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18 March 2008 @ 04:28 pm
Trust in what we hold dear.....  
<Two Weeks Later>
As the Commander strode along a cobblestone path towards the fortress chapel, Arthur deeply inhaled the scent of fresh herbs as he passed by one of the small gardens within the walls of Camboglanna. The Roman smiled to himself as he realized how much pleasure he derived from certain scents since Lancelot had begun sharing his bed a month ago. If he closed his eyes, Arthur could easily imagine the feel of his lover’s warm skin beneath his as the scent of lavender enveloped them both during their intense couplings.
But as Arthur came ‘round the final corner, his hobnailed boots clicking on the stone pathway until he reached the side door to the chapel, his pleasurable expression melted away into something darker. God, forgive my sins.  Arthur quietly murmured as he entered the tiny house of worship. He approached the front of the chapel and prostrated himself nearly face down before the altar and prayed for forgiveness and understanding…and for Lancelot’s soul. Arthur remained bent before the altar of his God until his back fully protested from his arched position on the floor. He rose at last and humbly sat down on the small bench facing the large wooden cross before him….and continued to think while having this small time alone.
The handful of days following the medicus’ recommendations on Lancelot’s wounded side had been troublesome for Arthur. He had successfully enlisted Dagonet’s aid in keeping Lancelot from riding (or so far as Arthur knew), but refraining from acting on his urges at night had been nearly impossible. Yet Arthur had succeeded…much to Lancelot’s grumbling dismay. And when the two men had finally decided that Lancelot was well on the mend….their coupling had been almost comical as Arthur attempted to be as gentle as possible….and most likely looked the fool as he coddled Lancelot to the point of angering the other man. And Arthur would never be able to use his shaving unguent again without thinking on how Lancelot had made use of it recently. He raked a hand through his hair and then sighed at catching a whiff of it now…..Lancelot would certainly be the death of the Roman, one way or another. Arthur had finally allowed Lancelot to return to the patrols roster this week; expecting his lieutenant back before dusk this day. And he prayed to God for the Sarmatian’s safe return…uninjured. The dispatches had arrived mid morning still with no reply from Arthur’s superiors on the matter of Falco’s idle threats over supply wagons. However, thus far all supplies arriving at Camboglanna had been at full capacity. Thus Arthur hoped that Lancelot had misunderstood what he’d overheard at Aquae Sulis. Yet the lack of response from his superior was somewhat worrisome…
Current Location: Fortress Chapel
Current Mood: calmcalm
Current Music: silent prayers
Ash: lance b and w by matasasha_b on March 19th, 2008 03:43 pm (UTC)
Ah, riding again! What a blessing. Lancelot shut his eyes and spread his arms wide to the sky, trusting that Ras would continue to head toward the fort without his guidance.

"You look like Arthur's Jesus."

Lancelot snorted and brought his arms back down, enjoying the feel of being able to move without his side paining him. The damned Medicus had cut the remaining stitches loose the day previous, and it looked as if all had healed well. "Shut it, Tris. I'm just happy to be able to function again."

He kicked Ras into a canter and the two knights scattered people and animals as they rode into Camboglanna's courtyard. Squires took the horses, and Lancelot bounded happily to the scout, one eyebrow cocked as he took in Tristan's appearance.

"Did I wear you out?"

The other man merely made a face. "Not likely, runt. And don't forget your promise for tomorrow." Tristan turned and strode away. Lancelot, feeling childish for a moment, stuck his tongue out at Tristan's retreating back. "You mean my promise to butcher you in the ring?" he shouted.

As he began his walk toward the knight's quarters, Lancelot passed one of the newly arrived supply wagons, and noted the men unloading the product - and the fact that all seemed in place. He rubbed his mouth - so far, Falco's idle threats hadn't surfaced. He thought he'd better find Arthur and tell him the newest shipment had arrived - and then he smiled automatically.

Their first time to fuck after Lancelot's injury had been intense - but almost ridiculous to the point of Lancelot laughing through the whole thing. Arthur as nursemaid was not something he'd care to repeat.

Lancelot stopped a passing soldier, and found out the last place Arthur had been seen.

Frowning, the Sarmatian made his way toward the building that housed the chapel, and planted himself outside the door. He refused to go in that place, and now Arthur would reek of incense and guilt for the rest of the night. Guilt at what - Lancelot had a feeling he knew what Arthur was asking for forgiveness for, and that raised his ire.

