tunic from the top drawer; a fine leather trimmed well pressed black shirt that hugged the Roman’s muscular figure quite nicely….and only mildly worn at the elbows from its extended wear. He meticulously tucked the edges of the shirt into his trousers and padded his way over to where Lancelot sat. Although Arthur had not verbally responded to it, he felt his heart ache at hearing Lancelot’s confession… I don't like being away from you. If Arthur would have his heart’s desire in this life, they would never be parted.

"Forgive me - I am waxing poetic. I believe I am spending too much time with a certain reading-obsessed Roman."

“Reading is an honourable and privileged way to spend one’s time,” Arthur said and warmly smiled down at Lancelot. He then reached over with his hand to smooth at Lancelot’s untamed curls; allowing his fingertips to linger momentarily as they curved down around the shell of Lancelot’s ear. “But I must confess that my focus shifts from scrolls and written languages while you are close at hand,” Arthur added with a knowing grin and slight inclination of his head. The Roman had found little time to read his precious scrolls since Lancelot had come to occupy his bed….and Arthur found that he did not mind that. One day the Sarmatian would tire of the Roman, and then all that Arthur would have was ‘time’.

The Commander stepped away from his lieutenant to retrieve his boots and promptly toed them on. They were a worn pair, but good enough for spending a little time in the stables and then the hours it would certainly take to read through the posts and make out his own report. Thus far, Falco’s idle threat on their supply lines had not come to pass. But Arthur would be prudent with their distribution and keep a close account of what they were receiving. Arthur reached for a light weight overcoat expecting a chilly morning yet and then returned his focus to Lancelot while sliding the soft leather garment on.

“Let us see to these new horses shall we?” He said as if he were giving Lancelot a much desired gift. Arthur truly did take pleasure in seeing that sparkle of joy in the other man’s eyes…as he knew it was a rare thing. He held out his hand towards the door fully expecting Lancelot to follow.
Ash: Lancelot falling by lessysasha_b on September 28th, 2008 03:57 pm (UTC)
“Reading is an honourable and privileged way to spend one’s time. But I must confess that my focus shifts from scrolls and written languages while you are close at hand,”

A shiver involuntarily took Lancelot's spine as Arthur's calloused but gentle fingers touched his wild hair and ear. He laughed to cover it up, and stared at the other man with wide, innocent eyes. "Arthur, if I spent as much time as I do with you here and all you did was thumb through those dusty pieces of pressed fiber, you'd have one angry and unforgiving lover and lieutenant on your hands." He snorted and stood when the other man moved away and slid his boots on, giving Lancelot a nice view of Arthur's well formed backside.

He cocked his head and rolled his eyes to himself, even as he found his gaze distracted by the physicality that seemed to ooze off Arthur. They couldn't look any more different - Arthur, large and broad and somewhat overbearing in his movements, ever the commander and overtly powerful leader. Lancelot was everything he was not - sinuous, small but reedy, ever able to bend a million miles before he would admit to breaking, easy to hide in a crowd (or so he thought), all elbows and angles and cocked eyebrows and arms and too much readiness to fight.

They were an odd match.

“Let us see to these new horses shall we?”

Lancelot noted Arthur's pleased expression; he could not help but return the look at the mention of the new stock. Despite it, and despite the idea of something new to do for the first time in ages, Lancelot stayed Arthur's hand as it gripped the door handle. He pressed his left hip into Arthur's right one, and slid his arm about the other man's waist.

"You know, every time we leave this room, I'm wearing the same clothes from the day before, whereas you are fresh and good smelling. I think that's highly unfair, commander. How would the other knights feel if they knew you were treating me so poorly?" He nudged Arthur's hip with his own, and then laughed. "I'm bringing supplies over here. And you cannot stop me."

He nuzzled his face into the space between Arthur's jaw and shoulder, taking a deep breath of what he now considered comfort. "Don't stay gone too long this afternoon."

He brushed his lips over the other man's quickly, only having to crane up just a bit to reach. It wasn't quite a proper kiss, but Lancelot loved the corners of Arthur's full mouth just as much as the rest, so that was alright.

He opened the door himself, and after one last squeeze of Arthur's waist, stepped out into the empty, early morning hall. "Horses wait for no man," he said, and smirked broadly.

We're like a ....

gods, make this work.

We fit.
Cat: Arthur ~ Lost to Youcat_o_wen on September 28th, 2008 09:52 pm (UTC)
Arthur was about to open the door when Lancelot’s hand covered his, effectively halting his forward motion. His free hand easily slid over Lancelot’s well formed shoulder as the Sarmatian wrapped an arm around Arthur’s waist. Their bodies came together as if two pieces of one being perfectly formed….as one.

We fit.

"You know, every time we leave this room, I'm wearing the same clothes from the day before, whereas you are fresh and good smelling. I think that's highly unfair, commander. How would the other knights feel if they knew you were treating me so poorly? I'm bringing supplies over here. And you cannot stop me."

“Why would I stop you? I want you here and fully content,” Arthur half whispered in reply, eyelids briefly sliding shut as Lancelot’s beard tickled at his unshaven neck. He thought to add that Lancelot’s scent was quite pleasing as well…but thought better of it for now even as he deeply inhaled the other man’s essence. However, a good long bath for Arthur was in order at some point in the day. Would Lancelot see fit to join him? I am searching for every possible way to have him near. Foolish behavior to be sure. Arthur was confident that he would have Lancelot’s company through the nights, that should be enough…shouldn’t it? Too much more ‘private time’ and they would raise the suspicions of those they must conceal the nature of their relationship from…to protect them both from persecution.

"Don't stay gone too long this afternoon."

Arthur’s lips twisted up into a smile and he thought to reply, but Lancelot’s lips feathered over his mouth and effectively silenced him. Arthur’s want was to return the kiss…only with fervent intent…something his conscience reminded him would not be prudent at the moment. They did have their duties to attend lest the day get away from them both. Lancelot seemed to silently agree with Arthur’s rational thought by opening the door and releasing his hold on the Roman. Arthur, for his part, ran his tongue over his bottom lip tasting him there and then stepped after his lieutenant.

"Horses wait for no man,"

“Unless you first require a fresh change of clothing, lead the way,” Arthur quipped as they began to walk along the quiet corridor; the only sounds were the clicking of their boots on the flagstone floor and the soft crackling of flames in the torches that lit their way. The Commander slightly rolled his shoulders as they walked and tugged at the corners of his overcoat to straighten the garment into place. And as the two men reached the archway that lead out into the courtyard, Arthur’s hand moved over to lightly touch Lancelot’s elbow.

“I will hold you to your promise…for tonight,” Arthur said with a wry grin and a quick pinch at Lancelot’s pointed elbow before descending the steps. The Roman nearly flushed at the thought of what Lancelot might do to him later…How could our lovemaking be any more intense? He will be the death of me…for that I am certain.

The cold early morning air stung at Arthur’s cheeks and nose which still carried the heat of his thoughts as he briefly scanned the area. A pair of foot soldiers marched by along the far wall and a messenger boy scurried across their path thankfully not towards Arthur with some urgent page for the Commander. Arthur truly hoped that he could attend Lancelot and his men for a few hours this morning before duty would take him away.