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Fields of Innocence

A Tale of Arthur and Lancelot

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This community is a King Arthur (movie verse) role play basically for sasha_b and cat_o_wen to play with Lancelot and Arthur. It will always contain adult subject matter (language, situations and slash) so ye be warned.

Membership is closed to new members (we will deny any pending requests to join) and comments. However we welcome anyone to 'watch' this community. How it works is we will post a new comment for each RP day. In order to follow the story, you will need to read the comments that follow each entry.

We are posting here because we love this pairing and adore writing with each other and have decided to share our pairing with our mates. Feedback is love and criticism is welcome as long as it is constructive. You may leave feedback via either of our personal lj's or by emailing either of us.

Copyrights for the characters based on the 2004 film King Arthur belong to the respectful owners; we are just borrowing them to play. No infringements intended.

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