Come on out, Castus, and meet your lover whom you'll burn in your hell for.
Cat: Arthur ~ Insidecat_o_wen on March 19th, 2008 05:50 pm (UTC)
Arthur blew out a breath and bowed his head weary from too much thinking and far too much penance. He drew his hands through his unruly hair and finally stood as it was past time to return to his duties; the next weeks’ rosters awaited Arthur in his office. And if God had mercy, Lancelot would return from patrols unscathed before the evening meal.

With one final bow of respect to God, Arthur exited the small chapel through the side door and nearly passed by the dark figure leaned against the wall there. But out of the corner of his eye, Arthur caught sight of that all too familiar profile of his lover…and also caught the scent of horses and leather and sweat. He quickly halted and turned back to face Lancelot….Arthur’s eyes momentarily flashed his relief and gladness before he could hide his emotions at seeing the other man again.

“You…” Arthur had to clear this throat before continuing; his intense gaze making a quick assessment of his lieutenant for any signs of injury. “….have returned. Anything to report?” He asked evenly while his gaze fell to Lancelot’s side. Arthur’s hands went to his hips as he awaited his lieutenant’s report despite the insistent urge to touch the other man. Two Roman soldiers passed by where they stood or else Arthur might have acted on his thoughts.

Later this evening when they could be alone, Arthur would examine Lancelot…thoroughly ….for any possible damage done to his side. The stitches had been removed only yesterday and thus Arthur had still held reservations about allowing Lancelot to ride out this morning. But his lieutenant would have none of it. And Arthur did understand Lancelot’s need to ride…..it was as much a part of the Sarmatian as Arthur’s faith was to the Roman. Once the soldiers had completely passed from view, Arthur allowed a small smile at Lancelot.
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Ash: lancelot in darknesssasha_b on April 2nd, 2008 01:40 am (UTC)
“Show me what talents that handsome mouth of yours possess…”

Lancelot shrugged, his shoulders rolling sinuously as he slowly went with the motion of Arthur's hips under his. He smiled, a lazy thing that he hoped had the heat of Arthur's blood boiling in the other man's veins.

"If you wish," he answered finally, his voice low and soft in the expanse of the large, steamy room. It felt marvelous; Lancelot, always cold, despite whatever havoc the British weather was playing with his body, felt warm and comfortable for once. Although that might have something to do with the broad framed Roman he was using as a full body pillow.

He slid a bit lower down Arthur's body, and pressed his lips over the mark he'd made at Arthur's breast. Once, twice, then a third time. He allowed his mouth to linger a bit, feeling the rapid thumping under his lips and chin. He smiled against the red skin, and then looked up at his lover.

Arthur's eyes were half-masted and the other man seemed ready to pounce, as if he were a jungle cat from the Roman arena and Lancelot a humble Christian sacrifice. The Sarmatian laughed at his own analogy, and lowered his head.

Trailing his slightly open mouth down the other man's chest, Lancelot's hands gripped at Arthur's hips for purchase. He stopped when he arrived at Arthur's navel, the small landmark that was the beginning of the light dusting of hair that lead to Arthur's groin. He nipped at the tender flesh below the navel, and then none too gently pushed Arthur's thighs further apart. The other man's arousal curved against his belly, and Lancelot smirked at the impressive - in his mind, caused only by him, of course - erection that lay before him. He ran a slow finger up the underside, pressing at the base of the sensitive head. "Want me, do you?" He raised his head again, and gazed at the Roman with darkly glittering eyes, his mouth curved and fully smiling. "Is this for me?"

Using the same hand, his long fingers touched the delicate skin covering the Roman's balls; he watched Arthur's reaction, felt the tightening of the other man's belly and thigh muscles, and reveled in the sounds Arthur made.

And then he did as Arthur had asked, and used his handsome mouth to place a possessive kiss to the flesh under the base of Arthur's cock. He squeezed at the other man's hip with his free hand, his grip surely marking, his tongue snaking out to taste the salty flesh that belonged to him.
Cat: Arthur and Lancelot ~ OTPcat_o_wen on April 2nd, 2008 11:47 pm (UTC)
“Mhmph…” Arthur half growled while he chewed on his bottom lip as Lancelot’s talented mouth blazed a trail down his chest. His nails dug into the thick tangle of curls at the base of Lancelot’s skull at feeling the other man’s sharp teeth pinch the tender flesh below his navel. He smiled beguilingly at having his thighs thrust apart by the other man’s insistent hands. Although Arthur would not admit it aloud, he felt a zing of raw ravenous desire each and every time Lancelot attempted aggressiveness in their love-making.

And then the man’s long slender finger lazily drew up the backside of Arthur’s painfully hard erection. And the Roman thought he’d come undone right then and there….

"Want me, do you? Is this for me?"

God’s teeth! But the man was a wicked tease. The muscles in Arthur’s belly tightened and his fingers flexed in Lancelot’s hair.

“Yesss….” Arthur nearly hissed answering both queries with a single word. His free hand gripped at the edge of the bench…forcibly…..as those talented slender fingers slid down below his cock continuing to tease at Arthur’s overly sensitive flesh. He groaned Lancelot’s name…..Taste what is yours….

A strong hand pressed into Arthur’s hip. A strong mouth suckled at the base of Arthur’s cock and then a coarse tongue dared tease at the sensitive flesh there…..nearly undoing the Roman. His hips fell further apart, his feet dropping to the washed stone floor as Arthur’s back arched against the bench on its own accord.

“Consume me….” Arthur groaned; praying Lancelot would have mercy on him and take what belonged to the other man despite God’s will…..
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Ash: Lancelot burn me by lessysasha_b on April 15th, 2008 01:25 am (UTC)
“It is you who have claimed me, my heart,”

Lancelot felt the heat of a blush stain his face; he covered his reaction by pressing Arthur's head closer to his neck. He didn't want the other man to see his girlish behavior. Gods, the Roman would be the death of Lancelot's reputation, and quickly.

But did he in truth care? Thinking on it as Arthur breathily urged him to sit upon the other man's lap, Lancelot decided - after meeting Arthur's dark green and sparkling gaze, his eyes full of want and love for Lancelot - that he did not so much care about building his reputation as a lothario.

Shaking his head in disbelief, Lancelot slid his knees to either side of Arthur's hips and slowly allowed his body to accept Arthur's cock again. He licked his dry lips and bit at the bottom one as the Roman mouthed his neck. Lancelot wound his arms about Arthur's shoulders, burying his face in the other man's hair, inhaling deeply of the musky odor that was Arthur. A small frown crossed his face when he caught a bit of Myrrh; but then Arthur moved slightly and caused all other thought to flit out of Lancelot's mind like birds on the rare spring breeze.

Surprisingly enough, Lancelot's arousal made itself known again, albeit not as strongly as before. He felt a pleasant tingle throughout his groin and belly, and continued to languidly rub himself against Arthur - he'd let the commander take the lead. Judging from the state of Arthur's...want, Lancelot had a feeling he could just sit still with his arms at his sides and Arthur would easily fuck him into oblivion.

He smiled into the other man's hair, and tightened his grasp on his lover's neck. His lover. One person only?

It was different, and still strange, and by the gods, Lancelot was beginning to become addicted to it.

"Finish it, Arthur," he whispered. "Take your pleasure - I want only that."
Cat: Arthur ~ Neckcat_o_wen on April 15th, 2008 07:47 pm (UTC)
Arthur made a guttural sound of pure pleasure as Lancelot’s body enveloped his again. His large hands cupped at Lancelot’s round bottom and with a groan, Arthur slowly arched his hips upwards. Lancelot’s prick teased at Arthur’s belly adding to the intoxicating and intense sensation of their coupling. A hand slowly slid up Lancelot’s spine on its own accord as Arthur rocked his body up into Lancelot again and again.

"Finish it, Arthur. Take your pleasure - I want only that."

Pleasure. Unadulterated, carnal pleasure.

Arthur’s teeth grazed the edge of Lancelot’s well formed shoulder as he picked up the pace of his steady thrusts into his lover’s willing body.

….and for the next moments, Arthur ceased to exit. His world had become only Lancelot. He felt the heat of their passion burning his skin, smelled the heady aroma that was them and languished in the taste of Lancelot’s damp skin as his mouth trailed over the meat of his lover’s bicep.

The muscles in Arthur’s abdomen tightened, giving a brief warning before the storm that was his climax. He cried out Lancelot’s name as he came inside the other man’s body; hands desperately grasping wherever they may as Arthur’s body shook and trembled with his ravenous release.

“I….love…you…” Arthur gasped against Lancelot’s neck; his heart was beating so wildly that he was sure the thing would burst out of his chest at any moment.

“GodhelpmeIloveyou…” Arthur’s voice cracking with raw emotion as he sputtered out the words that had overflowed in his brain. And while tightly shutting his eyes and burying his face in Lancelot’s neck, Arthur continued to rock his body gently up against his lover’s body.
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Ash: lancelot in darknesssasha_b on May 5th, 2008 01:53 am (UTC)
I will not tolerate any person referring to you as a ‘servant’. Never. Do you hear me, Lancelot ap Ban?”

Lancelot smiled into the side of Arthur's head; his arms wound slowly about the other man's torso as the feel of Arthur's scratchy skin tickled the Sarmatian's neck. As for the feel of Arthur's lips on Lancelot's neck...

"Yes, Arthur," Lancelot murmured, giving in to the other man's silly notion of any person calling Lancelot that to his face. He'd butcher them in cold blood faster than they could draw breath if any man tried.

“Now, what was it you wished for yet tonight? A very large amount of wine and sex….I believe it was before we were interrupted. For a kiss, I will readily provide both."

Lancelot laughed, his voice deep and husky. He stared at Arthur's beloved face - beloved? Had Lancelot actually thought that word? - and slid his arms from Arthur's waist to his shoulders. "You don't have to ply me with drink to get a kiss out of me, Artorius," he said quietly, his eyes half-masting as he watched the Roman through lids heavy with passion. "You do, however, have to fuck me into oblivion should you want more than one."

A smirk crossed his face and he leaned forward, his fingers threading themselves into Arthur's hair. He started to close his eyes, but then opened them, deciding he'd like to see the look on Arthur's face as Lancelot kissed him.

A minute brushing of lips on lips; the small amount of stubble that framed Arthur's mouth felt almost too familiar as Lancelot sighed a hot breath against the commander's flesh. He murmured an endearment - my own, my warrior - his own language sounding more right to him than the ugly, sibilant tones of the Briton's words. He knew that Arthur might laugh at him were he to say them where the Roman could understand - but Lancelot pushed that thought out of his mind and brushed his lips over Arthur's again.

His fingers flexed in the other man's hair, pulling Arthur closer between Lancelot's thighs. His cock was suddenly awake again, swelling painfully against his leathers despite their softness, and a small moan broke free of Lancelot's mouth - even with its tight possession on Arthur's.

"Arthur," he whispered, his eyes meeting the other man's, heat almost blistering out of them. Lancelot felt he could burn Arthur to cinders if he wished with the power of the want he had for this man. "Arthur," he said again, and pressed a light kiss to the delicate skin over Arthur's left eye. "Arthur." His lips found the indention below Arthur's nose, and then slipped to capture the other's mouth again. Lancelot sucked Arthur's lower lip between his own, his legs squeezing at the other man's waist, his arousal hard and insistant now.

"Take me to bed," he demanded, forcefully ripping his lips from the Roman's. "I don't care if you're hungry or thirsty or tired or dirty or ill. Take me to bed, and love me like I know you wish to." Lancelot clenched his legs around Arthur's body, dropping his hands to hold on to Arthur's neck. "I cannot let go."

His words were spoken lightly, but he laid his cheek against Arthur's and couldn't meet the other man's gaze, for the emotion behind the sentiment was too raw.
Cat: Arthur ~ Lost to Youcat_o_wen on May 6th, 2008 04:48 pm (UTC)
"You don't have to ply me with drink to get a kiss out of me, Artorius. You do, however, have to fuck me into oblivion should you want more than one."

Arthur’s grin broadened as Lancelot’s fingers found their way into his hair. Lancelot’s deep amber gaze seemed to sear into Arthur’s flesh….sending a powerful tremble of desire throughout the Roman’s body; its epicenter easily at his groin.

“…want….more…than one,” Arthur groaned, eyes sliding half shut as Lancelot repeatedly murmured his name, something musical in Sarmatian, and brushed his mouth over Arthur’s face.

Arthur moaned into Lancelot’s mouth as the Sarmatian’s powerful thighs gripped at his hips. His cock throbbed against the binds of his leathers and as his own firm grasp tightened ‘round Lancelot’s waist. At this rate, he’d have Lancelot right here in this damn chair.

"Take me to bed. I don't care if you're hungry or thirsty or tired or dirty or ill. Take me to bed, and love me like I know you wish to…..I cannot let go."

Arthur licked at his swollen bottom lip while watching Lancelot’s mouth as he spoke. The man had the most delicious and talented mouth Arthur had ever had the pleasure of discovering….even sweeter than the first girl the young Arthur had ever dared to kiss.

“I will not let go,” Arthur half growled in response and then in one fluid motion, had Lancelot up and out of that chair. And with Lancelot’s body wrapped strategically around Arthur’s torso, the Roman had to stifle a groan at feeling his lover’s arousal press into his stomach…..overwhelmingly intoxicating even through their clothing. He nipped and sucked at Lancelot’s throat while wasting no time in carrying the Sarmatian to bed.

Landing in a pile of interweaving limbs on top of the furs, Arthur’s mouth found Lancelot’s and he immediately sought to claim the insides with a passionate fury. Thick fingers sought the ties at the front of Lancelot’s soft trousers….but halted long enough to generously massage at the hard flesh encased beneath them.
Ash: sexy curlsasha_b on May 6th, 2008 10:26 pm (UTC)
Lancelot laughed throatily and kept his face buried in the wildness of Arthur's damp hair as the other practically threw him to the bed. True to his word, the Roman did not disengage his body from Lancelot's for more than a brief moment. Lancelot whacked his head on the edge of something hard, grumbling and flailing for a minute until he found the offending item. A scroll encased in wood, of course. He growled and knocked it to the floor just as Arthur's hands found Lancelot's arousal - the growl grew into a tight whine that should have set the two men's teeth to vibrating with its pitch.

Lancelot tilted his head back and sighed as Arthur kissed him; the fury of his possession turning Lancelot into one giant nerve - the one that was centered in his cock.

"Off, off, get them off!" he practically shouted in the Roman's ear. He laughed again, and jerked Arthur's tunic over the other man's head, tearing it in his haste. But he didn't care, because his hands were on Arthur's skin, and he could at last feel the flesh that scoured him clean with a single, tiny touch.

"Get my leathers...off," he panted as Arthur's talented fingers tortured his erection through the smooth fabric. "What did I just say about the fucking? Get to it!" He bit at Arthur's lobe and licked at hot path down to the other man's chin. He grinned fiercely at Arthur - and dropped his hand to where Arthur's was. "Get them off," he promised, dark eyes flashing with a heat that threatened to burn his very bones, "and I will give you the experience of a lifetime."

Lancelot flushed slightly; he sounded like a whore he'd once bedded in Eburacum. But no matter. One look at his lover's face and he was carried away to a place only he and Arthur existed - and that was the only right place in the world.

His grin transformed into a softer, smoldering smile, and he reached up with his free hand and touched the Roman's stubbled cheek. "It is only you and I in the world, my heart. Forever."
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Ash: lancelot brat by lessysasha_b on May 18th, 2008 01:34 am (UTC)
Lancelot let loose a guttural laugh when Arthur garbled out a combination of curse words and the Sarmatian's name. It was a heady pleasure to see the normally somewhat uptight and always in control Roman drop all his restraint and just accept the joy that was between the two of them.

Arthur sat up, his eyes wild, his hand gripping at Lancelot's hair. The knight went with the other man's demands, kissing back as good as he got. Arthur was groaning and ripping at Lancelot's scalp and bucking his hips up to obviously get more friction where he wanted it.

But...Lancelot didn't want this to go quite so quickly. It had been a long three weeks of convalescence; his body wasn't ready to give in to Arthur's demands, so he shoved at the Roman until their lips seperated with a wet sound.

"Patience, my own," the Sarmatian breathed. He kept up the motions of the fingers that were torturing the commander's body, and he lay out over Arthur's leg and chest, his own arousal painful and practically screaming for attention as well. It grazed against the side of Arthur's muscled leg, and Lancelot allowed his eyes to close momentarily as an intense wave of nervous energy flowed from his cock to stomach and then concentrated directly in his groin again.

Lancelot twisted his slender fingers again, brushing lightly against the muscle that he knew - he hoped - would make Arthur never want anything or anyone else again. He ground the base of the same hand against the Roman's balls repeatedly, watching Arthur's mouth with half-lidded eyes. It was red and swollen and slightly chapped - the knight slid up Arthur's body, biting his own lips as his cock brushed along the other man's warm skin - and licked at Arthur's mouth.

Lancelot removed the hand that had been buried inside Arthur's flesh and slipped to lay fully over the other man. He tangled both sets of fingers in Arthur's hair, and licked his mouth again. "Do as you wish - only you deserve me."

He realized that sounded cocky, but ... it was the truth. Lancelot would only have Arthur, and Arthur would only have him.

It won't last

"Have me," he said, softly, as he ignored the burning, wet sensation in his eyes.
Cat: Arthur ~ For You darkcat_o_wen on May 18th, 2008 07:26 pm (UTC)
Lancelot instructing Arthur to be patient….that nearly brought a laugh from the Roman. But considering how Lancelot was giving Arthur such intense, mind blowing pleasure at the moment…well, all that the Roman could manage was another low groan as his fingers flexed in Lancelot’s hair and his hips arched up into Lancelot’s incredible touch. His cock painfully throbbed in want for the attention Lancelot was giving his balls and that spot deep inside. Another moan as Arthur bit at his bottom lip.

Lancelot’s fingers finally slid out of Arthur’s body before the Roman had completely lost all control, and he was not so sure that was a blessing.

Arthur’s hands were everywhere on Lancelot’s flesh as the other man climbed up on top of the Roman’s body. Lancelot’s tongue teased at Arthur’s mouth and Lancelot’s arousal pressed into Arthur’s belly eliciting another groan from the Roman’s throat.

Sweet and ardent torture was this.

…and then those much beloved long fingers were in Arthur’s hair.

Arthur’s hands latched on to the roundness of Lancelot’s backside and thick fingers firmly kneaded the generous flesh there.

"Do as you wish - only you deserve me. Have me,"

Brilliant emerald eyes fluttered open at hearing Lancelot’s melodic voice.

“I wish to love you into oblivion,” Arthur answered in a voice not much more than a whisper. His heart beat fast and strong in his chest…for Lancelot. His whole body ached for nothing but Lancelot and only Lancelot.

A finger slid down to Lancelot’s opening, the tip gently teasing there as Arthur breathed Lancelot’s name before pressing a kiss to the other man’s wet lips.

“Mhmmm…want you…like never before,” Arthur murmured in between licks at Lancelot’s mouth. And then he rolled them both over so that it was Lancelot on the flat of his back….and Arthur then sat up to look down on his ‘knight’.

“You have accomplished what no other has before you,” Arthur said in a low voice; eyes half masted as he reached up to brush over the damp springy curls on Lancelot’s head.

“You have completely conquered me,” He whispered with a wry grin and then brought a finger to gently rub along Lancelot’s bottom lip. Arthur bit at his own swollen lip as he watched his own finger touch the other man.

Patience…..just a moment longer.

Arthur bent to kiss Lancelot’s lips one last time and then positioned himself between the other man’s thighs. He lifted Lancelot’s right leg, resting his ankle on Arthur’s shoulder. He then used his free hand to tease at the base of Lancelot’s cock; thick fingers gently stroking the other man’s balls before moving on to encompass Lancelot’s swollen cock. And for a moment longer, he stroked his lover's flesh in a steady rhythm while watching the other man's reaction to his ministrations. Arthur ached to give Lancelot as much - hopefully - pleasure as the other man had given him.
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Ash: lancelot brat by lessysasha_b on May 24th, 2008 01:03 am (UTC)
“I pray with all my heart that we shall both leave this world in such a tremendously pleasurable way, my own,”

Lancelot chuckled at Arthur's words; his face and body still plastered against the Roman's sweat damp skin. "I'd say...let us do this. If we see that either one of us is about to perish on the battlefield, quickly drop trew and we can out with that type of bang." He snorted and kissed the other man's jaw again. "Can you imagine the looks on the Woad's faces...and Hadrian's balls, the other men? Oh, that would be a most excellent plan, my master of war."

“I am merely a distraction for you, hm?”

Lancelot made to reply, something arch and silly, but the damned Roman kissed the smirk right off his face. Sighing, the Sarmatian slid his questing fingers over Arthur's belly and upward until they rested over the commander's heart.

thump thump thump thump

His long lashed eyes fluttered open even as Arthur's mouth still promised things to come - Lancelot relished the feeling of this man's heart beating under his hand almost more than the physical pleasure he got from the joining of their lips.

He's alive, and he belongs to me, and I have one good thing in this pisshole.

Lancelot gently disengaged their kiss, and rose up on one shakey elbow to look down into Arthur's face. "You are much more than a distraction, Castus. As well you should know by now. But...you are too full of guilt, by far, and it is tiresome and worrying that you still feel the need to scourge yourself for us."

Despite his serious comments, and the importance of his words, Lancelot then yawned. He laughed and rubbed his hand over his face and through his hair. "I cannot convince even myself, can I?" He dropped his hand and it made a light smacking sound against Arthur's warm, moist chest. "And to be honest...I'll be in a much better fighting mood after some well deserved sleep. However," he added as he cocked a pointed eyebrow, the expression and the flames reflecting off it giving him a rather impish appearance. "I'd say you got me my sex...but I haven't gotten any wine yet. Forgetting things in your dottage, Arthur?"

He traced nonsense patterns on Arthur's chest and belly - he was way too fascinated with the other man's flat stomach. He found his eyes dropping to follow his hand, and his tongue snaked out unbidden to wet his dry lips. He was not even close to wanting more loveplay, but he would never be tired of gazing at Arthur's stature.

The man was charismatic, make no bones about that. Lancelot finally tore his gaze away and back up to said man's face - he pursed his mouth and watched Arthur through heavily lidded, exhausted but exhilarated eyes.
Cat: Arthur ~ Lost to Youcat_o_wen on May 24th, 2008 03:53 pm (UTC)
“Jesu….Lance…mfffmmmm..” Arthur muffled a whispered reply against Lancelot’s mouth in response to the other man’s silly plot for dying together on the battlefield.

Emerald eyes fluttered open as Lancelot disengaged his mouth from Arthur’s and sat up. The Roman’s fingers began to gently stroke over the lines and scars decorating Lancelot’s back. His other hand pushed the hair off his own sweaty brow as Lancelot spoke. Arthur became instantly occupied with studying the way the firelight seemed to intensify the golden flakes of color in Lancelot’s dark eyes and how incredibly long his eyelashes were….and just how handsome the Sarmatian truly was.

"You are much more than a distraction, Castus. As well you should know by now. But...you are too full of guilt, by far, and it is tiresome and worrying that you still feel the need to scourge yourself for us."

A little of the light dimmed in Arthur’s brilliant green eyes in response to Lancelot’s words….his mouth hinted at a frown even as he reached to cover a hand over Lancelot’s where it lay on his chest…pointedly over Arthur’s beating heart. He did not want to think on his sins…not now…not while he lay with Lancelot. But fortunately for them both, the Sarmatian went on to change the subject.

"I cannot convince even myself, can I? And to be honest...I'll be in a much better fighting mood after some well deserved sleep. However, I'd say you got me my sex...but I haven't gotten any wine yet. Forgetting things in your dotage, Arthur?"

Arthur grinned at Lancelot’s teasing and promptly rolled his eyes at the other man. His belly quivered beneath Lancelot’s fingers as the man teased at the sensitive flesh of Arthur’s abdomen. The Roman thoroughly enjoyed the sensation though….silly as it was. The two men were warriors, fierce and deadly on any battlefield…yet here they lay together, the warlord and his brave knight, gently touching and petting one another with all the gentleness no other would believe possible.

“You wish me to fetch you a goblet of wine now?” Arthur quipped while reaching up to tug at the curls that dangled just below Lancelot’s earlobe. He fingered at those beloved ringlets for a moment longer and then groaned as he attempted to push himself up into a sitting position on the bed.

“I truly love you to spoil you as I do,” Arthur half laughed before he leaned over to brush his lips against Lancelot’s, lightly kissing the corner of the Sarmatian’s mouth before he pulled away completely. Arthur slid off the end of the bed and stiffly stood. Their coupling had left his whole body with hardly the strength left to move, let alone walk the short distance to the table containing the requested drink. But with a hand supporting his aching lower back, Arthur padded his way across the stone floor to retrieve a bottle of fine red for his lover. Lancelot would be the death of the Roman…Arthur thought to himself as he reached the table and his back creaked and cracked as he bent towards the bottle of wine.

“Would my heart desire anything further while I am up?” Arthur called back to Lancelot and then promptly yawned. He scrubbed a hand over his stubbled face and glanced over at the lingering flames in the hearth. Perhaps the fire required a stir before Arthur returned to the bed as well….as he had no intention of getting up again before falling off to sleep tonight. A shiver rippled across his damp skin as the sweat that covered his whole body chilled in the night air that had filled the room….thus Arthur made quick work of stirring the cinders in the hearth and returned to the bed he shared with Lancelot.

Arthur handed Lancelot a goblet full of wine and sat the rest of the bottle down on the table beside the bed and then slid beneath the furs seeking some warmth.
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"Ahhh...and how might you 'reward' me for my ministrations, hm?"

Lancelot levered himself up on his elbow, and caught Arthur's gaze with his, half-masting his eyes and sending what he hoped was a smoldering glance at the Roman. He chewed on his lip and pretended to think for a moment.

"I'll say...no cheating at dice with the legion for three days." He smiled broadly - he knew that wasn't the answer Arthur was wanting, but he thought it funny. He languidly moved so he was laying on his stomach over Arthur's legs, his chin resting on his wrists as he sighed happily and clenched his tired muscles a bit on the furs. "Now - rub," he commanded, and tilted his head to the right so he could watch Arthur. "You have worn out my body, and therefore I need to be touched so I can do my 'duty' for you as a loyal and lowly servant of Rome." He snickered, and allowed his eyes to droop shut.

He stretched his right arm out even as his left hand kept supporting his pointed chin, and he rested his long fingers on Arthur's calf. He squeezed at the strong muscle there, and kept his hand wrapped around Arthur's leg, marking the other man with a gesture as sufficiently his.

"By the gods, but it was good to ride today," he murmured. "I'm thankful to be healed - and not just for the ability to fuck." He winked up at Arthur, and pressed a slow kiss to the Roman's knee. "Although that, my own, was missed muchly." He grinned to himself, his lids thin and veiny as they covered his eyes. He squirmed slightly and kissed Arthur's leg again. "I am such a whore around you," he laughed quietly. "But you could never afford me if that were the case." His voice was teasing and light, and Lancelot allowed his eyes to open and look at the other man. "Although - there would be nothing I could want - save for you and your touch on me." He stroked a slender hand down Arthur's leg again, tracing tiny patterns over the Roman's warm flesh. "I am too addicted already to say no to you."
Cat: Arthur ~ I Feel Youcat_o_wen on June 12th, 2008 09:31 pm (UTC)
The expression Lancelot offered Arthur as the knight turned his brilliant amber eyes up at the Roman nearly had Arthur wanting again. The Roman felt the now all too familiar quiver deep within his belly as his gaze shifted to Lancelot’s lip; fascinated by the way the other man’s teeth pressed into the swollen flesh there that Arthur could not seem to get enough of himself.

"I'll say...no cheating at dice with the legion for three days."

Arthur snorted a laugh at Lancelot’s statement. Not what the Commander had in mind at all, but the majority of the Roman soldiers at the fortress would be quite receptive to such a bargain. Arthur made a small sound much like a grunt while Lancelot shifted over the Roman’s legs hitting a sore spot below the Roman’s kneecap. No doubt it had been brought about as the result of their earlier activities in the baths.

"Now - rub, you have worn out my body, and therefore I need to be touched so I can do my 'duty' for you as a loyal and lowly servant of Rome."

“Your duty…hm?” Arthur lightly teased his emerald gaze full of something that could be construed as mischievous or perhaps simple lust although partially hidden beneath half masted lids. However, his hand followed Lancelot’s command generously kneading at the base of the Sarmatian’s skull.

"By the gods, but it was good to ride today, I'm thankful to be healed - and not just for the ability to fuck. Although that, my own, was missed muchly."

“Umhmm…” Arthur agreed with some nonsensical sound of contentment. It had been incredibly difficult to remain gentle with Lancelot while the knight was healing…nearly impossible to refrain from claiming the man each and every moment they had found themselves alone. Arthur had every intention in making up for the lost time….his tongue slowly traced across his bottom lip as he contemplated ways to have Lancelot to himself over the foreseeable future. At times it was highly advantageous to be the commanding officer.

Lancelot’s mouth on his knee tickled a bit bringing on a broader grin as Arthur smiled down at his lover. And he was rather enjoying the possessive way Lancelot had ensconced himself over and ‘round the Roman’s legs.

"I am such a whore around you. But you could never afford me if that were the case. Although - there would be nothing I could want - save for you and your touch on me. I am too addicted already to say no to you."

“Good to know, my heart,” Arthur murmured in reply and allowing a hand to splay out over the roundness of Lancelot’s shoulder. Thick sword calloused fingers began to work at the meat there in time with Arthur’s ministrations at the nape of Lancelot’s neck.

“Now back to this ‘reward’ you mentioned…I will expect something a little more personal than you agreeing to playing fair at dice,” Arthur said in a low tone that he hoped sounded seductive and with an added wink to mimic Lancelot’s gesture moments ago. The Roman had no skills in the art of seduction, but he had witnessed Lancelot’s tactics often enough…especially the ones the Sarmatian seemed to enjoy using on Arthur in recent weeks. And he found himself longing for Lancelot’s touch – aching for it – the more Arthur rubbed and caressed at the flesh he’d come to love so much over the years. Yes, years…as Arthur’s attraction to Lancelot had always been there trembling just below the surface as long as he could remember. He rubbed a foot along Lancelot’s thigh and toyed with the curls that looped around the other man’s earlobe while he awaited an answer.

I am behaving like an innocent young man without cares in this world. I should feel ashamed….but yet….yet with him it simply feels right and good and real when we are alone as we are now.

Brilliant green eyes could barely contain the love that threatened to spill out over their brims as Arthur stared down into Lancelot’s beloved angular features. I love this one….he will destroy me when he tires of me.
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